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sleepover ideas for 10 year old girl

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georgeclooneyfan Wed 24-Jun-09 20:03:26

My daughter is having two friends over this weekend for a sleepover for her birthday they are all 10 years old. I was wondering if there was anything different they could do to keep themselves amused apart from make-up , hairstyles etc. I was planning on a dvd as well, but not sure which one to get. My dd isn't into hsm,hannah montana etc any ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks

Kbear Wed 24-Jun-09 20:08:36

I wouldn't organise them too much - half the fun is just being together and doing what they want to do. They will have a good root round in your DD's bedroom and find stuff to do themselves.

Why not let DD choose the DVD? Get some popcorn, let them have sleeping bags and pillows in the living room, and spend the evening on MN!

Kbear Wed 24-Jun-09 20:10:14

Ah, just re-read that it's her birthday. Let them decorate fairy cakes? Buy icing and sprinkles and give them free rein to decorate and eat the cakes!! You will spend the evening clearing up instead of being on MN!

georgeclooneyfan Wed 24-Jun-09 20:30:47

Thanks Kbear the fairy cakes sound like a good idea and like you say I am sure they will probably do whatever girls that age like to do, I will probably cramp their style! I wish I could spend the evening on MN, but I will be trying to keep my ds away from the girls he's 7. Thanks again

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