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Help!! DD has done a wee in her patent leather kickers .......

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Gingerbear Thu 11-Nov-04 19:12:24

how do I de-pee them???
Oh I hate potty training!!!

misdee Thu 11-Nov-04 19:20:45

for one scary moment i read the title as 'dd has done a wee in her patant leather knickers was wondring what was going on

bundle Thu 11-Nov-04 19:22:35

misdee, i mis-read it in exactly the same way

zephyrcat Thu 11-Nov-04 19:22:46

lol i read knickers too! had to go back and check! i think if you wipe them with a lightly damp cloth and let them dry they should be ok

marthamoo Thu 11-Nov-04 19:23:00

I thought it said knickers too - I thought this was going to be one of those threads that Tech needs to delete pronto.

You could rinse them out and dry (away from heat). Or you could let them dry and febreze them.

misdee Thu 11-Nov-04 19:23:36

srpay some febreeze in them after as well. or some sprinkle bi-carb inside once they are dry.

WigWamBam Thu 11-Nov-04 19:25:00

I read it as knickers, too - what a rude lot we all are.

Googled this, hope it helps ...

Urine. Human and dog urine usually do not harm the leather and a mild detergent / soap solution can usually clean the offensive problem. You do not want to soak the leather. Remove the cushion if you can and remove the stuffing. Absorb all the urine you can then wash the area. Method: In a quart of room temp water “squirt” in some liquid detergent or soap and then agitate the water to produce suds. Using a new sponge, soak the sponge and wring it out as much as you can. Then using only the suds, wash the entire cushion seam to seam. Wipe, do not scrub. You can scrub the bottom side of the leather and then use a towel to help dry the area. Using another new sponge and clean water wipe the entire surface of the leather while it is still damp You want to remove as much of the soap as possible. Wash the stuffing as seems appropriate and then re-stuff the leather, leaving a dry towel between the cushion material and the leather until all are dry.

coppertop Thu 11-Nov-04 19:25:13

So glad I'm not the only one to mis-read it. I thought someone had been going through a Xena phase.

WigWamBam Thu 11-Nov-04 19:25:45

I know it's about sofas, but if you ignore the cushion bit it's all the same stuff ...

Chandra Thu 11-Nov-04 19:45:53

another mis-reader here, but I'm more confused now... what's a kicker?

popsycal Thu 11-Nov-04 19:46:21

i miss read it as patent leather knickers too lol

misdee Thu 11-Nov-04 19:50:45

its a shoe chandra.

highlander Thu 11-Nov-04 19:51:27

thank goodness I wasn't the only daft one who read that as knickers

Chandra Thu 11-Nov-04 19:52:13

Oh! I see... thanks

willow2 Thu 11-Nov-04 19:57:09

All I could think was why on earth is your child wearing patent leather knickers... eye test pronto

tortoiseshell Thu 11-Nov-04 19:58:14

I thought knickers as well - was wondering WHY anyone would be tempted to buy patent leather knickers, and why haven't I seen them in M&S. Obviously it's kickers.

MunnzieB Thu 11-Nov-04 20:01:29

i thougth knickers as well, and did wonder y u were buying leather knickers for DD... thats' y i looked in!

lou33 Thu 11-Nov-04 20:16:37

another misreader here!

NQWWW Thu 11-Nov-04 20:52:27

Lol - did anyone actually read "kickers"? Glad I'm far from the only one losing her marbles . Must be something freudian going on!

mieow Thu 11-Nov-04 20:54:35

I read knickers too, was v. worried

melsy Thu 11-Nov-04 20:58:56

I just had to come and see this thread what with the knickers and all , I was visulaising them too, thinking what the hey!!!! PMSL !! funniest laugh all day.

melsy Thu 11-Nov-04 21:00:11

sorry gingerbear , not helping really

Munchkinola Thu 11-Nov-04 21:00:32

Must confess I read knickers

clairabelle Thu 11-Nov-04 21:00:47

I read knickers too and wondered what the hell.... must ahve knickers on the brain.

Wallace Thu 11-Nov-04 21:06:50

I read knickers too

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