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From what age can a baby wear jewelry

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Gangle Sun 22-Jun-08 19:36:24

We would like our son to wear a fine gold chain around his neck. Is it safe to do so?
He is 12 weeks old

LucyJones Sun 22-Jun-08 19:37:03


schneebly Sun 22-Jun-08 19:37:15

why do you want to though? Babies are beautiful enough! smile

MaloryBriocheSaucepot Sun 22-Jun-08 19:37:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OverMyDeadBody Sun 22-Jun-08 19:37:26


RosaLuxembunting Sun 22-Jun-08 19:37:35


Saymyname Sun 22-Jun-08 19:37:53

I think you are going to get lots of posts now asking you why you want to do this.

I'm afraid I don't know the answer, but I wouldn't risk putting anythnig round a tiny baby's neck.

OverMyDeadBody Sun 22-Jun-08 19:37:53

he will be the envy of all the other babies

Lizzylou Sun 22-Jun-08 19:38:27

I really wouldn't have thought it safe, tbh

OverMyDeadBody Sun 22-Jun-08 19:38:43

you do know he's not actually a fashion accessory for you and your DH don't you?

oggsfrog Sun 22-Jun-08 19:38:44

Will he be having a tattoo?

LucyJones Sun 22-Jun-08 19:38:51

sorry I thought you were a troll but I see you have posted before

Why would you want to do this? is it for religious or cultural reasons?

milge Sun 22-Jun-08 19:39:57

As long as his ears are pierced already, then yes, a necklace on a 12 week old is fine.

FFS. angry

IPityTheFool Sun 22-Jun-08 19:41:07

Is your baby MrT?

OverMyDeadBody Sun 22-Jun-08 19:41:16

yes why do you want to? What's the point?

moopymoo Sun 22-Jun-08 19:41:22

not nice imo. yuck. and probably not safe at that age - things round neck not good till about 4yrs at earliest.

4andnotout Sun 22-Jun-08 19:42:29

My dd2 wore a delicate christening bracelet on each wrist when she was 12 weeks old until someone snatched them off her wrists whilst we were shopping, i wouldn't put jewellry on my children again for that reason.

beansmum Sun 22-Jun-08 19:42:39

If it is a really fine one that would break rather than choke him if it got caught on something I suppose it would be safe.

Why though?

paperdoll Sun 22-Jun-08 19:43:52

Safer not to I should think. Even if it doesn't harm him, it may be uncomfortable as babies that age have super-sensitive skin.

Don't like the thought of it annoying him and him being unable to let you know what the matter is

Takver Sun 22-Jun-08 19:54:58

LoL at Milge's pierced ears - we spent DD's first 6 months in Spain explaining (and I can still reel off the speech verbatim) "In Britain it's not the custom to pierce baby girl's ears straightaway, usually girls only get their ears pierced once they are older" to all the confused people who though DD must be a boy.

Twelvelegs Sun 22-Jun-08 19:58:00

I would see if they had a matching sovereign/black opal ring, an identity bracelet, pair of timberlands and some D&G clothing before making such a decision.

StellaWasADiver Sun 22-Jun-08 19:59:22

Don't be fucking stupid!

StellaWasADiver Sun 22-Jun-08 19:59:42

LOL at IPityTheFool

Gangle Sun 22-Jun-08 19:59:47

It's actually a gossamer gold pendant or chai which his grandparents bought for him so yes for religious reasons of sorts. It's about as Mr T as Glynebourne is to Compton.

Jazzicatz Sun 22-Jun-08 20:00:49

You lot are such snobs sometimes

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