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Irregular contractions for 12 hours now.

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LubyLoo222 Mon 18-Sep-17 17:18:42

Started pretty much every 30 mins then i would go 30, 10, 20 and just random combos of those. In between Im getting conatant backache and lots of BH. Im currently about 25 mins however I still keep having the odd one after 10 mins. I feel completely drained, they arent so so bad but when I get them I cant stand up straight. Eurgh will they just get closer together over night?

SnowiestMountain Mon 18-Sep-17 17:22:53

How far along are you??

TittyGolightly Mon 18-Sep-17 17:23:53

I had them for 72 hours.

LubyLoo222 Mon 18-Sep-17 17:30:39

Im 37+5 oh no @titty i cant be bothered with 72 hours like this!!

SpringtoSummer Mon 18-Sep-17 18:57:43

I've had this for the last 48 hours and my heart sinks at the thought of another night with no sleep. Hope yours speed up!

LubyLoo222 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:46:56

Mine are between 9 and4 mins but still not regular

Lelly0503 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:59:50

I had this for 22 hours, only got to 3cm. Was overdue so got induced in the end which sped everything up. I went to the hospital and got oramorph and cocodamol to get me some sleep. I had about 50 baths with my back under the hot water which helped. Xx

Sillybeagle Mon 18-Sep-17 22:12:33

Mine were about that far apart (between 9 and 4 mins) when I decided to go to hospital. That was at 7pm, DS was born just before 3am 🙂 Even the midwife didn't believe I was in proper established labour and was about to send us home. It was just because of the pain I begged to be checked and whoop! 10 cms. Don't want to add any confusion but just wanted to also say that sometimes contractions are never regular but you are still very much in labour. My second was the same.

For me deciding when to go to hospital was more about the intensity of the pain combined with increasing but not even regularity.

LubyLoo222 Tue 19-Sep-17 07:38:51

Woken up (slept ish haha) and they are stronger today much more intense had about 6 in the last hour no more regular. Thanks silly thats good to know! Think im going to phone up today as i cant actually remember last time baby moved now just want to make sure hes coping OK too its been 26 hours since they started now.

Sillybeagle Wed 20-Sep-17 23:53:08

How are things LubyLoo? Any sign of baby yet?

LubyLoo222 Thu 21-Sep-17 06:22:03

Everything slowed down tuesday then picked up again yesterday so i went to midwife thinkin cant be labour must be uti or something. All clear and baby was really low and she said shes sure its early days. Ive been up since 2am really uncomfortable and im currently in bed with awful pains😭 today has to be the day?!?! Least i know i am at hospital friday for a sweep so surely by the weekend!! 🤞

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