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SPD - best bump supports

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enyaheadress Fri 01-Aug-14 23:27:30

I have been suffering for the last 2 months especially but on and off for much longer. I am now 7 months and have spent most of this week in bed. My midwife says it sounds like SPD and so has referred me to a physio. Meanwhile i am trying to research the syndrome myself. I have looked at the Pelvic Partnership as well. I was wondering if any of you can suggest a good brand for a bump support which I am going to get especially as I am going camping with my family in three weeks. I am worried I will just be laid up in a tent but it was booked ages agosad Any tips or information on what helped other sufferers would be useful.

Fairypants Sat 02-Aug-14 12:03:50

Sorry you're going through this. I'm on my 3rd SPD pregnancy. The second was much worse than the first (I was on crutches by 5 months) so this time I researched everything and did everything as much in advance as poss.
I got a nexcare belt from mothercare as it was recommended by a physio. It helped for a while but has recently had the effect of moving the pressure from the pubis to hips so I now wear it for shorter periods and try to get a balance. I also have a pillow between my knees which makes a difference. I can feel the grinding if I lie down without it.
The biggest difference was going to see an osteopath. It is expensive (£40 a visit) but she literally gets me back to how I was at about 12 weeks. It does deteriorate again slowly but I can move about like a normal pregnant person this time which I'm so grateful for. I gather some physios can do the same thing but mine was clear she wasn't allowed to give me enough time to do anything other than diagnose and offer crutches and advice.
I hope you get some relief, its no fun having SPD but it did make labour easier.

enyaheadress Mon 01-Sep-14 17:24:43

Hello Fairypants, how does it make labour easier? I think I had it with my other two pregnancies but this nod is the worst. I am currently sleeping sitting up with pillows all round and under my feet so they are slightly raised. Lying on my side even with the pregnancy pillow between my legs made my hips so sore. I then had to practically crawl out of bed and walk in inches, holding the wall to get to the loo.sad

I have physio on Friday and hopefully I will get some good tips. I am in my 33rd week. I wonder if I should see an osteopath or just soldier on. Sleeping sitting is awkward but I am getting a lot more sleep and can easily get out of bed. I even slept without the Nexcare belt last night and it was not too bad.

mrsannekins Sat 13-Sep-14 17:32:23

I was advised to buy a serola belt by my physio (good old NHS could manage the worlds largest and most useless bit of tubigrip but nothing more supportive) which holds your pelvis together, and wore maternity support vests to support the bump. I found bump support belts to be really uncomfortable.

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