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If restless leg syndrome does not dissipate after this baby is born....

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weebigmamma Sun 23-Mar-14 01:36:46

.... I don't know what I'll feckin do. I feel like I could cope with ANYTHING else. Bloody horrendous. Think i'll be awake and pacing the house for the next 3 weeks.

furlinedsheepskinjacket Sun 23-Mar-14 02:21:00

have you tried putting an unwrapped white bar of soap in the bottom of your bed

it works for me

yellowrose2728 Sun 23-Mar-14 02:22:05

It does gosmile I used to cry in pure frustration with mine.

Within a week of DD being born - all gonesmile smile

YNK Sun 23-Mar-14 02:27:16

Mine didn't go. It is however managed well with medication now.
There is a fab site called with lots of advice.
So sorry your pregnancy is affected. It is a horrible and much misunderstood illness!

weebigmamma Sun 23-Mar-14 03:19:35

I will try the soap tomorrow. I have had no sleep tonight and crying for an hour has actually been the highlight because it took my mind off it in a weird way. I actually don't think I could cope with life if it didn't go away after the baby.

itsbetterthanabox Sun 23-Mar-14 03:29:20

Why would soap help?
Are you anemic? May be good to test as it can be a sign.

weebigmamma Sun 23-Mar-14 03:35:17

I have no effing clue why soap would work and I don't care. I'd put a horses head at the end of my bed if someone said it worked for them. No, I'm not anaemic.

ipswichwitch Sun 23-Mar-14 03:56:04

Both pregnancies I had restless leg syndrome and both times it went straight away. Was like feckin riverdance every night and I remember sobbing with frustration that I couldn't sleep, so you have my sympathy. Mw told me eating bananas worked. I must have eaten my body weight in the bastard things and it made no difference.

weebigmamma Sun 23-Mar-14 03:58:15

Hahaha! I have also been eating bananas even though I've been told not to because of gestational bloody diabetes. Seriously tempted to drink myself into a coma but I googled alcohol and RLS and it said that it could make it worse. Just as well I suppose.

imip Sun 23-Mar-14 06:06:49

Mine never went, I think I even got it before I was pregnant with my first dd.

I know my paternal grandmother was tormented with it and often unable to sleep for long periods of time. I manage with mine. I may keep me awake a couple of times a week, but it is not as bad as when I was pregnant.

I imagine I will need to go down the medication route at some point. I feel comforted by the poster above saying that medication is making it manageable...

PanicMode Sun 23-Mar-14 06:10:29

Massive sympathies. I cried when I found out I was pg with #4 because I knew I would be tormented for 9 months. I still have it, but not nearly as badly - as a couple of others have said, I think I will need medication at some point, but for now it's an irritation I can deal with without it. I have never heard the bar of soap 'cure'. Why does it work?!

YNK Sun 23-Mar-14 10:20:14

Soap in the bed, eating bananas, etc, etc.......... none of these old wives tales work!
Please visit for good advice!
RLS makes people so desperate that they are a constant target for 'snake oil salesmen' too. Please don't fall for the nonsense.

Netguru Sun 23-Mar-14 10:24:05

This has been driving me nuts too.

Last week I got do fed up I did all the cures at once. Calcium tablets. Iron tablets. Bananas. Quinine (in tonic water) and cold and hot treatments. (Hot water bottle under calves or cold bath up to knees by sitting on side).

It worked. I got good sleep.

I have no idea which bit worked though so have up do it all now every day. With only three weeks left though I don't care.

eurochick Sun 23-Mar-14 10:49:34

Massage seems to help, as does elevation. Mr euro is happy to rub my legs each night to try to give me a bit of relief. I had no idea it sometimes doesn't go though. Eeek.

FlyLikeABird Sun 23-Mar-14 12:31:09

Orgasm works for some. Win win grin

YNK Sun 23-Mar-14 12:35:37

Some people get short a bit of relief with cold, others hot.
Massage can take the place of pacing about.

weebigmamma Sun 23-Mar-14 14:17:57

I think the price of a bar of soap is worth a go frankly. And if it doesn't work then you still have a bar of soap. Who cares if it works by placebo effect? I've tried everything else. Literally.

YNK Sun 23-Mar-14 15:12:19

Try some flight socks instead!

weebigmamma Sun 23-Mar-14 15:39:15


Bootyluscious Sun 23-Mar-14 15:55:52

Worst part of my pregnancy! I was given magnesium tablets by my doctor which really helped and it went after baby arrived smile

weebigmamma Sun 23-Mar-14 16:08:54

Thanks Booty. I will go to the doc this week if I have another night like last night.

AncientBallerina Sun 23-Mar-14 16:26:27

I took up dance classes three nights a week (see username), well I built up from one to three over three years. I had restless legs before during and after each pregnancy, but I rarely get it now. I even used to have it sitting on the couch in the evening. Now I rarely sit on the couch :-) Obviously this not so straightforward if you are suffering while pregnant but I am convinced that curing it is to do with improving circulation and/ or muscle tone so maybe swimming and/ or pregnancy yoga? My sympathies - it is awful and no- one takes you seriously IME.

YNK Sun 23-Mar-14 17:54:42

Exercise, quinine, magnesium, iron - none of this works!

GP's are notoriously ignorant of RLS. You need to see a neurologist if the GP does not prescribe ropinerole or gabapentin.
Please go to rlshelp,org for any other advice if you don't want to take medication.

weebigmamma Sun 23-Mar-14 17:58:00

Thanks, YNK. I have looked it up. Thank you.

furlinedsheepskinjacket Sun 23-Mar-14 19:19:40

ynk soap worked fine for me

I think it is something to do with some chemical in the soap

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