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Yoga in pregnancy

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littlemissw Sun 09-Jan-11 12:39:23

The lovely yoga classes I was going to in my area has recently stopped & I'm really keen to continue with it. Can anyone recommend a good yoga DVD?

lilly13 Mon 10-Jan-11 13:26:47


I have tried several pregnancy yoga DVDs and here is my feedback (the views are strictly personal. i am an advanced viniyasa flow practicioner. ranking below are on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest):

1) Shiva Rea - probaby the best one in the market; very good excercises; nice presentation suitable for beginners and experienced practicioners; easy to follow; score 9/10

2) Tara Lee - very mellow; suitable for complete beginners or late pregnancy;(she teaches at the Life Center in Notting Hill and many women absolutely love her class. personally, not my cup of tea as this does not feel like yoga to me); score 6/10

3) Jennifer Wolfe (Prenatal Viniyasa) - good excercises, but low budget poor presentation; suitable for practicioners with prior experience; score 7/10

4) Kristen Eykel (Lamaze yoga) - good and easy to follow excercises; suitable for complete beginners; nice presentation and clear instructions; score 8/10

5) Zoe Miku (Yoga during Pregnancy with Prior experience) - suitable for people in late pregnancy or no experience; easy to follow but a bit dull. score 6/10

hope this helps.

littlemissw Tue 11-Jan-11 21:22:37

Thank you - this is a great help. I was considering the Tara Lee one due to the raving reviews on Amazon, but will definitely be considering your other suggestions as I'm looking for something that is more 'yoga' than 'pregnancy' if you catch my drift.

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