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Young Earth Creationists

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PedroPonyLikesCrisps Thu 28-Mar-13 18:57:59

I know Young Earth Creationists exist, I've seen them on telly, but never met one in real life, so I'm just wondering if anyone here is one or knows one or whether they are actually just incredibly rare and reserved for extreme tv debating!

thegreatestMadHairDayinhistory Thu 28-Mar-13 19:40:13

I know an awful lot of Christians, but can pretty much hand on heart say I know no young earth creationists, or if I do, I don't know they are iyswim. But that may be the circles I move in wink

OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 28-Mar-13 19:43:02

My Xtian sister is. And I once met a very Orthodox Jew who also believes the earth is about 6000 years old.

noblegiraffe Thu 28-Mar-13 19:45:13

I used to live with one at Uni.

She told me in all seriousness that the reason that people in the Old Testament lived to such an old age was because before The Flood it never rained and so it was very cloudy and this filtered out the harmful ageing rays of the sun.

She got a first in her degree and was very clever. confused

specialsubject Thu 28-Mar-13 21:18:13

I met one who told me that the dinosaurs were faked. She was a rabbi's wife, although most Jews are not this daft.

she had a lasting effect on me but probably not the one she intended.

thegreenheartofmanyroundabouts Fri 29-Mar-13 12:06:41

I've been around Churches and Christians a very long time and have not met any YEC. There were none at the theological college I attended. I have a suspicion that it is something from the USA.

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Fri 29-Mar-13 13:34:48

I suspect there are probably more in the US, but I did see a British one on telly a little while back.

I don't know why I'm so interested, I guess I have a bizarre fascination with people who believe things which are demonstrably incorrect with an abundance of facts and evidence!

specialmagiclady Sat 30-Mar-13 11:59:39

There is a creationist zoo farm near Bristol. Signs say things like " the bible says the following types of duck were on the ark" and they do shows which attempt to disprove evolution.

bootsycollins Sat 30-Mar-13 12:02:37

It's madness innit

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sat 30-Mar-13 12:06:35

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. Who knew? shock

noblegiraffe Sat 30-Mar-13 12:07:16

The creationist zoo has toned down a lot in recent years, the information posters for each animal used to mention God and Kinds rather than species. They have really ramped up their education centre though and market heavily to schools.

plaingirly Sat 30-Mar-13 12:12:56

Don't Jehovah's Witnesses believe the Bible is totally true?

specialmagiclady Sat 30-Mar-13 23:38:38

@noble giraffe interesting - I haven't been since kids could talk/read

BullieMama Mon 01-Apr-13 15:12:02

A now ex friend became a born again christian about three years ago and he fully believes the 6000 year thing and told me in all seriousness that dinosaur bones and fossils were put there by Satan/God to test faith??

This was amongst some of the bizarre things he would come out with and unfortunately I laughed in his face because he was so earnest and worried about me not believing and what would happen to my soul.

He was unable to debate as to why he was right just kept saying he was right because God told him, this was when we began to drift apart hmm

He severed all ties when he began to realise that I am Pagan, he'd not actually noticed for 20 years as I don't shove my beliefs in peoples faces unlike him when he found God.

He especially didn't like it when I pointed out that Christianity is simple a hodge podge of every other belief system that has ever existed and has stolen all its core beliefs and celebrations. Deleted and blocked on facebook for that observation grin

EllieArroway Mon 01-Apr-13 15:14:50

My son's Year 5 teacher was a born again YEC. Told the class the world was 6000 years old. Did not go down well with me, as you can imagine wink

Shame because in every other respect he was a really superb teacher.

bootsycollins Mon 01-Apr-13 15:43:02

I suppose God planted all the paedos into society while he was burying all the fake dinosaur bones to 'test us'

VBisme Mon 01-Apr-13 16:00:08

My ex boss was one, and otherwise a very clever man.

Unfortunately his belief and my geology degree were at odds.

I never convinced him that his belief was nonsense, but then I suppose that's what faith is about.

My very religious parents can have sensible discussions about the Old Testament, but this guy just couldn't. He refused to listen to any opinion other than his own.

DioneTheDiabolist Mon 01-Apr-13 16:05:32

I have only ever met 3 creationists. They were quite elderly and members of Fundamental Churches. Of the one who had children, none of his children were creationists and none shared his faith.

SelfconfessedSpoonyFucker Mon 01-Apr-13 16:14:23

This place is local to us. We passed it yesterday and my son suggested we go sometime...

Sunnywithshowers Mon 01-Apr-13 16:34:29

My father has recently been 'born again' and is a YEC, along with his wife and her children. He's very scathing about people who aren't YEC (reason 1 million why we're not close.)

I have a Christian friend who is a YEC. She's lovely, highly intelligent and a good person to be around. We don't talk about evolution. smile

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Mon 01-Apr-13 17:13:44

That's an interesting link spoony, I'm curious about their 800 scientists who disagree with evolution. I reckon I could get me a theology degree and also find a lot of other atheists also with theology degrees and then set up a website with the claim: "800 theologians who don't believe in creationism". It could be a massive hit, then we can set up a museum which claims to demonstrate evidence for evolution and call it the museum of.... ummm....natural..... uhhh... History?

DioneTheDiabolist Mon 01-Apr-13 17:24:37

Pedro going by what some of the posters here, you could probably get a list of 800 theologians who dont believe believe in god, nevermind creationism.grin

SelfconfessedSpoonyFucker Mon 01-Apr-13 17:27:06

Pedro, I think it is handy having a list. That way I know who not to listen to on matters of science. I didn't mean to link to the list, I meant to link to their homepage.

The museum has free days every now and again. I might go one day when I don't have to financially support them.

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Mon 01-Apr-13 17:40:43

Perhaps we can get a big party together and go and drop some fossils around their exhibits. Mind you, I'm struggling to understand what their exhibits would be.....

Sunnywithshowers Mon 01-Apr-13 17:43:38

grin Dione

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