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Sun really annoying 1 yr old in car ...ideas pleeeeeeeease

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Henrietta Tue 15-Feb-05 20:43:23

Those black things you stick on the window don't do anything and she wont keep anything on her head - nearly scratched her eye trying to take off sunglasses. Its driving her mad but what can I do???

Only thing i can think of is coloured plastic but where and how to stick it??

any ideas anyone

irishbird Tue 15-Feb-05 20:45:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Henrietta Tue 15-Feb-05 20:57:34

Maybe but where do I get it and is it expensive??

irishbird Tue 15-Feb-05 21:01:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

joesy Tue 15-Feb-05 21:03:15

In the summer I would open the window and put a blanket up and close the window. You do not need a lot on the outside. I still do this and when I lived in San Diego I done the same thing. Give it a go Does not cost anything.

misdee Tue 15-Feb-05 21:03:34

halford do it. my brother used it in his mates car, very tricky to apply, and i know they messed up a few sheets. and there is a limit on how dark u can tint the windows as well.

marthamoo Tue 15-Feb-05 21:04:10

When I had this problem with ds2 I used his buggy parasol inside the car - you can put it over the seat with the handle tucked down the back, and the canopy sort of propped on the seatbelt. Works really well if your dd will leave it alone.

Henrietta Tue 15-Feb-05 21:15:40

Didn't realise you couldn't tint front window - the problems from all sides she closes her eyes eventually but squeals and rubs her eyes.

Only thing about the canopy is when you go round a corner you'd have to swop it to the other side and driving down the motorway...don't think that would work.

does that mean im still stuck.
will probably try canopy though

irishbird Tue 15-Feb-05 21:19:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Henrietta Tue 15-Feb-05 21:19:41

Oh forgot to say she's in the front so I couldn't use a blanket because it blocks my view at junctions. Can't put that car seat in back don't think.

misdee Tue 15-Feb-05 21:20:37

why wont the seat fit in the back?

Henrietta Tue 15-Feb-05 21:32:11

actually I think it was the old one that wouldn't fit in the back but she gets bored in the car so Im not sure it would be easy having her in the back anyway particularly for the half hour journey I do weekly to my mums.

As you might of guessed I come back in her sleep time to minimise stress but cant work it for the going journey.

Henrietta Tue 15-Feb-05 21:36:03

Maybe I can do a combination of the tint and the parasol. She does like to see out. maybe ill have to have a blanket and pulley system!!!

irishbird Tue 15-Feb-05 21:38:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

irishbird Tue 15-Feb-05 21:38:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

toomanypushchairs Tue 15-Feb-05 21:54:14

We had sunblinds that were like bits of plastic you stuck to the windows. you could still wind the windows up and down, the ones with the suction cups never stayed on. Bought them in Homebase, don't know if they still do them, sorry not much help.

californiagirl Wed 16-Feb-05 16:55:48

I hope you have an older car or have disabled the airbag in the front passenger seat -- it's not safe to have a baby in a seat with an airbag, the airbag can hurt or kill the baby if you get in an accident. The baby is safer in the back seat even without the airbag, but there's a serious danger with an airbag.

JasminesMummy Thu 17-Feb-05 14:20:28

Hi, My daughter absolutely HATES the sun being in her eyes and I have had the same problem until recently. I used to have a muslin cloth tucked in the window but it fell down recently and she just grabbed the cloth and pulled it over her eyes (how funny did that look from the front!) So now I just gently throw the muslin to the side of her face and she pulls it across herself!

Henrietta Thu 17-Feb-05 20:21:11

THanks for all your messages and no we don't have airbags were talking very basic model car here. I have a job enough getting the toys she throws from the front hence don't think the back's good. Tapes will do for about 115 mins shell look out the window for 5 maybe then....

Could try muslin

Henrietta Thu 17-Feb-05 20:24:17

oops that should have been 15 not 115!!!!!! I wish

jamiesam Thu 17-Feb-05 20:31:41

Was going to suggest that you consider - my two ds's (3 and a half and one and a half) have 'blankies' which they can throw over their heads in the event of low sun. On the other hand, slippery slope, they can also drag round with them, through puddles, dusting the floors, sucking contentedly when they go to bed. Then noticed someone had suggested use of muslin.

californiagirl Fri 18-Feb-05 18:18:46

You have to realize, in California all cars have airbags (it's been 10 years since you could sell a new car without airbags) and it is now illegal to put any child under the age of 6 in the front seat (that's new this year, it used to be 4 I think). So the whole idea of having a baby in the front seat just sounds odd to me.

Skribble Mon 21-Feb-05 00:14:53

There are companies that will tint your windows, there are various darknesses of tints, best not to use too dark a tint in front windows but rear ones you can go quite dark.

Not to sure of prices but about 3 yrs ago it cost about £250 for loads of windows in our long wheel base landrover, worth it as it helped to keep the whool car cooler, we got limousine tint round rear and the shade lighter for the front.

My BIL (poser) got really dark tint in front and had to roll down window at every junction.

eidsvold Mon 21-Feb-05 03:57:42

we have window sox here in Aus - black shadecloth slips that just slip over the window so you can still have the window down to let the air in but no sun and no bugs get in... very high uv rating. They keep the kids cool and sunfree.


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