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nappy subscriptions?

(6 Posts)
forgetmenots Sun 12-May-13 17:06:37

hi - I'm due to give birth to dc1 in a month or so, and a kind relative has offered us a nappy and wipes subscription as a present (overjoyed!) - but basically she has left it to us to set it up when DC arrives. I've no earthly idea of how many even roughly I'll need in a month! Has anyone else got a subscription, can you help me with some rough figures?
Thanks in advance!

Kafri Sun 12-May-13 17:21:46

Blimey - good present grin

As a tiny, DS went through at least 12 nappies a day. He wasn't in newborn nappies for very long at all so i wouldn't order too many of those. He's 5m now and in size 3 (and has been for a good while now)
As a rule, i'd say he goes through about 6/7 a day now (depending on poonamis)

Also, you might want to try a few different brands of nappies before you decide which ones suit LO the best. Honestly, some nappies do not suit some babies! (For instance, my sisters DS gets on very well with Asda's Little Angels while my DS doesn't (although hi did in the smaller sizes) but he's fine in Tesco's and Pampers) There's nothing 'wrong' with any of them but something to bear in mind.

Wipes - again, try a few out. I love the Huggies wipes and tend to pick them up when on offer in the supermarket baby events. I find the Asda ones really dry.

A friend of mine swears by the reusable nappies and wipes...

Don't set your heart on anything straight away, try a few and see what works for you and LO. I set my heart on Huggies and then they went and discontinued them!

forgetmenots Sun 12-May-13 18:30:43

I know kafri, I was a bit [shocked] when she offered it, hugely kind of her. Would normally feel a bit awkward accepting such generosity but needs must when you're skint smile

This is brilliant advice, thanks so much, I will give dc a try with a few before signing up. I just literally had no idea where to start smile

forgetmenots Sun 12-May-13 18:31:03

Emoticon fail shock grin

Kafri Sun 12-May-13 19:21:41

tell me about it re being skint!!!

Another thing you may want to think about - have you signed up to the baby clubs? You used to get a free packet of huggies nappies from Tesco (not sure what they're doing now they've been discontinued) and a free packet of Pampers from Boots(???) - Have a look around for all the freebies and vouchers for things.

Boots do the free changing bag when you sign up to the parenting club - i used that at first and it was absolutely fine. Only stopped as i was bought a pac a pod for mothers day so now I have it packed as emergency supply in the car - spare set of clothes, a nappy, small pack of wipes, bib etc.

Don't make my mistake and buy everything you THINK you will need. Buy the basics and get what you ACTUALLY need later. I have a Mamas & Papas swing seat which is lovely and expensive but DS actually loathes it so useless. Wish i'd waited to see what DS might like before assuming i didn't buy the swing, it was a present, but wish i'd waited and chosen something he would actually use His Jumperoo, however was money well spent.

Have a look at NCT events in your area - the nearly new sales can be fantastic for getting stuff at a good price, and i have really enjoyed going along to some of the sessions they hold especially bumps and babies.

best advice i was given....

LISTEN TO EVERYONE'S ADVICE, NOD ALONG, DO WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT - you will know your baby better than anyone. I was given advice from everyone under the sun including db who's NEVER been around babies as DS was a frazzled, screaming mess up to 10 weeks. He has reflux/tummy troubles so was very uncomfortable in those early weeks while we got him sorted on the right meds/milk but everyone seemed to know what I should have been doing with him yet they weren't the ones left with this screaming little bundle for hours on end. They came in and saw it for 20 mins, offered their pearls of wisdom and walked out the door thinking they had solved all my problems.

Oh and some of the -silly- questions I have asked on MN have been classics grin sound advice and experience from MNers - again, read and take what is useful to you.

Blimey, that was long...

forgetmenots Sun 12-May-13 19:40:26

Awww kafri thanks, saving this thread because that's really useful! I've signed up to a couple of the clubs and got a couple of freebies but will search some more out smile

I am already getting some, er, 'advice' so I'm waiting for more!

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