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When did your bump start to show?

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rosiehull4 Fri 21-Apr-17 11:36:42

Hello all!

I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I was wondering at what stage anyone first noticed that they actually looked pregnant as opposed to just being a bit bloated etc.?

When telling people I'm pregnant, they keep saying 'Oh well you don't look pregnant' even though I bloody well feel like I am! I used to do a lot of tummy/abs exercises prior to pregnancy so I figure the muscles might be holding everything in place at the moment.

I can't wait for my bump to pop out, and was wondering if I'm being impatient!

CuppaTeaTeddy Fri 21-Apr-17 11:44:25

I could tell I was started to get a bump around 20 weeks because some clothes started feeling tight and I was putting on a little bit of weight by then.

Other people are only just starting to notice now and I'm 7 months on Tuesday!

donkey86 Fri 21-Apr-17 11:46:59

I'm 18 weeks and I still just look fat. My clothes have been right for a few weeks now, but I don't really have a bump as such - just a big stomach. I hope it rounds out soon.

donkey86 Fri 21-Apr-17 11:47:19

*tight, not right

rosiehull4 Fri 21-Apr-17 11:53:47

Hey! thanks Cuppa and donkey86

Hopefully not too much longer to wait then, I just can't wait to actually feel pregnant as opposed to just a bit fat!

Hollyhop17 Fri 21-Apr-17 11:55:56

I sadly looked a bit pregnant before I was so my bump has pretty much always been there. But from 20 weeks it was much firmer. Am 27 weeks now and look closer to 37!

HappyLollipop Fri 21-Apr-17 12:00:59

I'm 26 weeks and I haven't got much of bump it just looks like I'm a little bloated, so many people don't believe me when I say my baby is due in July!

Sparklyuggs Fri 21-Apr-17 12:15:30

From 14 weeks I had a solid bump rather than bloating, it popped overnight! I'm a small build with a short torso and no abs so I knew I'd show early. My cousin who is 5'10 with a bigger build didn't get a bump until 20 weeks, we're all different.

blue2014 Fri 21-Apr-17 12:18:20

I hadn't told anyone til 21 weeks so much after that. About 27 I think

haveacupoftea Fri 21-Apr-17 12:22:24

This is the annoying bit about pregnancy, you think you'll have a bump from 8 weeks and its more like 28 weeks for most of us!

rosiehull4 Fri 21-Apr-17 12:38:53

Wow everybody is so so different. I suppose it depends on many different things!

ImYourMama Fri 21-Apr-17 12:43:56

22 weeks, and I delivered at 28, I felt robbed of a 'proper' bump

mrsbumblebees Fri 21-Apr-17 12:43:59

My midwife told me that if you have good abdominal muscles from exercise then it can take much longer for your bump to show. Mine aren't great (I'm fairly slim but with a bit of a podgy belly!) and at 14 weeks I think I'm just starting to see my 'podge' change shape slightly! I think it will be a fair while before I have a proper bump though.

Maggy74653 Fri 21-Apr-17 12:48:19

First person guessed with me at 14 weeks.

bambi2908 Fri 21-Apr-17 13:29:38

About 13 weeks, but I'm having twins grin

mummabubs Fri 21-Apr-17 13:36:37

Similar to Bumblebees, I'm 16 weeks tomorrow and have got a definite bump. It's mostly hard, although occasional wobble if I've been in the bath for more than 20 minutes. I'm slim but have non-existent stomach muscles so that's probably why I've started showing as early as I have! 😂

60percentofthetime Fri 21-Apr-17 13:42:58

1st baby: 20 weeks, 2nd baby: 7. I had intended to keep it quite at work but there was no chance!

SayNoToCarrots Fri 21-Apr-17 13:43:29

First pregnancy, nothing until between four and five months, so about 24 weeks. Second pregnancy five years later, I was in maternity jeans from six weeks and hiding a sizeable bump by twelve.

arbrighton Fri 21-Apr-17 13:44:29

I popped quite visibly after 15 weeks. Fairly strong abs, bit of podge, first baby

TallRedhead Fri 21-Apr-17 14:07:01

With my first I didn't show until 25 weeks. Good abs, pre kids!!
With #2 bump came earlier and with this pregnancy #3 I'm sure I had a bump as soon as I did the test!!
For your first pregnancy you just want to 'look' pregnant so others know, I remember feeling that too.

beingsunny Fri 21-Apr-17 14:08:35

20 weeks ish

hangingkebab Fri 21-Apr-17 14:10:14

First bump was noticeable to others at 12/13 weeks. Second time round someone noticed it at 10 weeks, I'd been able to see it since 8 weeks. Very jealous of all you late bumpers!

sortingmylife Fri 21-Apr-17 14:27:57

1st pregnancy first person (at work) noticed at 18 weeks at which point i could tell for a few weeks. I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant with DC 2 and hoping to keep it a secret at work for another 4 weeks or so but worried it will be harder this time around as I'm all flab & 0 muscle so I'm just expecting it to "pop" out one morning and that'll be it....

SpwJd Fri 21-Apr-17 15:19:44

With my first I didn't show until I was 5 months. I just looked bloated. ( I'm slim too so would have thought it would have shown early.)
With my second it showed a lot earlier and currently pregnant with my third and I was wearing pregnancy jeans from 6 weeks 😱 your tummy muscles are probably clinging on.
With each one I think you show earlier. X

ColourfulOrangex Fri 21-Apr-17 15:33:22

I'm 27+3 with my second and I have just started to show, annoying sometimes as I get all the symptoms and tiredness etc but people assume because I hardly have a bump I'm fine and can do everything normally

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