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33 weeks and measuring small after growth scan referral for apparently measuring big

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WorriedFTM1 Sat 11-Aug-18 06:28:14

The measurements my midwife took at 28 and 31 weeks were where they should have been on the personalised graph. I went for an appointment at 33 weeks yesterday and measured large on the 90th centile which triggered a referral for a growth scan today. When I went for the growth scan it turned out to be the opposite and baby is measuring below the 10th centile (not sure exactly where) so they said the previous measurements must have been wrong. Had to go to the DAU for a chat where they said I need to go for a scan of the placenta and cord flow next week (there wasn't a concern with that on the scan today) and then another growth scan in 2 weeks to check progress. I had to have a steroid injection today and another tomorrow in case they need to deliver early. Been told that they will try and get me to 37 weeks but depends on the scans etc. It was all a bit of a blur to be honest as I was in shock (was worrying the day before that baby was too large). Feel like I didn't ask the questions I should have asked today so hopefully will be able to get some more info tomorrow. The other thing is that they asked about movements but I have an anterior placenta so always found it difficult to feel movement and no pattern has developed. Had told midwife this from early on and she never seemed concerned.
Just looking to see if anyone else has been in a similar position really as it's all so confusing. Does it sound like I will def be induced or section by 37 weeks?

keeponrunning85 Sat 11-Aug-18 09:21:13

I've been having growth scans as was measuring small and baby was between the 5th and 10th centiles. They talked about induction at 37 weeks but at my 35 week scan they'd had a bit of a growth spurt and got above the 10th centile. They were still there at 37 weeks so let me continue and I've now got a section booked at 39 for unstable lie.

So I'd probably say nothing is set in stone yet. Docs were very non-committal at each appointment and just said had to see after each scan so I mentally prepared for induction at 37 weeks.

cindersrella Sat 11-Aug-18 09:29:15

I had to have growth scans as baby was small. My placenta didn't work properly either so I have to take asprin... I got to 38 weeks.. I had steroid injections at 31.

She came and is fine now but is still small for her age (she is now 4) but bloody makes up for it in personality 😂

WorriedFTM1 Sat 11-Aug-18 18:50:46

Thanks both for your experiences. I had my second steroid injection today and got to ask a lot of questions so feeling a bit more informed. Told that baby is measuring on the 5th centile at the moment so fingers crossed for a bit of a growth spurt. Guess I wont know what's happening really until the second growth scan in a couple of weeks as they don't have any other measurements to go off. I know measurements are notoriously inaccurate but the biggest shock has been going from being told 90th centile to 5th centile in 24 hours! Apparently this isn't looked at or fed back anywhere (one of the questions I asked today) which seems strange.

WorriedFTM1 Sat 11-Aug-18 18:51:54

Hope all goes well for you keeponrunning85!

MinisterforCheekyFuckery Sun 12-Aug-18 08:25:23

At the start of my pregnancy I was told I would need to have extra scans as DD was born small (2nd centile) and so this baby would most likely be on the small side too. Then I was told that this baby is actually big (90th centile), tested for GD (which was negative), more scans etc. Then I was told that actually he was small as his growth has "dropped off" and I will probably need steroid injections and weekly monitoring going forward. Then I went into hospital a week later for reduced movement and was told he's big again! I've reached a point where I don't know what to believe as everytime I go to hospital I see someone different who tells me something different so I'm just trying not to stress about it.

I hope things work out well for you. x

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