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May 2014: Newborn snuggles while we await our comrades from the Drop Zone!

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MoominAndMiniMoom Thu 01-May-14 13:38:51

The Maybies are on the move to Postnatal! This is for graduated Maybies (and other baybies due in May but with other ideas; the almost-Maybies!) to discuss adventures in sleepless nights, nappies and lovely newborn snuggles. However you feed, however you nappy, however you give birth and however you like your tea - if your baby was born in May (or was supposed to be!), this is the post-natal club for you!

MoominAndMiniMoom Tue 06-May-14 13:05:26

Mummycherry she's on C&G Comfort at the moment for her colic and constipation but it's done very little to relieve it, she screams and screams with the pain. I hope it's something much simpler, or even something like cows' milk allergy rather than lactose intolerance. Her dad had cows milk allergy as a baby and is absolutely fine now, whereas I've really struggled with food intolerance and gluten sensitivity even now so I really hope she doesn't have something similar sad

psynl Tue 06-May-14 18:05:30

I thought I'd post on here as I am so behind on the antenatal thread! Hope everyone is well. The last 3 weeks raced by and I have finally got a name for my gorgeous boy. We have decided on Abel.
I think he is cluster feeding today because he is doing lots of short feeds and not sleeping for more than an hour - cue very tired mummy! Hope it doesn't last long

psynl Tue 06-May-14 18:06:20

Hope everything is ok with your little one moomin

Mummycherry2 Tue 06-May-14 19:55:49

Glad it's not just me with the tears, milk came through properly today so my mum said the next few days would be the worst.

Good news with your snuzpod mummytobe! Let's hope we both have a successful night too!

ohdearitshappeningtome Tue 06-May-14 20:04:22

Noah is snuffly and his eyes look puffy :-(

Mummycherry2 Wed 07-May-14 14:26:25

Oh moom, that sounds really tough. Any better today? We had a fairly decent night with Alfie again and he's been quite settled today too... How's things with you mummytobe and how's Noah ohdear?

mummytobe88 Wed 07-May-14 14:58:53

Olivia wasn't being very cooperative last night actually! She was insistent on being wide awake after her feed instead of dozing off then got grumpy so ended up sleeping on me for a few hours. Hopefully she gets a good sleep tonight, but we'll soon see. Glad to hear things are getting better with Alfie!

ohdearitshappeningtome Wed 07-May-14 15:06:50

Noah just sleeps!!hmm

MoominAndMiniMoom Wed 07-May-14 15:36:15

She's had another poo! Baby poos are a cause for celebration in the house at the minute because they're so few and far between... she's had about 30 at the most in the four weeks since she was born. 30 might actually be pushing it sad And she seems a bit more settled today. We're going to stick it out with the milk and see what the HV says. Warm baths help her so much so we're bathing her every night, but it's causing dry skin!

Christening issues are taking over at the moment. We have family members spread all over the UK, the christening isn't that important to me and OH but it is to his family who are religious, so it looks like it's going to be in a rural church back home where his family are. All I'm fussed about is having a little do afterwards so family members can see her. There's sooo much family politics in OH's extended family, I'm not used to it - my lot are much more what you see is what you get, if you don't like it then it's your loss, whereas his are completely different. I'm not comfy with making promises to my daughter about raising her religiously etc that I know I'm not going to keep. But it's so important to OH to keep the peace sad

Mummycherry2 Wed 07-May-14 17:36:55

That's annoying mummytobe, how old is Olivia? Is the sleep a good thing or a bad thing ohdear? If he's snuffly maybe that's why. Christening issues moom?! Bloody hell, I wouldn't fancy any of that either. My parents are very religious and DH's aren't but my parents also know I won't have any nonsense from them lol. We might consider like a blessing or something that's not 'promisey' because I would feel uncomfortable with that like you. Could you see if that's an option because to be fair a blessing is what your little one is after all! Can I ask, are we all first timers here? I am, Alfie is a honeymoon baby...literally!x

MoominAndMiniMoom Wed 07-May-14 17:46:34

I want a blessing/thanksgiving service but we're not sure if the local church offers it! And there's issues with family being able to get there, godparents etc so it's all up in the air. I'll make the sandwiches and hold Callie, everyone else can arrange the rest grin

I'm a first-timer, Callie is an unplanned 'parents were away for the weekend, was in the middle of trying to get new contraception, got carried away and forgot a condom' baby blush I can't believe the difference when I remember posting on the antenatal thread about how my parents reacted to the news when I told them, and how besotted they are with Callie now and how great everything is with them smile

Mummycherry2 Wed 07-May-14 18:10:43

Sounds like a good plan and worth pushing for moom, it's not fair to make you do anything you feel uncomfortable with.

Hehhehe!! I like the sound of that and I'm not going to lie, my conception was sort of like that too, we were planning on babies but not quite so soon after the wedding... Still I suppose its a good story and it was in the Maldives ;)

Glad I'm not the only first timer too...Alfie was born on sat and I still can't get my head around it, I've been completely overwhelmed by it all!

mummytobe88 Wed 07-May-14 21:43:31

Olivia is 8 days old now, can't believe how quickly it's going already!

moomin I hope little Callie is doing better on the new milk. Nothing worse than seeing them in pain and not being able to help.

Yup I'm a first timer too smile I stopped the pill as we were planning on having a baby maybe the end of this year and thought it would take a while to get pregnant anyways. Turns out I got pregnant the week after I took my last pill haha so Olivia is a bit of a surprise timing wise. Wouldn't have it any other way now!

My OH and I aren't religious and luckily neither are either of our families so a christening isn't on the card for us. One less thing to stress over!

ohdearitshappeningtome Wed 07-May-14 23:48:15

I'm a first timer also, Noah only has one poo a day, is it worrying that he doesn't have more? Does he appear constipated? He brings up plenty of wind top and bottom grin

We had been trying for six years, two miscarriages so he was planned but unexpected, had severe abdo pain and was taken to a n e where it turns out it was a magic bean!

ohdearitshappeningtome Thu 08-May-14 09:18:00

Finding it hard! Doing all the night feeds and the day feeds while dh at work. Since I got up I've done nothing but cry! Baby not taking his usual feeds either but is settled and currently laid across my legs!

Times like this u realise who your friends are and right now I feel very alone

Mummycherry2 Thu 08-May-14 10:37:05

Are you bfeeding ohdear? Congratulations by the way, Noah must be even more precious to you, no wonder you're so teary. My friend said to me if you feel like you need to cry-do it, you have been through a lot of intense physical and emotional stuff over the past few weeks. Alfie was like that yesterday, pinned me down all day and night and there was nothing that DH could do apart from regular feeds and drinks for me! Is there anyone who could come and sit with you? Everyone else survived the night? I got woken up 4 times for feeds but then he settled straight away after so it wasn't too bad and I managed to read quite a bit of my book! I do ache all over and feel like everything is bruised though sad had to have a shower at. 3am to relieve the pain . Think it's all down to the birth though.

ohdearitshappeningtome Thu 08-May-14 13:42:34

No, I was expressing but I stopped he's now ff, I try to do it all as dh has a stressful job and he needs to be fully functioning! I feel I being cruel by doing it this way but dh needs to be on his game! I don't mean to push him out!

I'm just shit at being a mum

dobedobedo Thu 08-May-14 14:10:39

ohdear You are NOT a shit mum.

You're sleep deprived. And overwhelmed. And going through the biggest life change you will EVER go through. And sleep deprived. I said that twice because it is so hard to cope with!

Tell your dh that you're struggling - surely he can at least take one or two weekend nights to give you a break?! You don't get a medal for doing it all yourself.

How is your HV? Maybe give her a call and tell her you're struggling. She's there to help you. Sending you lots of mumsnetty hugs. xxxx

mamapants Thu 08-May-14 14:45:26

Hi, just making a quick appearance. My DS2 arrived early hours sunday morning. Just adjusting to life with a baby and toddler.

DS1 is struggling a bit. He is smitten with new arrival but clearly suffering from a bit of jealousy. Trying not to get too stressed but is quite scary having an unpredictable toddler around delicate baby!

Sorry to thos struggling with hormones and lack of sleep. It really is tough. But it really does get better!!
Ohdear do get your DH to help. It won't last but while it does it needs to be a team effort.

Mummycherry2 Thu 08-May-14 17:17:12

Ohdear you are not rubbish. You must speak to DH and he can take one night or afternoon or something when he's not working. You must have some time to yourself.

I agree, speak to your health visitor and just say you're finding it tough, I said that to mine today and I have DH at home helping and I'm finding it bloody awful so I can only imagine how you are doing.

Please take care and speak to someone. You must xxx

Congratulations mamapants smile hope all is well with you xx

ClearlyMoo Thu 08-May-14 19:05:13

Only browsing on this thread because obviously I AM STILL WAITING.


However Moom. Local CofE however rural or otherwise should offer thanksgiving/blessing if you prefer to an actual baptism/christening.

It's what we'll be doing.. I was "double dunked" as parents Christened me as a child but went to a baptist type church as adult so had an adult baptism too. So I'd rather our baby has the chance to choose for themselves when they are older..

The CofE have a nice order of service ready prepped and have on their website that it's an option.

You just need to speak to the vicar/parish administrator whatever the local procedure is.

The church near you website is useful for contact details etc.


ohdearitshappeningtome Thu 08-May-14 21:37:21

Almighty ducked off !!! Why do people keep telling me to give my almost 4 weeks old baby water and fucking sugar instead of a feed !!


CurlsLDN Thu 08-May-14 23:05:16

Hi everyone, after 5 days in hospital we finally got home this evening, hooray! I'm vvv glad not to spend another night in a noisy hospital, but I also had a meltdown as soon as I got home, completely overwhelmed by
1. Tiredness
2. How messy the house is (DH popped back for flying visits over the last few days, and didn't tidy up after himself at all. To be fair it's cos he was hurrying back to support me in hosp)
3. How I don't know what to do when baby cries
4. How all the feeding is down to me and my boobs
5. The need to do my first post-birth avec-stitches number 2! (Managed this one, not as bad as I feared)

Bleurgh. So baby is 2 days old, and I'm sitting in the dark feeding him while DH snores, and wondering what the rest of the night has in store for us. I didn't think I'd be tempted to switch to ff so early! Please reassure me that things get better?

MoominAndMiniMoom Fri 09-May-14 00:27:40

Thanks Clearly, unfortunately we're Church In Wales, the only link I have to CofE is through my grandparents, and their parish churches aren't great (although it would mean getting her baptised/thanked for at the church where I was baptised which would be a nice story smile )

Church In Wales seem to be a lot stricter with some of their rules, it's an absolute must for godparents to be baptised Christians, whereas we've picked godparents who we consider good role models, close friends and people who care for us and most importantly, for Callie. Which is why a thanksgiving service seems better, because there's every chance all our godparents have been baptised, but I'm not sure if they're Christians.

It's all such a kerfuffle. We're having a religious service to keep family members happy, so we apparently need Christian godparents, but then we'd be running around finding Christians who we don't really want as godparents but it means we can have the service to keep family happy, but then we're not happy with the service.... it's so complicated!

ClearlyMoo Fri 09-May-14 04:35:18

Curls - hope the night is going ok! Thinking of you!

Moomin ok CinW. I can do that! I'm actually born and bred CinW (Christened, confirmed and married in CinW!) so on their website they basically say they can do it! See point 10 - they'll do a less religious service.

CinW does tend to be "higher" than CofE but most parishes should have a vicar or curate, or even a lay reader comfortable with taking a thanksgiving service. If they say they don't do it then you can point them towards their own website. I really hope you find some middle ground... I also think that a church based thanksgiving is a nice midway between a religious service for the family who need it and those in the family who are less comfortable with what it actually means.

If you want to PM me your location/the church where you'd want the service done if be happy to look into it further!

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