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Braxton -Hicks for over 24 hours?

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desperatelyseekingcaffeine Thu 30-Jun-16 12:20:03

Just after some advice/similar stories please. I'm 37 weeks with no2 today. Went into what I thought was labour Tues eve (about 36 hours ago). Regular contractions initially 6 mins then became 2 mins.

As technically preterm then I was monitored and kept in overnight. Cervix 1cm. Regular 2-3 mins until about 4am then less frequent for 3-4 hours. Back to 2-3 minutes from 8am. Seen by consultant external exam said baby head not fully engaged so likely BH not true labour.

Sent home early afternoon yesterday still contracting every 2-3 mins till 11pm. Think they went off completely overnight (no recollection of them waking me). Kicked back in this morning 10am every 2 mins since.

I will phone the hospital ina couple of hours but had anyone has anything similar and what happened? Getting shattered already!


laurenwiltxx Thu 30-Jun-16 17:41:09

I had this a few weeks ago and it slowly eased off and baby is still in and due today smile

NickyEds Thu 30-Jun-16 21:25:08

I had this on and off for the last month of my pregnancy (second baby). I'd get regular bh all sodding night then nothing in the morning, sometimes all afternoon then fall away when I went to bed. Total pain in the arse. If it's any consolation I had a quick easy birth with no tearing and a great recovery, the mw said that a lot of the work had been done with all of the bh.

desperatelyseekingcaffeine Fri 01-Jul-16 01:14:02

Thanks both - waters broke at 2pm so getting somewhere! Not really progressing despite strong contractions now so home to see what happens. Induction tomorrow if no baby by then so wish me luck! Hope your birth goes well Lauren.

icklekid Fri 01-Jul-16 02:52:42

Good luck op- I had a good week of braxton hicks increasingly regular so you start to think something might be happening but no... then my waters broke and again more braxton hicks as was hardly dilated when eventually went in to be induced (convinced was in actual labour!) Hope all goes well!

NickyEds Fri 01-Jul-16 07:02:16

Good luck op!

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