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November 2012 - Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, your ornaments are history.

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StuntNun Mon 02-Dec-13 06:55:53

Previous thread:

Zamboni Thu 12-Dec-13 22:16:08

Might have been me sophia, I love it too. The Historian is on my kindle YW and PR.

Pidj shitty luck, again. Zero hours are a bastard and shouldn't be allowed IMVHO.

pikz scary stuff. Mouths bleed loads very fast. DD is constantly busting her lip.

She's currently sporting a black eye from bashing the corner of the fridge as DH opened it, and a fat lip after falling out of the front door down the step. I took her to the dentist who asked DD/me what had happened. I ^ meant^ to explain as above. I actually said "oh she got on the wrong side of DH" which sounds like he's walloped her. I am expecting SS any moment...

flouncy how is the recovery going?

always lovely to hear from you grin

I'm enjoying kyz's return to epic posting form. smile

evil glad you are settling into new home.

Early train to the big bad smoke tomorrow so need to be asleep an hour ago...

Night quiche!

Elizadoesdolittle Thu 12-Dec-13 22:27:05

Haha zamboni Brilliant slip of the tounge. Did take me a while to figure out why secret santa would be visiting you though fblush I have bloody christmas on the brain!

PetiteRaleuse Thu 12-Dec-13 22:36:33

Ooh. I found out today that a psychiatrist comes into nursery every week and has sessions with the kids, in groups. I don't have anything against the idea in principle, but will be asking why I wasn't told about this tomorrow. I found out as was wandering during the party and went into a staff area. The schedule was up on the wall.

Will report back...

PetiteRaleuse Thu 12-Dec-13 22:37:28

Oh and since it happens regularly why is it never mentioned in the end of day summaries?

PetiteRaleuse Thu 12-Dec-13 22:49:15

stunt rocks. Really. She's already set up the next thread in postnatal despite being out this evening. Doesn't post massively day to day but would like to thank stunt for keeping us going.

Pikz Thu 12-Dec-13 23:03:23

Eliza hope E is ok and zamboni it made me laugh out loud.

Horsey hope E is perkier.

PR I would be a little shock at that!

VQ fingers crossed for sleep for you.

Sprinkling some pixie dust quiche wide.

Big hugs to all especially with work and crap bedtimes and crap and stressful jobs.

Wake up one done. Hopefully we get a few hours out of mini Tyson now!

StuntNun Thu 12-Dec-13 23:12:08


PetiteRaleuse Thu 12-Dec-13 23:17:20

Are you feeling any better this evening pikz ?

PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:26:54

<<hugs>> to scared mummies. R hasn't com a major cropper yet but it's only a matter of time!

thanks my friend's cm has given her notice due to her "high needs" (recovering from nasty infection and teething, pretty normal actually) 11 mo so I'll be covering that for a bit. Only a couple of mornings but it's days we go to groups anyway so nice for the babies to play together smile think it'll help that i use slings so if one needs a cuddle i can wrap them and still play with the other am i mad?

PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:44:39


PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:45:15

The red-nosed

PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:45:54

Reindeer (reindeer)

PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:46:23

Had a very

PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:46:58

Shiny nose

PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:47:32

(like a lightbulb)

PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:48:04

And if

PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:48:33

You ever

PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:49:03

Saw him

StuntNun Thu 12-Dec-13 23:49:19

Blush at PR but I did rock out tonight at Black Sabbath!

PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:49:34

(saw him)

PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:50:08

You would

PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:50:42


PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:51:10

Say it

PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:51:36


PurplePidjin Thu 12-Dec-13 23:52:15

(like a flashlight)

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