April 2007 - On the first day of Christmas Normabutty gave to me - a present shaped like a willy!

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leakyR Tue 27-Nov-07 20:52:10

Is it too soon to mention Christmas?

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leakyR Tue 27-Nov-07 20:55:51

Anyone there?

Do you think it's offensive. I do hope we get complaints grin I like a controversial thread title every now and again.

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leakyR Tue 27-Nov-07 21:02:10

Ok I've frightened you all away. Off in the bath now so you can all came back and talk amongst yourselves grin

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leakyR Tue 27-Nov-07 21:09:54


<hears own voice echoing back as she skulks off to the bathroom>

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busywithIzzy Tue 27-Nov-07 21:12:06

I'm here Leaky. Off to try and catch up a bit.

leakyR Tue 27-Nov-07 21:17:18

On the subject of willies have you seen this? It's childish but made me laugh. Really am going in bath now.

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normabutty Tue 27-Nov-07 21:19:40

I love it winkgrin

NorthernLurker Tue 27-Nov-07 21:20:58

well - the thread title is factually accurate anyway - can't deny that.

Idreamofchocolate Tue 27-Nov-07 21:23:51

Leaky grin - I could take a guess at what she's making (but I'd probably be wrong)grin

elkiedee Tue 27-Nov-07 21:25:11

Hi all, just taking the chance of some computer time - D in bed, dp at work (or hopefully just setting off on his way home, my phone is downstairs so haven't heard it, aunt and uncle at the pub). Have had quick catch up read, sorry I can't remember everything. Maveta, although D did sleep through for a bit he hasn't done so much since we got back from holiday, so formula no guarantee of that. He usually only wakes once but for a long time, and as you mentioned, it's a hassle getting up and sorting out bottle.

PillockOfTheCommunity Tue 27-Nov-07 21:27:44

hi all. computer being fixed so here via mobile. i refuse to do christmas before december so will be back when it starts!

Sexonlegs Tue 27-Nov-07 21:29:36

Love the new title Leaky - bring on the complaints!

IDOC, glad things are better with S.

Hi Elkie, hope the kitchen fitting is going well.

cazboldy Tue 27-Nov-07 21:43:05

agree about the dcember thing ellie....we don't put up decs or anything until after dd1's birthday on the 18th.
captaindippy molly is bf, but she does have one bottle of formula milk at bedtime. I never did this with any of my others, but evenings are mad in my house, and at least daddy or big brother can do that while I sort out everything else! Also she had started waking after going through well, and I just don't feel that I make as much milk a I did with the others. dh says its because I never sit down (he says that cows need to lay down to make milk and assumes it is the same with ladies!) he is always comparing women to cows blush
Anyway, it seems to work for her!

cazboldy Tue 27-Nov-07 21:44:21

oh and ooogs....hope things improve for you soon too smile

Sexonlegs Tue 27-Nov-07 21:45:39

Cazboldy, pmsl at the likening to a cow! I would take up the offer and spend the day lying down chewing!

Liath, lol at ds smelling like compost! K's poo smells of stewed rhubarb [puke emoticon]

zazas Tue 27-Nov-07 22:08:01

Evening, funny title - my 9yr old DD just read it out loud! Adding my name to the babies who don't sleep through. DD is sleeping with us - which is why we are moving (and yes it is far cheeper up North IdreamofChoc) and she wakes up ALL THE TIME for boob!!!! But then so did my others so nothing new. My thoughts on the matter...when you have had enough and really can't cope anymore that is when you get tough and sort it out. It was at 12 months with DD1 and 10 months with DS1 so following that it could be soon with DD2! I certainly don't know what the trick is except the old let them cry routine which does seem to work. I was still bfeeding once they began to sleep through so have no idea if formula helps or not. I just love not getting out of bed to feed them in the morning - just lazy really

My DB has just told me tonight they are pregnant with 2nd DC - so a due in August 08 shock

A bit late sorry, but CD you will get the job you want / need, it is crap trying to juggle everything but you have so much going for you - it will happen. Have been there, with our 1st baby, just new in UK and desperate to get money while applying for jobs, DH had to resort to drug testing and I had to work in the most smokiest local pub on a Sunday - hell on earth for both of us!

BUt that is history, biggest problem at moment is that DS wrote a note for tooth fairy last night to ask what she did with his tooth and the naughty thing didn't write back - he is still fuming but has given her one last chance to right herself tonight. Please let me remember!!!!

liath Wed 28-Nov-07 04:05:46

Up with an unhappy vomiting baby, poor little sausage sad

Maveta Wed 28-Nov-07 06:18:15

lol zazas - hope you remember too! how cute.

liath sad how are things this morning? poor bubba.

cazboldy pmsl at your husband likening women to cows but I do think he´s probably got a point. I do think if you are breastfeeding you should rest more, shame the rest of the world doesn´t agree hmm grin

SPB and anyone else who might find the info of interest.. I bfed at 7pm as usual but gave 7ozs of formula when he woke at 9.30pm. TA-DAAAAA! Slept til 2.30am and then a quick bfeed and back to sleep until 6am! Not going to get over excited in case it was a coincidence but will definitely try the same again tonight to see.

Only drawback is that we don´t normally change his nappy in the night but with this extra feed we may need to incorporate a nappy change - this morning he was wet through his vest, pyjama, sheet etc etc. shock But that´s fine, I´ll take the exchange!! grin

Well better go get ready for work, have a great day girls. I feel wonderful after so much sleep! grin

oooggs Wed 28-Nov-07 07:30:47

I went to bed to read shock at 9.30pm and then at 10.30pm Jack started, he didn't want food and he was in alot of pain with his top tooth so medised and cuddles, but by wasn't he screaming. Lots of cuddles an eventually at 11.30pm he dropped off - just thinking of putting him back in cot and Erin started.

She was hungry, so Jack in and Erin out, fed her and then made it to bed at 12.30am. Both up for feed at 3.30am. Up at least twice in night to James whose duvet kept 'jumping' off the bed hmm then the day started at 7.00am with Jack and now James is up.

Hope you all had better nights

love the title lesley - we I don't do decorations until after ds1's birthday on the 11th (would like to make it after mine but its the 24th blush)

all this talk of moving - thinking of those of you going through it and wishing you all the best - keeps me in a job wink

Eddas Wed 28-Nov-07 08:24:11

Katy, my wires are being attackedgrin

I fell asleep at just before 9 last nightshock Went to bed to watch Charlies Angels(one of my bday presents) and saw about half of it. Dh came up to see me at 9.30 and it had just finished so I got him to turn it off so I could watch I'm a celeb and saw NOTHING of that. Didn't hear dh come to bedgrin

geordiemacminx Wed 28-Nov-07 08:24:32

Hiya - just to let you know, before you send Bigonion out... I'm off to my mums for a couple of days, should be able to access via mobile but not sure.


StealthPolarBear Wed 28-Nov-07 08:31:52

Morning everyone
liath and oooggs, sorry you had such a bad night
Eddas, glad it's not just T He's currently being entertained by a huge box of pegs - why do we bother with toys??
Well, I am pleased to say my sleeping baby is back. We thought yesterday he was feeling better as he slept all afternoon. He then went to bed at 10 (not good but not bad after the afternoon sleep) and slept until 8 with a quick feed at ten to 5 No problems settling, and he's woken up chirpy and happy. Sending out the psychic vibes desperately, and hoping this isn't a one off

StealthPolarBear Wed 28-Nov-07 08:32:20

Have a good time GMM

Pesha Wed 28-Nov-07 09:55:03

D asleep in pushchair still from doing school run, never happened before so a perfect opportunity for me to be making some calls except the phone wasnt on charge last night so is completely flat this morning!! angry ffs!!

Better ish night last night, d asleep at 11 ish (wide awake till then tho hmm) and then didnt wake till around 3 ish I think hmm bit lost what with it being middle of the night and all, then feeding on and off till 7 when he fell asleep but woke up as soon as I tried to put him down and refused to sleep again. Unfortunately Nathan was awake between 1 and 2 afetr having a nightmare so I had to keep getting up to him and moving various bags, vests etc that looked like eyes or mouths! I remember when i was little my sister had some 1970's flowery curtains in her room (I often used to sleep on her bottom bunk) and they really scared me, the flowers and leaves and bits all looked exactly like very scary faces. Fell very sad for my poor little boy being so scared by nightmares and dont really know what I can do for him.

Feeling a bit better today than yestaerday but still pretty overwhelmed and stressed by my life and not particularly happy with any of it atm [understatement]. Think the telesales is a step too far for me right now. It makes me fel D is being a nuisance cos I need time to get things done and i dont want to think like that, he's being my gorgeous little boy and i want to be able to enjoy that, not be wishing he'd just be quiet or go to sleep. sad

cazboldy Wed 28-Nov-07 10:15:20

pesha I used to look at the patterns in the artex on the ceiling and see faces! it was horrible! I used to have to go to sleep with my head under the duvet!
When my dd was having nightmares I told her about it and she laughed! blush

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