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Anyone been to the fetal medical centre in London?

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lampert Thu 02-Nov-17 10:48:55

I’m having an early scan followed by harmony test (if scan shows all is ok) there soon and would like to know what to expect!

I have a follow up appointment booked for 2 weeks later where I have a nuchal test scan, but will they make me wait until then for the harmony results, or will they call me and let me know before hand?

Would so appreciate hearing anyone else’s experiences!

jellycat1 Thu 02-Nov-17 11:05:19

I was in and out of the FMC like there was no tomorrow when pregnant with both my kids. They are utterly brilliant - and I think very reasonably priced - and I have files of pics of my growing boys upstairs from 5-32 weeks! I got a bit obsessed I think grin

jellycat1 Thu 02-Nov-17 11:07:37

Oh sorry - re Harmony - my personal experience was that the results were very quick. Half the time they said it could be. They will email the results or tell you on the phone if you ask for that.

lampert Thu 02-Nov-17 11:12:41

Ahh thank you so much @jellycat1!

I am really excited and really nervous about the scan. I’m so desperate to know the baby is ok, but completely petrified I might find out I’ve miscarried too.

I had an early scan 3 weeks ago (not at FMC) but it feels like forever ago now!!

Were you in and out of there having scans or other treatment?

jellycat1 Thu 02-Nov-17 11:18:41

Scans and Harmony test. I loved the place and loved getting the periodic reassurance. I'm sure you'll be very impressed. The facilities are lovely and you will see a doctor every time. All the docs are handpicked by the Head of the Centre - and in my experience were all lovely.

jellycat1 Thu 02-Nov-17 11:19:43

I was also terrified before the early ones. Particularly with DC1. But try and remember it's a lot more likely things will be well than not. How many weeks are you?

lampert Thu 02-Nov-17 11:28:22

Thanks @jellycat1

I’m only 10 weeks so having the harmony quite early, but they had a deal including 2 scans and harmony if you had it between 10&11 weeks so I went for it!

I’ve always known I’d pay for the test because a friend had a baby last year who had been low risk all along and was born with downs. It knocked them so badly when she was born and they had such a rough time I feel it’s worth the reassurance. Just gotta hope the baby is still ok at the scan and then that the harmony gives a low risk result! Eeeeeeeeek!!

FraterculaArctica Thu 02-Nov-17 11:36:39

Been there for Harmony tests in both pregnancies. It felt pretty posh to me (this was a rare foray into private medicine for us!) which felt all a bit weird, but got the job done and I was very reassured by the results. I was lucky enough to have 2 totally straightforward healthy pregnancies so didn't require anything special from the staff, though they were all very kind, sensitive and fine. Would go back if I ever got pregnant again (and couldn't get Harmony test done on NHS).

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Thu 02-Nov-17 11:48:45

I went to the FMC with ds and my current pregnancy. They are really thorough and professional but also really nice! Fortunately everything has been straight forward so far. I am always impressed by how long they take over the scans (40 mins on my 20 week scan!) and how much detail they go into with the checks. I also had the harmony test with them both times.

bananaramama Thu 02-Nov-17 11:52:16

We only went there for our early scan but I have nothing but good things to say about them. I would highly recommend them x

CelebrationSizedBounty Thu 02-Nov-17 11:53:46

Yes. They were fab.

lampert Thu 02-Nov-17 11:56:24

Ah thank you ladies. I am looking forward to it a bit more now.

Just keeping my fingers crossed my scan shows the baby is still alive in there tomorrow!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

KellyMarieTunstall2 Thu 02-Nov-17 16:20:03

I did the the harmony nuchal deal at FMC, it was a lovely experience. If there is bad news they will let you know quickly. I just waited for the follow up appointment. I went back for my 20 week anomaly scan, it was amazingly detailed and reassuring. Worth every penny. The staff were fantastic.

Rebeccaslicker Thu 02-Nov-17 18:04:00

They are brilliant. Our 12 week scan was as almost detailed as the 20 week scan - she spent ages with us and even checked tiny things like the veins going in and out of the bladder.

Congratulations and good luck tomorrow!

Rachie1986 Thu 02-Nov-17 18:08:09

Good luck OP. Hope you get on well xx

lljkk Thu 02-Nov-17 18:13:58

Much better decor than you'll find in an NHS waiting room.

Freetodowhatiwant Thu 02-Nov-17 18:19:20

I’ve been there twice in both pregnancies that made it into full born babies (sorry, bad way of wording it but I had miscarriages too) and like everyone else says thought they were brilliant. Such a treat to have health care like that! I had 12 week and 20 weeks scans there as well as harmony for my second child (wasn’t available for first). Would fully recommend them. For harmony I remember going in at 10 weeks and then getting all info back by the 12 week scan.

lampert Thu 02-Nov-17 20:11:14

Thank you ladies. I am super excited and super nervous all at the same time! I’ll let you know tomorrow evening...

tiggersdontlikehoney Thu 02-Nov-17 20:15:15

Yes had to have fetal cardiology scans due to my own genetic condition. They were fab!

SpeckyB Thu 02-Nov-17 20:46:35

I had the scan at 10.5 weeks and Harmony test there recently (now 26 weeks) and the follow up nuchal scan 2 weeks later. They said that they would only call with the Harmony results if bad news and asked us not to call them as they were so busy. So, we had to wait until the return appointment for the results. The FMC were very good though and great to have the Harmony test and get that reassurance.

butterry Thu 02-Nov-17 21:12:21

I was sent to FMC by my consultant at the Lindo for Harmony and lots of scans as I had complications. There was 1 scan I remember I was there for 4 hrs as baby was not cooperating and in right position and they stayed open later until they saw what they needed!

Waterfeature Thu 02-Nov-17 23:11:20

I’m afraid I didn’t have a good time there. Had an early scan after previous MC. Was measuring v small for dates and no HB. Doc didn’t spell out what it meant but I worked it out and started crying. She said I shouldn’t be upset because I had older children angry

Really shocking, awful, unprofessional behaviour. I would never go back. Such a shame as I’d read all the rave reviews on here.

Hope AOK for you like everyone else OP.

MumRuns77 Fri 03-Nov-17 20:03:43

Went for harmony test there last Saturday at ten weeks. Went alone as hadn't realised they do a viability scan before the blood test. Discovered missed miscarriage and they handled it brilliantly. Given I thought I was there for a blood test and had thought at ten weeks I was past most of the risk, I was a bit shocked. Could not praise them more highly. Really excellent support in a horrid situation.

lampert Sat 04-Nov-17 07:31:39

They were lovely, I’m so pleased I chose there. And my baby is looking good at 10 weeks! :-). Just gotta wait for harmony results now.

Thanks all for sharing your stories!

Artistic Sat 04-Nov-17 14:42:01

They can also tell you the gender if you want to know. It's a chromosome test so 99.99% accurate. I was super excited to find out at 12 weeks!!

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