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god sometimes I just think my kids are really really thick

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Twiglett Mon 31-Dec-07 09:51:22

my 3.5 year old just can't count

she just can't

1,2, pee ummmm pour 8 pie ten

and she wants to do these stupid letts study books because she loves them

but she's driving me mad

how difficult is it


Cappuccino Mon 31-Dec-07 09:53:44

I spent ten minutes screaming 'not SHUP! not SHUP!' at my dd1 (7) as she tried to spell out 'splash'

well I say 'try', she was staring at the ceiling. I think someone had switched her off actually.

Twiglett Mon 31-Dec-07 09:54:31

you see I'm shouting at her now .. cos it's genetic this stupidity

she won't go away

she wants to do it

she can't do it / won't do it


it's not tricky fgs

Twiglett Mon 31-Dec-07 09:55:37

ooo where is this off button of which you speak

Cappuccino Mon 31-Dec-07 09:56:03

I know exactly how you feel, if that helps any

SantaBabyBeenAnAwfulGoodGirl Mon 31-Dec-07 09:56:26

theres not much point tho much better just doing rl stuff

Twiglett Mon 31-Dec-07 09:56:36

right have just shouted at her to go away, calm down (because of the fake forced wailing tears) and come back when she can count to 5 .. DS will help her

I'm not cut out for this parenting lark

CarGirl Mon 31-Dec-07 09:56:43

the worst thing about dc1 being very bright, aca very early coherent talker, ademically able etc is the following dc seem exceptionally thick. I've found it so hard to adjust my expectations. DD2 didn't even realise I was pregnant (had read a books with the for the last month but not gone overboard) and asked whose the baby mummy was - she was 3.2!

Cappuccino Mon 31-Dec-07 09:56:44

I have been looking for it for some time but i think it is something they control internally

sometimes it just trips itself and there is nothing you can do about it

CarGirl Mon 31-Dec-07 09:58:20

also helping them learn to read is the pits. Learning to add up to 10 was tortuous and I ended up writing in her homework book that she didn't understand the concept - argh!

Twiglett Mon 31-Dec-07 09:58:35

Please listen



DS has similar books that he loves and asked for and DD wants to do them too

but she's just too stooooooooopid

Cappuccino Mon 31-Dec-07 10:01:11

snurk at the fact that you don't want to do the book

I have been having - let's call it a discussion - with dh about cutting and sticking, which I think is a really easy thing to set up for kids, slight guidance, sitting down with cup of tea, etc

"I HATE cutting and sticking" he says

well it's not for you, I don't want to see your picture at the end of it

BandofMothers Mon 31-Dec-07 10:03:39

LOLLOLOLOLOL at this, but it is soooooooooo not funny.

I have been trying to teach dd1 her letters. She is interested now so thought it would be a good time. She recognises them and can write her naem, but when we do any other letters she seems to become a bit thick and does them all wrong, and I with the patience of a gnat at the mo esp, just get snappy and give upblush

I could never be a teachergrin

Cappuccino Mon 31-Dec-07 10:04:20

I am with you on patience of a gnat

Twiglett Mon 31-Dec-07 10:04:24

counting the pens now






FluffyMummy123 Mon 31-Dec-07 10:04:57

Message withdrawn

BandofMothers Mon 31-Dec-07 10:04:58

Also I HATE getting the playdough out as it gets everywhere, even with mat in place.

I know it isn't about me, but since I have to clean it all up afterwards and spend ages trying to pick it out of the carpet I think I am justified in not getting it out very often

ChippyMinton Mon 31-Dec-07 10:06:00

Hand over the computer and let her teach herself while you have a quiet snooze:
poisson rouge

CarGirl Mon 31-Dec-07 10:06:35

dd4 still tries to eat the play dough when she thinks I'm not looking - lovely (and the paint and the felt tips)

Twiglett Mon 31-Dec-07 10:07:00

because she wants to do this farkin' book that she gets stickers in a cauldron at the end of each double page and it's about counting to 5 .. and she can't do the farkin' book unless she can work out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

she did the english one and we've only got the maths one left for ages 3-4

please note I do not want to be doing this .. I want her to be watching tv and leaving me alone

but she won't <sobs>

Julezboo Mon 31-Dec-07 10:07:54

lol i fell for you

After babyds got me up at 5am I managed to get him back down for a nap at half 8, said to my DS (almost 6!) please be quiet when you go past the babys bedroom door.

almost 6 yr old DS proceeds to shout so loud right outside babys door angry cue screaming baby and shouty mother hmm why do they not listen!!

paddingtonbear1 Mon 31-Dec-07 10:08:19

dd's playdough is on top of the wardrobe. She can't see it, and she's forgotten about it! I'm not in a hurry to remind her!

BandofMothers Mon 31-Dec-07 10:08:25

Am pmsl at one, two, pee......grin
and then eight, that is a big blind spot

DH actually taught DD1 to count by counting EVERYTHING, but she got the hang of it quite early actually, she could easily do 10 by age 2 [preen] sorry twig. but he literally did count everything with her.

and now she loves me 99 gringrin

ValnBen Mon 31-Dec-07 10:09:52

LOL grin you know, she’s not being thick or stoopid…she’s actually being very cleaver here….she has your full attention and is milking it for all its worth. Join in with her…take the fun out of it <evil> grin

Cappuccino Mon 31-Dec-07 10:10:23

<howl> at one two pee eight

it is a just like dd1 and 'shup'


I did say this actually. In front of dh, mil and fil. Very loudly.

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