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November 2012 - To sterilise or not to sterilise (bottles that is)

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StuntNun Tue 13-Aug-13 19:44:18

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TheDetective Wed 14-Aug-13 15:57:25

Yes he was Chasing! But yes he has removed his nappy before now. hmm

He's got a nasty lingering nappy rash, hence the amount of nappy free time lately.

Now, I don't care how fucking bad it gets, the nappy is staying on!

PR The day will soon be done, and tomorrow, DH can be on duty. smile

I am willing 6pm to come. DP is being thrown handed O the minute he comes through the door and I am fucking off to do my own thing for a bit. hmm

Oh, and my friend who lives in Northampton - well when she got married, I was there. I met her husbands best friends. The both live in MK. One is cute, and quite possibly single. The other is not so cute, and not so single grin. But both are lovely guys! I made a friend suggestion to both chasing and cute possibly single guy, and sat back and let them get on with it. grin

And he is - lovely. Great with kids, lovely to get on with, funny, all the things you want in a guy. He wasn't single when I met him. Annoyingly! grin

ChasingDaisy Wed 14-Aug-13 16:02:52

...and he has offered to take me out for a coffee so I can get reacquainted with MK...

ChasingDaisy Wed 14-Aug-13 16:06:12

Oh and I read the snail and the whale to O today. What a beautiful story <sniff>

YellowWellies Wed 14-Aug-13 16:11:01

Also I think the Mum = 'just dinner' sentiments start to subside at this age anyway as feeding intervals extend. Certainly I'm feeling much more appreciated as a person than just because of my rack. somedays!

ValiumQueen Wed 14-Aug-13 16:33:30

Detective words fail me winethanksbrewwinethanksbrewwinethanksbrewwinethanksbrewwinethanksbrewwinethanksbrewwinethanksbrewwinethankswinethanksbrewthanksthanksbrewwinethanksbrewwinethanksbrewwinethanksbrewwinethanksbrewwinethanksbrewwinethanksbrewwinethanksbrew

TheDetective Wed 14-Aug-13 16:36:57

Thank you VQ grin.

I know O was sent to test every last bit of my patience. <sits on hands>

Feck knows what is wrong today, he's just been laughing his head off, then screaming hysterically in the same breath?!

2.5 hours. Bedtime. Thank fuck.

ValiumQueen Wed 14-Aug-13 16:43:07

I was just thinking it was probably a good thing the stork did not drop O with me or PR grin

ValiumQueen Wed 14-Aug-13 16:44:05

He is developing at such a rate Detective it is no wonder he is crying and laughing. He is one awesome little fella.

Brockle Wed 14-Aug-13 16:44:32

I think breaks from the norm, including away from mum, can help sometimes. it helps any separation anxiety and Y seems to show us new things when he has a change in carer or routine. I would love to be a sahm but actually I think he benefits from me going to work.

had first lego piece in mouth today shock all lego has been banished upstairs lets see how long that lasts

Y is calling "zak" in his own unique way to get ds2's attention. Extremely cute as he says it in the same way that I do smile

Home after hols which were very lovely but unfort got food poisoning thanks to BA. A nice long complaint letter due to them given that they changed the type of plane and our seat allocation and left half of our luggage in amman because they could not get the cargo doors to open angry easyjet next time I think

Pikz Wed 14-Aug-13 16:44:57

Det i am shock and laughing sorry hmm big brew and biscuit

Pr I promise some bridezilla moments just for you! I can't wait to see mil when she finds out we are eloping! First wedding dress shopping on sat.

Pikz Wed 14-Aug-13 16:49:03

Vq you are so right. L is the same det and then I realise in the short space of a month he has learnt to crawl properly, climb, stand, cruise etc

Brockle Wed 14-Aug-13 16:50:49

O needs to come over as Y is too docile and I need to see what needs babyproofing detective

"she gazed and gazed amazed by it all and she said to the whale "I feel so small"" I love that book. Try Giraffes Can't Dance and the Smartest Giant in Town. DS2 loves The Highway Rat and I love Stick Man. Oh and Zog is ace grin

I will back away now.....

MissMummy1 Wed 14-Aug-13 17:14:34

shock shock shock detective

YW I wasn't hitting back at you!! Just describing our experiences. I loved BF initially, but as time went on it became so hard for us and M became more and more of a bollocks, so much so every feed for us was a teary battle (tears for both of us...). But that's just our experience.

Re my client, well he is a very short term (as in until next week) anyway so I stand to make a fair amount of cash this week by keeping schtum and not kicking up too much of a fuss. He wasn't impressed when I cut the lesson short at usual time and then charged him for two hours, but not pissed off enough to cancel tomorrow. He was over an hour late!!!!

And I have just been offered another interview. Eeep this one might actually be a goer. Not degree/career related in the slightest, but an excellent pay grade (way above where I am on the teaching scale atm) and flexible hours. Given how arsey DP's work are being about his sickness at the moment I am going to go for it. Interview next Thursday, start date the following Wednesday shock Here's hoping they are very flexible though as I have just agreed to have a client Wednesday and Friday after school until the Oct hols confused

YellowWellies Wed 14-Aug-13 17:53:27

MM totally agree - I was trying to differentiate between physical tie and physical bond but expressing my thoughts arse about face. I think if you BF or cosleep you're more physically tied to the child i.e. have to do every bedtime, every milk feed, struggle to go out without them if they are bottle refusers. I don't think the physical tie equates with the physical bond per se but the more physically tied you are the more relentless parenting is. I also think you can be very tied physically if FF but without any local family to help you out - I think breaks mean the difference between drudgery and sanity. DH takes Jonas out the house for two hours every Sunday and it's amazing. Brockle I think you're right time apart really helps but am v nervous about the prospect.

Ever think you're making parenting harder work than it needs to be? My sis had Jonas today he cried once - ONCE - all day (and only cos he bashed his noggin). Jeez you can see the difference experience makes!

Det hats off to you parents of early movers - I'm so gonna get my arses handed to me on a plate when he's mobile confused

YellowWellies Wed 14-Aug-13 17:54:58

arse not arses!!!! haha I've only got the one! grin

TheDetective Wed 14-Aug-13 18:05:12

You don't make it harder YW! It's just babies and their parents. To be honest, it's babies and their mums! Nothing to do with experience!

I have seen both my children do exactly the same things - play up for me.

I know O whinges about 50% more when I am there. I know this because I am listening from upstairs grin.

I can safely leave DS1 with O while I go off and get ready upstairs. Yet he gets in to all kinds of shit, cries, whines, and attaches himself to me the second I am in the room.

He thinks I am a fool! I am not! I know he just does it for (more!) attention! He wants me, and all my attention if he can see me!

At work, I am a dab hand in getting the newborns to settle. Getting them to feed (usually!) etc. Mums look at me with amazement at this 'ability'. It's not ability, it is just easier as an outsider to deal with the babies needs in a less emotional manner. And they can't smell their mum. Just me, which in a hot maternity ward, I'd rather go the fuck to sleep than smell me!

Yet it was hard with my own... funny that wink.

And that is why J was fine for your sister grin.

TheDetective Wed 14-Aug-13 18:08:37

Ahhh but see Brockle faced with toys and another baby to play with, I think O would behave ignore everything else. Or at least for a short while anyway!

But you can try grin.

TheDetective Wed 14-Aug-13 18:09:37

Thank you VQ he is awesome to me! Just tiring!

And I pray for a quieter child next time. hmm

PurplePidjin Wed 14-Aug-13 18:12:00

YW R is happy for up to 3 1/2 hours with either vdp or my mum and has been for months now. We haven't pushed it further yet, there's been no need. I find it odd but it's definitely worth it for him and them, R settles as well for dp overnight as he does for me unless he's hungry.

R has a sore winky, off to the dr tomorrow and teatree oil in tonight's bath!

PetiteRaleuse Wed 14-Aug-13 18:12:09

I don't think it's parents who make it harder for themselves, I think it is today's society with the whole babies in the media spotlight, multi billion dollar baby food and toys and stuff industry which makes it harder. add to that the competing parenting styles, opinions and general judginess, plus differing medical opinions and to do/to don't lists about everything from the second you conceive. Plus the fact that as individuals we are more isolated than ever before - no more it takes a village etc etc.

I think for first time parents it is quite honestly baffling, terrifying.

PurplePidjin Wed 14-Aug-13 18:12:52

Oh, and kickboxing is 5 minutes walk away and comfortably after bedtime wink

PetiteRaleuse Wed 14-Aug-13 18:13:57

Oh, and what Detective said - babies and children are nearly always better behaved for other people. Tis quite ego bruising.

PurplePidjin Wed 14-Aug-13 18:22:22

The fact that we even differentiate between parenting styles, PR hmm

I "babywear", cloth bum, extended bf etc and my sling/nappy friends find it odd when i tell R No or to use kind hands. They can't get their heads around me feeding him puree, or the fact he's been in his own bed since 6 weeks and own room at 18. My regular playgroup friends find me a bit odd for using reusable nappies and no buggy (well, rarely)

Why does it need a label? Why can we just quietly get on with doing what suits us and our babies as individuals?!

Oops, sorry, big rant blush

PetiteRaleuse Wed 14-Aug-13 18:28:34

Exactly. All parenting, however easy it looks to some, is just muddling along doing the best you can for you and the baby innit.

TheDetective Wed 14-Aug-13 18:30:57

They'd hate me then Pidj as no is all I ever bloody say.



I think you parent for that child. Both mine have needed a different style of parenting. I've got my own way - but it has to be adapted for that child! Sadly!

I am excited for my sling to arrive tomorrow. I plan to walk down to baby group with it if I feel comfortable. I will push the pram so I don't end up stuck (as I am a little nervous of carrying that kind of weight).

Wonder what they will think of me when I turn up. No one comes in with a sling on. As far as I know no one uses re-usables either.

In fact I've never met anyone who uses re-usables. And I don't know anyone who uses a sling, although I have seen people around with them, far more in the last year. In fact, 2 years ago I never saw anyone with a proper sling.

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