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Full term singleton after premature twins?

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outthere Tue 21-Jun-11 08:33:38

Does anyone have any personal experience with this?

I know the likelihood is that my boys were premature purely because they were twins but I also had an irritable uterus (frequent, regular contractions for 5 weeks) and wonder whether I had an incompetent cervix (one doctor noted that my cervix was shaped as if I'd had a previous vaginal delivery).

I went into early labour at 23 weeks and again at 28 weeks, both were sucessfully halted with medication. I finally had my boys at 33 weeks.

I'm now 17 weeks with a singleton and starting to get twitchy...

would love to hear other experiences....


Prettyvague Tue 21-Jun-11 15:26:35

I am in a similar boat to you. I had prem twins at 33 weeks due to pre eclampisa. I started developing all the signs of this at 24 weeks and I am now a couple days short of 24 weeks!

I am hoping that it was a twin thing and that this singleton pregnancy will go to full term but its hard not to start thinking that you are going to go down the same route. Are you seeing a consultant? Presumably they are keeping a very close eye on you?

Sorry that I don't actually answer your question! Hopefully someone else can help reassure us both!

I was thinking though that after a 33 week pregnancy that felt like forever that going to 40 weeks will feel like an eternity! But then I am not very good at being pregnant!

outthere Thu 23-Jun-11 10:00:10

Hi Prettyvague, yes, sounds very similar! How old are your twins now?

I'm pretty sure our prematurity was because of the twin factor but then I worry that a lot of my symptoms may fit with other causes, particularly as things got tricky before they got really big...

I feel as though my cervix began to "give way" quite early on so it'll be intersting to see how this goes...

How are you feeling?

Prettyvague Thu 23-Jun-11 16:18:09

Hi Outhere,

My boys are six now and quite a handful! I was hoping that I was having a girl to balance things out a bit but we had our scan a few weeks ago and it's another boy! How old are yours?

Are they keeping an eye on you? Presumably they are because of the early labour as well in your previous pregnancy as well as the troublesome cervix?

The midwives and consultants have been very good at taking me seriously this pregnancy - the doctors on the other hand keep telling me that the last pregnancy was so problematic due to the twins and this one will be fine!

I am exhausted I have to say, could do without having to come to work! How are you feeling? Have you started to feel less tired now that you have hit the middle bit?

outthere Thu 23-Jun-11 16:39:57

Hi Prettyvague,

How funny, I have 3 year old twin boys and we're expecting another boy too!

I was a little worried when I found out because of the family dynamics. The boys are always going to have that "twin" thing and because they're older they'll also get privileges which are denied to the younger one... I expect he's going to spend a lot of time feeling very left out sad.

I've got a consultant appointment next week I think so I guess I'll see what he/she says with regards to what to expect... I almost wish they weren't keeping such a close eye - I'm struggling with all the appointments but I'm appreciative at the same time.

It's good that the professionals are taking you seriously this time, maybe that's as a result of not being a first time mum. I always struggled to be taken seriously with the boys. I think they assumed I was paranoid about everything because they were my first, they were IVF and I also look a fair bit younger than I am.

Sorry you're feeling so knackered, at least when you're on maternity leave your boys will be at school and you can look forward to some time alone with baby. I'm naively expecting one baby to be a piece of cake compared to two... grin think I'll eat my words this time next year!

Prettyvague Mon 27-Jun-11 11:42:25


Do you know I keep thinking that having just one baby will be a breeze too! Like you say - we will be eating our words soon!

I am so looking forward to maternity leave! Coming to work this morning was such a struggle!

I don't think you need to worry to much about the third being left out - I was worried too but then I thought that he will have so much attention that the boys didn't have just because there are two of them! I sometimes felt like we never had a chance to just enjoy the boys as we were so busy just managing the feeding/sleeping/washing etc cycle! And my little sister is spoilt rotten so I imagine that little siblings are often given quite a lot of attention just because they are the littlest!

I know exactly how you feel with all the many appointments! Nice to be kept an eye on but at my last consultant appointment was running late by 3 hours! I was at the hospital for most of the morning! I have asked for a nine o clock on this time in the hope I might get seen a little earlier!

Are your boys at nursery or anything? You must be exhausted at the moment? Running around after two three year olds and being pregnant?!

DirtyHabit Mon 27-Jun-11 11:54:29


I had a planned c section for my twins at 34 weeks due to poor growth. I started to go into labour the morning of the section so they would have come a bit early anyway.

I then had my DD the following year and she was born 2 days before her due date.

All the mums I know who had a singleton after having prem twins went to term (most actually went overdue!). This includes a mum who had her twins at 23+5 wks.

One baby is much much less of a stress on your body then twins.

If you don't think things feel 'right' with your pregnancy, speak to your midwife about it. Most will agree that mothers instinct counts for a lot!

Good lick with the rest of your pregnancy!

Ps outthere you did really well to hang onto your boys for an extra 10 wks!

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