Best value school shoes?

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junglebookisthebest Sat 12-Aug-17 08:39:33

First time school mum here...
Uniform purchased just need shoes now - would love to know what other parents have found the best value for leather school shoes?

I wonder whether a pair of clarks or john lewis shoes at £40 plus is crazy because they will not last too long?
Is M&S a happy medium at about £30...
Or there is 1 pair of leather in Asda I like for £16,default,pd.html
Whats the verdict on supermarkets leather offerings?

But I have seen that there are more fully covered shoes for girls - would this be a better bet for the upcoming winter even though they may be a bit overkill for starting in September like this

Would love to hear your thoughts...

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PsychoPumpkin Sat 12-Aug-17 11:51:56

We've had clarks and found that despite the good rep, they scuff & split just as quickly as any other shoe.

We went with the Asda ones and they are wel made, sturdy & will wear out eventually but even two pairs of them are cheaper than one clarks set.

junglebookisthebest Sat 12-Aug-17 14:26:33

Thanks - I think I'm edging your way - get some cheaper leather ones from a supermarket and can maybe get a mire covered up 2nd pair once winter sets in..

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Allyg1185 Sat 12-Aug-17 14:36:27

Well my ds was p1 last year and we went through four pairs of shoes. George ( he grew out off ) Matalan (went right through in the toe in one term ) Sainsburys ( the memory foam insole broke up and wore right out in a term ) Last pair was from george and were like new at the end of term but hes gone up a size so its new ones for the start of p2.

Out of them all george is the longest lasting so far. Try to get rubber toes if possible

Brighteyes27 Sat 12-Aug-17 14:37:10

Do you have a Clarkes outlet near you?
School shoes don't last long but I like DC in sturdy comfortable properly fitting shoes at least at primary school and junior school.
I know a friend used to buy uniforms and shoes in Matalan and Asda. But things were always breaking and she seemed to be forever replacing things so whilst the initial start up costs were lower in the long run shirts trousers/skirts and jumpers from M&S and Clarkes or similar school shoes worked out cheaper.

penstemon Sat 12-Aug-17 18:34:49

It depends on the size of your child's feet. If they are narrower or wider than the supermarket fitting, you will have to go for something like Clarks. Likewise, supermarkets & similar only do whole sizes so if your child's foot is too long for one pair but too small for the other you are stuck. Having said that, different styles seem to come in different widths & lengths in the same shop (so one pair of size 11s shoes will for DD but another style won't) so it is worth trying them all.

neversleepagain Sat 12-Aug-17 19:29:23

My girls are not heavy on shoes and school shoes last a year. I went for a £40 Mini Boden pair that were 20% off.


cornishgirl17 Sat 12-Aug-17 20:05:08

My son has M&S shoes in reception for around £25. They were good but I went for Clarks in year 1 and they were fantastic. They lasted my son the whole year too which is a surprise considering he is 6 and constantly running, jumping etc (he has special needs and he's a bit crazy at times haha). I've gone for Clarks again this year. I know they are a little pricey, but you do get what you pay for. They still looked okay at the end of term too but he's got a new pair.

I have a friend, who buys her children school shoes from Asda and she had to replace them a lot as they kept scuffing and wearing down. So really it's cheaper in the long run to buy a pricier pair.

Copperspot Sat 12-Aug-17 20:11:57

Most girls in my primary seem to have the same pair of tesco shoes grin patent ones with a light up sole. To be fair they all seem to have lasted.

I only know as i always have to inspect them in the classroom bombsite after pe to try and match them up to their owners...

Sidenote - label the shoes!!!!!!

dertyyuoih2 Sat 12-Aug-17 20:12:23

We found Asda shoes he'd go through 2/3 pairs a year, clarks 2 pairs. Marks have won so far as they have lasted the whole year. They are only just starting to wear on the sole at the moment. Next are apparently good too?

Copperspot Sat 12-Aug-17 20:13:06

Oh and my friends daughter had lelli kelli shoes last year (y2) and they lasted really well

dertyyuoih2 Sat 12-Aug-17 20:13:23

I'd say she will get cold
Feet in the winter in the Asda ones!

Copperspot Sat 12-Aug-17 20:18:30

These are the lelli kelly ones that lasted well. Still £50 though!

MiaowTheCat Sun 13-Aug-17 08:37:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

junglebookisthebest Sun 13-Aug-17 08:40:03

I had forgotten about the clarks outlet. Went and got measured but they had really low stocks in 10's.
She really complained about the hardness so I knew that patent styles were out and there was just one leather pair that she said was hurting. Don't know how much of that was because of being in an unfamiliar environment and feeling stressed.
So I have ordered 4 shoes online - 2 sizes in 2 styles to see if we can find a confy pair at home. Going for cheaper M&S and sainsburys and see whats permitted for a second pair as many of the fully closed styles look quite trainer like...

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notinyournelly Sun 13-Aug-17 13:13:30

I've not had luck with Asda. Every time I've bought them they have only lasted a couple weeks and lots of complaints about being uncomfortable.
I ordered John Lewis last term and they seem to be doing ok should last till their feet grow.
Clarke are not as reliable as they used to be. They are a bit hit and miss. Some last but some don't.

Borntoflyinfirst Sun 13-Aug-17 13:59:47

We've found Next school shoes to be pretty good. Cheaper than Clarks but not real cheapies which don't seem to last long here. We have 2 girls and a boy between 7 and 12 so have been through a few pairs! Having said that have just got a pair of Clarks brogues from the outlet store for £28 which seems reasonable. DS's shoes tend to get destroyed fastest as he's always playing football - he has Next ones at the mo.

butterfly990 Mon 14-Aug-17 10:31:17

This is a great website for shoes. They sell end of line and limited sizing of major brands including Startrite, Clarks

calzone Mon 14-Aug-17 10:32:52

Clarks every time.

Last a whole year for mine.

elevenclips Mon 14-Aug-17 10:37:30

Personally I don't go for durablilty because of feet growing fast. My kids have had years worth of school shoes between them and every single pair has been outgrown before being worn out, apart from one pair that were through on the soles but also outgrown. I go for comfort. Look for a bit of padding around the top where the shoe hugs the heel. Make sure your dc is happy and confortable. My friend got some M&S school shoes and her dd loved them.

soupmaker Mon 14-Aug-17 10:39:16

It depends on your DD. Mine is seriously hard on shoes to the point that I refuse to purchase anything that's not got very thick soles. I've bought her boys shoes some years which have been much better than anything sold for girls. It's Kickers or Doc Martens in our house.

CarolinePenvenen Mon 14-Aug-17 10:42:43

Have had 6 years of school shoes and always had Clarks. With the exception of this year’s scooter wear and tear for my reception age dd they’ve lasted the whole year. Bought Next as her replacement and she’ll be going back in them. They lasted the term well and still look respectable.

ParadiseCity Mon 14-Aug-17 10:45:11

Buy cheap buy twice! I have always gone to local independent shoe shop. Decent fitters and shoes have lasted a year every time. So £50 has been good value.

exLtEveDallas Mon 14-Aug-17 10:53:15

When DD was in Primary I never spent more than £12 on school shoes, and almost always from Shoe Zone. She didn't go through them any quicker than any of her friends (in more expensive shoes), they were always supportive, thick soled and great for playground games etc. Tended to go for the Walkright brand.

Now we tend to spend around £20-£25 because she is in adult sizes. Sometimes Shoe Zone Lilly Women's or Softies, sometimes Sports Direct Sketchers or Kangol.

There is no need to spunk the best part of £50 on Clarks etc - they are no better (and often a lot worse).

junglebookisthebest Tue 15-Aug-17 18:52:27

Both arrived today. To be fair the M&S ones look prettier but the leather isn't as soft. The Sainsbury's ones are a bit old fashioned looking in the flesh but she says they are supercomfy - the leather is soft and a squishy memory foam bottom and they just look more robust.
Will see how it turns out and see whether I have made the right decision...

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