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Scared of having C Section!!

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Lotsofqueries Wed 22-Mar-17 18:33:18

Baby is breech at 36 weeks. Got to see consultant about the option of having them turned which scares me - only 50/50. Could distress baby. The drugs to relax. Could turn back after! Baby has been breech for weeks and weeks and I know because I can feel the head which they confirmed at scan. So I think baby must be comfortable here. So I think to go straight for C Section but this also frightens me!! So worried about it all. 2nd baby and 1st was not breech, easy natural birth.

Scotmum83 Wed 22-Mar-17 19:00:46

I was in the same situation with my first, she was footling breech so I wasn't given an option to turn, you can refuse if you don't feel comfortable with the ecv. C section was absolutely fine, baby is out very quickly and it was all very calm even though I actually was in labour. I could feel her head for weeks and she didn't budge.

ThornyBird Wed 22-Mar-17 19:03:16

My first was a footling breach but I did attempt ECV (wouldn't recommend it).

I had a bit of a freak out when I found out I had to have an ELCS but actually it was a very positive experience - very civilised and organised compared to my subsequent VBACs grin

Glossolalia Wed 22-Mar-17 19:03:45

Oh gosh, I would go for a c-section everytime over an ECV.

A few years ago a poster told us that the baby died during the ECV.


Dontstopmovin Wed 22-Mar-17 19:47:17

I had an EMCS, I was absolutely terrified just before it but the staff were so amazingly reassuring, the wonderful anaesthetist talked DH and I through the whole process and it was actually a really calm experience. If we ever have another DC I'd absolutely opt for an ELCS! Good luck OP flowers

Lotsofqueries Wed 22-Mar-17 19:49:33

Thanks for the positives! I'm normally quite tough but really struggling to get my head round this one. Never had an operation or anything before.

MagicAlwaysLeadsToTrouble Wed 22-Mar-17 19:50:54

My ELCS was a wonderful birth.

Is there a particular part/element to it that worries you?

(Just wondering if we could reassure you about something in particular?)

worriedsick2017 Wed 22-Mar-17 19:53:48

Had to had an elective c section for my first pregnancy for the exact same reason as you. My son was in the breech position for the entire pregnancy! Had him at 39 wks. It was fine, very relaxed. Can Honestly say it was an enjoyable, calming birth. Good luck, please don't worry x

Glossolalia Wed 22-Mar-17 19:56:57

Sorry, needed to put DD to bed so cut my post short.

I had a EMCS and whilst the recovery wasn't easy (I don't think a vaginal birth is an easy recovery either, though!) I wouldn't say the experience was particularly negative.

I would definitely opt for an ELCS if I had another child.

feedingducks Wed 22-Mar-17 20:05:56

I felt the same, had 3 vaginal and needed a c section for fourth, was terrified. It was calm, dignified and stress free. I felt so well cared for and got skin to skin while they finished off. The aftercare was amazing and i recovered really quickly. Please dont worry x

Lotsofqueries Wed 22-Mar-17 20:14:45

Thank you so much. Appreciate your posts. I'm just worried about the whole thing from getting there and having the epidural, then lying awake whilst having it done, actually being cut open shock and stitched up, and the aftercare. Im obviously a right wimp. I thought I was quite tough.

Tortycat Wed 22-Mar-17 20:21:27

I've had 2 sections (1 emergency 1 planned). So no vd to compare to but both were fine. Elective was easier as whole experience was quite relaxed and everyone on the ward after has experienced the same. It's strange to feel them pressing and pushing on you but no pain and you can still have skin to skin and delayed cord clamping etc as long as there are no problems. Obviously it's painful after but they do help with meds etc to take. I'd recommend it.

frogsgoladidahdidah Wed 22-Mar-17 20:22:42

I have had four c-sections, none elective. Except the first (which was an emergency), I would get myself quite chewed up in the days prior. I think knowing that I had to have an operation to get the baby out was just rather stressful.

That said, the operations were smooth, quick and successful (I have four delightful and healthy children!). My recovery was great (But please allow yourself to rest, and let others do things for you!).

C-sections are a major operation, and it is painful once the drugs wear off, (laughing and sneezing become interesting!) but that pain does fade after a few days.

I hope that this reassures you a little.

Good luck! Xxx

Notlostjustexploring Wed 22-Mar-17 20:23:57

I'm another who had a lovely emcs! Sounds nuts to say, but it really was. The anaesthetist is basically there for your care only and we kept up a constant chatter which relaxed me and took my mind off everything.
Recovery was also fine, especially if you keep on top of pain relief.
Elcs for any and all future children, no doubt.
Do you have any specific concerns, or is it just the idea as a whole?

Lotsofqueries Wed 22-Mar-17 20:37:06

Am I right that they put the epidural in which is like a drip into your back? How long does that take to work? Does that hurt? And then how long does the c section take. And how long for the feeling to come back? And how long did you stay in hospital?

Emma2803 Wed 22-Mar-17 20:37:30

I had a breech baby from 29 weeks he would not turn on his own!! I had him turned by ECV as like you I was terrified of a c section and although there is a lot of negative opinions on ECV I felt it was the right choice for me.
I had ds turned at 37+4 and he was quite a big baby. He turned relatively easily. The Dr gives you an injection of terbutaline into your belly to relax the muscles. I had the consultant and two midwives carry out the procedure, one to continuously monitor baby via ultrasound and one to assist consultant to turn the baby. I didn't find it painful at all, I used breathing techniques I had learned to keep me calm and kept my eyes closed!
Baby stayed head down! Unfortunately I needed an emcs anyway as he was induced a week early as he was thought to be very big, wasn't really far enough down and needed forceps and ventouse and then got distressed so they whipped him out straight away as I'd already had an epidural.
And the c section wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I couldn't feel them pulling or tugging though that may have been the adrenaline. Also recovery was ok too, just had to be careful not to lift anything heavy for a few weeks, stay on top of your pain medicine. Mine healed really well and I was driving by 5 weeks with the all clear from the Dr.
No real recommendations I'm afraid, just my version of how it was for me!! Good luck with it all and congratulations on your impending arrival!!

Lotsofqueries Wed 22-Mar-17 20:39:33

You all saying you'd have another one helps, makes me think it can't be that bad!! I have a 4 year old also which makes recovery tricky.

Notlostjustexploring Wed 22-Mar-17 20:41:13

The epidural is nothing to worry about personally. As far as I was concerned it wasn't happening as I could neither see nor feel it going in. I was also a bit freaked out at the thought of being cut open, so the steady stream of chatter from the anaesthetist helped me to basically ignore it! I don't even remember being glued back together. It was a very quick procedure, although very surreal.
Aftercare was proper post surgery care - none of this "she's only had a baby she can cope" nonsense. There were staff there to look after me and staff on hand to help me look after the baby as well. Lots of pain relief available.
Take your recovery easy, but recovery was nowhere near as bad as I expected. I personally found it more comfortable than late pregnancy.

Lotsofqueries Wed 22-Mar-17 20:41:33

Do you keep going back to the doctors after to be checked?

ApocalypseNowt Wed 22-Mar-17 20:43:11

Yep epidural goes in your back. Works straight away.

Takes about 5 mins to get the baby out and 45 mins to stitch you up.

Can't remember when the feeling came back. Few hours maybe? You're lying in bed having squishy new born cuddles so you don't care.

I stayed in 2 nights with DD1 (EMCS) and 1 night with DD2 (ELCS).

ApocalypseNowt Wed 22-Mar-17 20:44:10

No. Just normal checks afterwards but when the midwives visit you they check your scar too then take out the stitches at some point (unless you have dissolving ones).

Emma2803 Wed 22-Mar-17 20:44:37

I had my epidural during labour so it was the best thing ever. It's a scary thought but honestly it's a tiny fine wire you won't even feel it. They will wait for it to kick in before the operate, I can't remember how long it took but I couldn't feel anything. It makes you shiver although your not cold iykwim.
My baby was literally born in minutes, longer to sew you back up again. I'm thinking whole thing would take an hour?
Feeling comes back a few hours after stopping, can't remember exactly but you have to keep the catheter in for 12 hours and then you can get up and walk about when they take that out. I had mine sat morning and went home on Monday.

ScoobyDoosTinklyLaugh Wed 22-Mar-17 20:47:28

I've only had an emergency section and I'd been in labour for a good while so my recollection is a bit hazy. I had a spinal, but it took them a couple of minutes to get that in. I don't remember it hurting at all. It worked within less than a couple of minutes. The anaesthetist used really cold spray to spray bits of my body to check it had worked everywhere it should have.

From being cut to baby out didn't feel very long at all, maybe 5 minutes, maybe less? The being sewn back up took a lot longer than getting DD out. I could move my legs around after about 4 hours and I braved standing up after about 6 hours, but I felt very unsteady on my feet for a good 12-24 hours. I was told moving about was key to not getting really stiff and sore. I stayed two nights in hospital. Day 5 post section felt the worst for me, after two weeks I felt really good - just had to be careful with heavy lifting.

It's really not that bad. I hated being in labour and think I'd probably try and go for an ELCS next time round!

ThursdayLastWeek Wed 22-Mar-17 20:49:37

I have had an emcs and an elcs and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the elcs to anyone that wanted or needed one.

I wasn't given an epidural for the elcs - I had a spinal which was a much simpler process, theatre staff absolutely wonderful. All my fears taken seriously, and I found them all very reassuring.

In for a little over 24hrs, requested codeine from my GP after I'd been home for a day. A weeks supply was enough. Felt human after a week, better after two and back to myself mentally after three.

If it's the right thing fur you and your baby it'll be just grand smile

Ellieboolou27 Wed 22-Mar-17 20:50:57

I've had 2 electives after as both high risk pregnancies, I've had a baby naturally but he died so asked for c sections. Both were amazing! Edpidural does not hurt but does sting, you don't feel any pain, recovery was amazingly quick, I was up and walking about within 8-10 hours after, showered and discharged after 48 hours.

Hand on heart a planned c section is rally no big deal, this is coming from someone who used to cry and faint at the thought of a blood test smile

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