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Baby pram- venicci

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Shrimpie Sun 22-Oct-17 17:47:40

Hello, has anyone heard of the brand venicci for prams and if so what do you think of them? Thanks x

Howaboutanotherusername Sun 22-Oct-17 18:37:21

I have one and i absolutely love it, easy to fold and to mover between all the different parts, only negative is it’s a bit bulky and would not fit in a small boot but otherwise can’t fault it

Kej36 Sun 22-Oct-17 19:43:13

Hiya, I'm looking at getting a venicci.. I've fallen in love with the Black and Tan and the navy and tan Gusto! But it's difficult as no shops near me keep them in stock so can't test drive or see them in the flesh! But I've read good things about them x

Shrimpie Sun 22-Oct-17 20:34:21

Hi kej36, I saw one today at a baby event. And my dh and I like the gusto in black and the oyster 2.

But we had never heard of venicci before today.

clutteringfunt Sun 22-Oct-17 20:40:10

I loved our venicci, the carry cot is huge, DD was in it until she was about 7 months, as you can sit it up ( it has a stand underneath the carry cot mattress.)
It has different position for baby to lie in which was amazing for DD as she had quite bad reflux and lying flat wasn't very comfortable.
The suspension is lovely too, we lived on a cobbly street and I would be able to walk down it without waking her, it was easy to get up and down kerbs.
No complaints from us, my sister is due in December and has bought the gusto as she loved ours so much.

bettydraper31 Sun 22-Oct-17 21:13:59

I couldn't recommend them enough. I had one for my first, kept hold of it and now we are going to use it for our second. Everything is fantastic, car seat is brilliant, the carry cot is lovely and spacious, my little one used to nap in it and sleep in it for one/two nights at family stay overs. And the pushchair part is fantastic as well. I cannot recommend enough, buy buy buy!!! X

Leeela Sun 22-Oct-17 21:17:05

I really liked the look of them when I initially looked on their website too, but then when I saw one in a shop (specifically went to that shop just to see the venicci in particular) I found it way too bulky. The wheels are really big and broad, it didn't look as elegant as on the website.

bettydraper31 Sun 22-Oct-17 21:32:13

It is a little bulky, but the little extras it comes with, and compared with the price of a lot of other travel systems far outweighed this. I guess it depends on your pros/cons and space of house/car boot etc xxx

Howaboutanotherusername Sun 22-Oct-17 22:18:37

Just for an example i have a hyundai i30 and it fits in my boot no problem

Boringnamechange1 Sun 22-Oct-17 23:24:28

I absolutely love my Venicci can't recommend it enough. Fantastic price for all you get and much prefer it over my first baby's silvercross which cost more for the pram alone. It's so easy to push and has brilliant suspension. Easily folds and fits in the boot of my mum's corsa. The wheels come off at the click of a button if you don't have enough room in the boot. I don't really find it bulky, back wheels are wider than the front so I often tend to misjudge small spaces, doorways etc but that's down to me rather than the pram blush. I have it in light grey and always get complimented on it. The only problem I have with it is the storage basket could be bigger.

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