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WHY do new babies need new mattresses?

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soppypreggyloon Mon 04-Oct-10 16:51:30

i know that the SIDS advice is that a new baby needs a new mattress but i don't know why.

ds will be giving up his cot for dc2 next year. and we are re-using the moses basket.

so if i follow the SIDS advice i need 2 new mattresses.
BUT i don't know why!

can anyone enlighten me?

Seona1973 Mon 04-Oct-10 17:17:28

you can re-use a mattress that is fully waterproof and able to be cleaned. It should also not have any indentations from the previous child. I did re-use dd's mattress for ds as it had a removable washable top cover and the underside was waterproof and could be washed down. It could be due to bacteria building up from the pee, poo and puke that could be on the mattress?!

From sids website:

It is very important that your baby’s mattress is kept clean and dry. Ideally you should buy a new mattress for each new baby. If you are not able to do this, use the one you have, as long as it was made with a completely waterproof cover and has no tears, cracks or holes. Clean and dry it thoroughly. Check that the mattress is in good condition; is firm, not soft; fits the cot without any gaps; and doesn’t sag. Never sleep your baby on a pillow, cushion, bean bag or waterbed.

soppypreggyloon Mon 04-Oct-10 17:25:44

so in that case it just needs to be clean and not tatty.
is that right?

i have no idea if ours is totally waterproof but i do know there are no stains on it as the waterproof mattress protector works a treat!

Curlybrunette Mon 04-Oct-10 22:54:00

I can't remember exactly what it is but it's something to do with if baby no 1 dribbles, vomits etc. into the mattress it can go mouldy and the mould spores can cause SIDS in baby no 2.

as others have said if the mattress has a waterproof covering and is cleaned properly I'm sure it'd be fine


TheSugarPlumFairy Tue 05-Oct-10 08:23:42

it was my understanding that the advice for a new mattress was based on a statistical correlation between babies affected by SIDS and new/second hand mattresses. No one knows the reason for the correlation, it just turned up in the analysis and so has been incorporated into the advice.

Octaviapink Tue 05-Oct-10 08:47:48

DS is coming along in a few weeks and he'll jolly well be sleeping on DD's mattresses! Though they are foam ones so will be washed.

timmi99 Tue 05-Oct-10 08:54:55

I think the logic behind a new mattress for every baby is due to the bacteria that can build up in foam mattresses when used over a number of years. To be honest, I would go for a better quality mattress which doesn't use foam and that way it is more likely to last for longer. There are lots of goof natural/organic ones out there which are much more breathable, etc.

The reason the recommend as waterproof protector is for that help keep the mattress clean and dry inside.

I agree though with moses basket mattresses, my baby was only in theirs for 3 months so I don't see the harm in using it again if it is clean, etc.

ONS just released statistics in which young mums are three times more likely to be prone to SIDs and also the risk gets higher with parents with more than one child.

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