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Fantastic, fabulous 40+ Mums-to-be! Part 3

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eagleray Mon 14-Jan-13 20:38:19

We've run out of space so here's a new thread so we can support each other and talk about the trials, tribulations and utter joy at being pregnant at 40+

All new members welcome smile

scarecrow22 Mon 18-Mar-13 17:00:08

Cu-mmon baby Chairman! Get ye out here. Just think you can lord it over babyKnicky and babyW!

That should do it.

<<Returns to computer to panic about deadline>>

somewherebecomingrain Mon 18-Mar-13 17:41:11

Omg chairman - that's unbelievable! I find it particularly strange cause so different in my trust. biscuitbrew Baby wow it's lovely out here honest!

Knicky your hemmarroidhal travails are hilarious were it not for the fact that you are suffering. The mind boggles at mil applying the ointment tho i reckon my mil might offer too in similar circumstances (i would never allow it!!!!!) I am so sorry - it sucks. biscuitbrew.

Mrs. W induction in two days is that right? So wired how different trust policies get our order all mixed up - u might be first when before you were closer to me than the others. Hope the little men from the village (?) have done a good job on the house and left you with a comfy home. biscuitbrew

AFM Pregnancy has provided a new outrage. My bump literally feels like it is going to split in two at the top. It seems to come on after lunch. Its unmistakeably stretching, perhaps round a little bottom, but Very painful and slightly scary. Did a mums net search and it seems common enough. Have to break news to dp that I'm effectively disabled. FFF! angry


somewherebecomingrain Mon 18-Mar-13 17:46:11

Ps scarecrow good luck with deadline - cheering u on to finish line. Why not finish with extra specially stressful budget week - why not eh.

Wave to badmiss jbrd cycle notsoold sparkly and all u other lovely ladies.

eagle I'm sorry u ill! I have found the mums thread a bit scary with some extreme bad sleeping reports! Hope you get better soon and thanks for pep talk - all gratefully recieved xxx

knickyknocks Mon 18-Mar-13 20:01:42

eagle that virus sounds awful especially with DH away. Anyone else you can rope in to help? Dizziness is particularly debilitating I find - I got this when terribly tired in the newborn days with DD, Mine was to do with low blood pressure though and found those lucozade isotope drinks helpful. Hugs and sympathies and wishing you well very soon.
jbrd and somewhere yes MIL is a no nonsense ex nurse who is the type of woman to literally roll her sleeves up and get on with it grin - but she's not rolloing her sleeves up near me and getting up close and personal with my latest pregnancy woe. What did I say? Something so terribly British 'No but thank you, so kind.....' And then hobbled away as fast as my protusions would allow....
BTW somewhere a couple of weeks ago, the top my bump was incredibly painful. Literally felt like the muscle was tearing. Yuck. Spoke to mw who said nothing much can be done (hurrah...not) - it has since eased considerably. Hopefully yours will do the same smile.

chairman still can't believe they're making you wait til Mon. Come on chairman baby, prove to them that you don't need them....get on your way please.

I've come to bed early hoping for a better night's sleep tonight so that I could manage should I go into labour tomorrow. Much love all XX

MrsWooster Mon 18-Mar-13 20:07:59

Any news Chairwoman? To add insult to injury, I DID have a sweep today but, like you , comm mw refused so they did it in the hospital. Not much joy - bit of a sweep but she basically said wait til Thursday, assuming they can get me in then...
Home improvements are NOT going well... The fireplace is now open, at the cost of finding it full of 10 rubble sacks of soot and bricks and the resulting damp having caused all the surrounding plaster to drop off. That's the good news tho, because the flooring, intended for re-use in the playroom, has been glued together and splinters horribly when lifted. What larks - we (and by we I mean they...) will try and carve it into big chunks and link the chucks together in the new position. I suppose a jigsaw floor is apt for a playroom...

MrsWooster Mon 18-Mar-13 20:10:26

PS Knicky piles truly are a PITA. Got steroid cream and suppositories for mine and they minimized a bit, along with doing bum pelvic floors iyswim, but I fear they have pooped out again as I laughed so much at thought of MIL anointing them...

MrsWooster Mon 18-Mar-13 20:10:53

and by pooped, I mean popped. Damn you Freud.

somewherebecomingrain Mon 18-Mar-13 20:23:21

knicky trust you to have already had this horrible symptom and not complained! It sounds like exactly the same thing - like it's going to tear - and I'm hugely reassured to hear its gone away.

mrsw oh blimey sounds like max disruption for u. I must admit I've always been able to get the workmen out of the way in the last few weeks despite an apparent iron law that I must move house in the last trimester. There will be a lovely payoff when they put it all back together.

chairman gone a bit quiet in the last few hours?????

scarecrow22 Mon 18-Mar-13 20:57:04

I have found a GOOD thi g about being preg. It is a licence to have marmite rice cakes with butter and Welsh cheddar followed by rhubarb crumble and cream. I was mid buying some healthy concoction and thought sod it what u really want is,,,

Am dangerously addicted to all these near births.

ChairmanWow Mon 18-Mar-13 21:36:09

Sorry folks, no more contractions. She is fully engaged though. In fact she's so far into me fanjo I feel like I could reach in and tickle her head. Finding it very uncomfortable to sit, so I guess the contractions did some work given she was transverse very recently. Annoyingly we had a mooch round some second hand shops this afternoon (trying to keep moving!) and some irritating woman stopped me, said 'i can tell you've got a few weeks to go' and when I told her not she said 'nothing's going to be happening for a while. Your bump is too high'. Managed not to punch her lights out. Just.

Sorry for knicky and mrsw and your piles travails. MrsW you had me sniggering with your Freudian slip! Hope the grapes of wrath are behaving themselves. Sometimes the indignity of this pregnancy thing seems ceaseless!

scarecrow in the home straight now! Few more days til cake and feet up.

somewhere your bump top pain sounds awful. Could the muscles have separated too much? I got chatting to a woman who had this recently while waiting for physio. Maybe worth a mention to MW if it doesn't improve.

Off to bed now. Shattered after last night's excitement. Will do my utmost to produce a baby for you ASAP. Reckon MrsW and her induction are the best guarantee though.

Night all.

MrsWooster Tue 19-Mar-13 14:19:37

I bloody hope so! No joy from sweep, such as it was. It sounds like you, Chair are readier - baby Sissy is only 3/5 engaged (tho totally shot pelvic floor means she feels like she's half out already). I shall shamelessly play my chemical cards with induction and try and win the race, but good luck to all of us. To three new babies by the weekend!

scarecrow22 Tue 19-Mar-13 18:46:35

So don't laugh, but it's just occurred to me that - flippin' heck - babies don't talk. Help. How will I know what it wants - or doesn't want???

Am so used to DD had forgotten this crucial detail. I guess the plus point is they find it harder to negotiate I on their terms. Somehow yesterday (Gina Ford and my mum look away now) I was bamboozled into picking all the flakes of muesli off some Raisin Wheats for the young madam (which were only in my bowl with my muesli because said madam had earlier picked them out of her bowl and imperiously announced "I no dat deakfast"...)

Am sitting on train home (early night!!) listening to a baby gurgling and grumbling and I'm wondering what else I've forgotten....

ChairmanWow Tue 19-Mar-13 19:10:31

Oh 'eck. Trying to figure out why they're crying - botty sniff, when did they last feed, are they tired? Eeek! DS has only recently started talking but his understanding has been spot on for ages. Our babies won't understand us. Help!

I'm now so uncomfortable I can't sit or stand without pain. It's horrid. I feel like she's going to fall out. If only! Am now feeling very, very sorry for myself sad. Have also reached that stage where people see me still pregnant and say 'oh dear'. Which kind of feels like every time I walk into a room I'm greeted with 'oh dear' rather than the more traditional 'hi!'. It's all so depressing!

To make things even better we've had some ancient radiators replaced today and when they took the old one away in DS's room half the wall came with it, so we now have to have it replastered and there's no heating in there til it's done. Poor DS has just gone to bed in 2 pairs of PJs, socks, Grobag and blanket. if it could have been any room but his!

Anyway, sorry for cheerless self-pitying post. I will attempt to cheer up tomorrow.

scarecrow22 Tue 19-Mar-13 19:56:00

Chairman, Hello!!
Having said that, you poor, poor thing. BabyC is definitely taking her time... I'm sure you won't let her forget that when she's complaining you are not ready to take her to a party in 13 years time ;)
You remind me of the early days: I had five things to check <<searches brain for what they were and fails...>> - like nappy, wind, food... (heck I really have forgotten the other two)... oh yes, sleep... and... er.... something else will occur to me. Cuddle or put down, maybe?? If I got to the end and she was still crying I would just repeat the cycle until one of us stopped. It kept me calm anyway, as I conned myself I was doing something about it - which seemed to be half the battle.

Pray BabyC calms down or makes her mind up she want's to say hi tonight.
Take good care. And you complain away if you need to - heck you have more reason that most. Plus we an always turn the computer off smile

ChairmanWow Tue 19-Mar-13 21:03:38

Ah thanks scarecrow. You, and everyone else on this thread, are lovely. It's my consolation prize for still being preggers.

Wind! I'd forgotten about that. Oh gosh. Poor wee mite, I hope I can relearn how to look after a baby or she's going to be terribly neglected. Time to actually reread those baby books we got out weeks ago grin.

somewherebecomingrain Tue 19-Mar-13 21:17:56

chairman massive sympathies re pain. I'm also in pain. Is it just the engagement and effacement? I hope it is soon my dear and that you are being allowed to lie down a lot if that helps by your nearest and dearest - and your own self. it's good to be active if you can but I've come to decision today that I can't be. Listen to your body.

scarecrw grin re speech! Also smilere your snack joy. I am finding something nice in pg in a sudden slow cooker obsession - I think it's a metaphor for pregnancy which is the ultimate slow cook.

Re pain I was on phone whimpering to my mum this am who is in chemo (going well but much worse than pg!). I never bargained for such pain. It's the one at the top of my midriff that's worst - the others at least aren't scary. I think it is as chairman suggests the tummy muscles separating (confused)which is usually painless says dr google but Can leave you with a pot belly. there are exercises you can do to close them after - it can also cause back pain which at least gets you a repair on the NHS . I'm wondering if water retention from the sodium in the gaviscon is making it worse and do I have to choose between reflux and splitting tummy? If so I choose reflux.

MrsWooster Tue 19-Mar-13 21:21:26

Well I think I've lost my plug - something long, bobbly and see through came out anyway... I, being rather literal, expected some sort of solid plug affair, rather than a weird ghosty bouncy thing. Checked on the lovely www and it can still be weeks before labour - Chair, didn't yours wander out ages ago?
Some vague crampy stuff but maybe fooling myself as felt very sick after horrible readymeal lunch, due to the house still being in utter chaos.The entire downstairs is upside down and inside out - downstairs of the house, not my 'downstairs' though thinking about it... and the hoover gave up the ghost at teatime so I have thrown up my hands and taken to my bed.
By the end of tomorrow, There Will Be Carpet, There Will Be Flooring, There Will Be Order in the house And by Friday There Will Be a Baby. If I say it enough it will be true.

ChairmanWow Wed 20-Mar-13 07:50:38

Love 'weird ghosty thing'! That's what mine was like this time (it came out Sunday before last, I think). We have haunted fanjos! Last time it was like a blood streaked pat of jelly. It is such a delight. Good though because things are happening to your cervix, which hopefully means the induction will be easier (unless things have happened Lots of people do report their plugs falling out a matter of hours before labour. Fingers crossed we get some baby W news today.

scarecrow22 Wed 20-Mar-13 09:24:37

MrsW and Chairman - and not forgetting Knicky! - thinking of you all today as you slowly but surely progress to holding LOs.

We might all complain about the wait, but am now considering myself lucky to do so - a lovely friend who is 25 weeks preg started contracting on Sunday and was told only 20% chance of survival. She has stopped, but still has pain that cannot be explained. I can't bear it for her. Plus she has a v active 15mo boy to look after. Please send her sticky baby vibes.

Somewhere, you poor thing. The pain sounds grinding. I would also prob go for indigestion, but what a Hobson's choice. Hope that the muscles soon stretch and the pain receeds fast. And PLEASE lie down and ask for help...

AFM... "Hurray, hurray, it's anual budget day..." Not much fun for everyone else:. I fear I might be the only person in the country who celebrates today's gloomy news....

scarecrow22 Wed 20-Mar-13 09:24:56

PS BadMisss - is everything okay. Missing you and hope all well.

somewherebecomingrain Wed 20-Mar-13 11:37:58

I'm feeling better tummy wise- I think my water retention tactic has worked. im avoiding salt basically and I feel less taut.

Unfortunately seem to have this digestive ailment that's been going round the nursery so have spent all morning in bed while ds watches telly. Debating whether to take him to a Stay and play this pm because of my infectiousness.

Moan whine moan whinge whine. Grumble. wink

Ladies ladies its got to be by the end of the weekend surely. It's mad how slowly it all goes. Imagine if mrsw is first after all? Why do they even have 40 weeks as the due date .... No one not even second timers see to come early.

Having said that scarecrow I am sending sticky baby vibes to your friend. i am so pleased her contractions have stopped. 20% sounds a bit low for 25 weeks. I know that 28 weeks is where doctors are much more confident so if she can just hold on three weeks it would be a very different outlook. She must lie down fgs - cant anyone help? Get a bank loan get a nanny? Fwiw there is a lady who had her baby at 24 weeks on the April thread and he is doing really well.

I second wishes to badmissm hope your ok honey. I was sorry to hear about your dp's ex latest antics. My best friend's partner has an ex who is always trying sinister legal things around custody of their child. She is bonkers that's the irony.


Greenwitch7 Wed 20-Mar-13 16:07:23

Hi never posted before,we have adored daughter 22months,just found out pregnant again I'm 42,still very heavily breastfeeding, took 3years plus to conceive daughter, had iui,thought we'd need help again,so was only remembering to take folic acid randomly,3-4 days a week maybe, frightened go death now as was religious last time, also worried dd will feel frightened or left out,we are so close,she's enormously keen on bf,feed her maybe 10 times a day,she eats and drinks well, know mostly bfs for comfort but if i try to cut a feed out the resulting tantrum is frightening,am feeling v sick evenings,can't evehn lift my head off floor,can't stop crying, this is what we wanted,please help,no one to talk to

knickyknocks Wed 20-Mar-13 18:06:25

greenwitch sounds really tough. Have you seen a doctor for some tablets to help you with the sickness? Is there anyone else who can help with DD?
somewhere that tummy bug sounds rough. Hope you feel much much better soon.

Had my sweep today at 40+3. Flaming heck - think she was trying to reach my shoulders with her finger tips.....had to ask her to stop a couple of times as it was fairly painful. Anyway, I bled more than she thought I was going to, so she popped me up to the maternity assessment unit to make sure we hadn't upset baby too much. He was ok, and the bleeding is calming down a bit now. The doctor said my cervix looks very favourable and about 2cm dilated. On the monitor it looked like the sweep had niggled my cervix so. It all depends now on whether it turns into full blown labour. Otherwise it'll be back to the hospital for another sweep on Friday. Induction is booked for Friday 29th March if needed. Hopefully not though.

Am hoping Mrs W and Chairman are still doing ok. C'mon ladies, it's time to meet our babies smile

cyclecamper Wed 20-Mar-13 18:41:44

Knicky fingers crossed that that will do it.

greenwitch Welcome. Hope you feel better soon. (There is an article about getting an older child to have fewer feeds in one of this months magazines - Practical Pregnancy and Parenting, I think - that might be helpful?) Hopefully things will feel more in control soon.

somewhere hope you are feeling better soon, as well.

MrsW and Chairman hope you are both getting some progress!

I had my GTT today, which wasn't bad at all. The top of my bump feels as though I've been doing sit ups - really horrible muscle pain - that has kept me awake for a lot of the last 2 nights. I went and joined the local swimming pool and gym today, so I'm hoping that swimming will help.

BadMissM Wed 20-Mar-13 19:42:46

Cyclecamper Yes, all I need at the moment is the psycho bitch-ex from hell. On top of all that she had the gall to ring and ask if DH could go and get thir son from uni this Friday... (when he's at work)...when he said even if he went after work (a 400 mile round trip), he would still have to work Saturday....she hung up on him.

Chairman Sending JL waters-bursting spells...

She's both jealous of the pregnancy (she's too large to get pregnant..I'm not being cruel, she barely has periods), and a complete bitch...

Good luck on the house front!!!

Knicky Unfortunately, would have to travel about 80 miles for nearest JL!!!

Knowing my luck mine will go in Aldi or Poundland!

Poor you at weekend alone at this point xxx

MrsW You've got the little men in too? (I want some in my house.....!)
All I get is the National Grid buggering it up...though admittedly they are now talking about compensation!

Knicky Ow ow ow for the piles....I had them really badly with DD!

Chairman Good luck with the sweep!

Scarecrow Cannot believe you are still at must be counting the days!

Somewhere Ow for the fatigue and general malaise xxx

Chairman Yah boo to the nasty meanie midwife.....

Knicky Dignity? What dignity? Gave up on that when the stupid diabetic meds made me the fartiest woman in the universe!

Eagle Yuck to your virus...everyone I know seems to be going down with the lurgy....

JBrd I think you are the youngest...welcome back!!!

scarecrow* Somewhere* My trust so mean I'll probably be hanging on till I'm 95....

Mrs W At least you're not looking at all the things that need doing knowing you'll have to do them....

Any news from Chairman

Scarecrow Trouble with the diabetes is I can't have any of the insane things I fancy eating!

MrsW I nearly fell off the sofa laughing at your fanjo comment!

Fingers crossed xxxx

Chairman More Ow than Wow? Poor you xxxx

Scarecrow We all get those 'what am I going to do with it when I get it?' moments...

Mrs W Chairman* Fingers toes and every other extremity crossed xxxx

Scarecrow I'm here!! Have been doing court forms for DH to stop him getting arrested by Ex-wife..... Has taken me the last 2 days, but I put them in at the court this morning, last day possible.... He is so annoying, he leaves things for weeks and weeks and weeks then gets really bad-tempered when it's not done in time.....

She doesn't even need the money, she earns about 3 x what he does....

He's also really disorganised, which doesn't help when you are trying to put paperwork in a court bundle....was just easier in the end for me to do it, though we did have several rows. That's what bitchy ex was hoping, I should imagine. 3 years since divorce, and she still thinks she can run his life....

So am a bit knackered from doing all of that and then running about today on foot and bus to get it in. That was the moment the SPD chose to play up too....

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