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do bathrooms have to have obscured glass ?

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throckenholt Sat 21-May-05 19:11:19

Anyone know ? We are looking to buy new windows and need to know if you have to have patterned glass in bathroom windows - or can you have plain glass ?

charleepeters Sat 21-May-05 19:12:50

i think oyu can have plain if you wish but i think people tend to have patterend or frosted for privacy if you have a bathroom on the ground floor you dont want people looking in on you!

bubble99 Sat 21-May-05 19:15:54

I think it depends if the bathroom is overlooked by a neighbouring property. I suppose it's a case of privacy for you although I suppose a neighbour could technically object if the clear view into your bathroom affected their enjoyment of their property. Speaking for myself, I'm sure the view of my lardy arse getting in and out of the shower would definately affect next door's property value

throckenholt Sat 21-May-05 19:25:33

mine too bubble - but it is an upstairs bathroom not overlooked and we would have a blind. I just like looking out of the window - don't want patterened unless we have too.

bubble99 Sat 21-May-05 19:27:56

Absolutely no need or requirement to have obscured glass then throck. Use the blind or flash away to your heart's content.

Hayls Sat 21-May-05 19:30:43

WE stayed in a holiday cottage once with a clear window in the (downstairs!) toilet. We found this a bit strange, especially when dh was in there and dd and I were wandering about outside and looked in- too much information I'm sure. The upstairs ones were the same and they were overlooked, which freaked me out a bit.

So, yes I suppose you can have clear glass!!

littlerach Sat 21-May-05 19:31:29

Our bathroom is an extension and one of the building reqs was that it had frosted glass. It faces the road so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it.

spook Sat 21-May-05 19:45:33

The en-suite in my new house has clear glass and looks out on a green. But there is a blind. I love to be able to see out of the window and see the world (irrespective of whether the world doesn't love looking in on my lardy arse)

bubble99 Sat 21-May-05 19:48:28

littlerach. I'm sure you would cause no such thing but if passing motorist were to see me getting into the shower during a particularly tricky manoeuvre he/she would probably crash

noddyholder Sat 21-May-05 19:52:57

we replaced a flowery window with sandblasted as it looks nicer but the people across the road said they coud see everything esp at night with lights onwe have now got shutters!

throckenholt Sat 21-May-05 19:56:25

oh yes - silhouetted (or however you spell that) - hmm.

Reminds me of my student days - the loo door had clear glass window and a poster on it that didn't quite reach to the edgees. It was customary to call "we know what you're doing" as you walked passed. Never could tell if they did

Doddle Sat 21-May-05 20:09:28

No, it can be as clear as you want it. My Dad designed his house and had to go through planning permission and has a clear ground floor bathroom window! It is set at the height of the top of the bath, isn't very tall but is as long as the bath. You can lie in the bath and look at the sea!! There is a blind but no-one ever uses it.

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