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How do you make a pass the parcel??

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princesspeahead Fri 08-Oct-04 20:48:34

DS's 4th birthday party tomorrow.... how do you make it? do you sellotape the layers? use string? do you use newspaper? old wrapping paper? present in the middle or in each of the layers? I'm at a loss... HELP PLEASE!!

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JuniperDewdrop Fri 08-Oct-04 20:50:29

I use cheap wrap as they get print from newspaper or u can use mags? I also put lollipop/milkway/buttons in each layer depending on age. Keeps 'em quiet for a bit
sellotape loosley

spod75 Fri 08-Oct-04 20:54:40

My only tip is to vary the paper, so newspaper for one layer, then 'normal' paper, then newspaper etc.
Children can then tell how much to pull off (in theory!)


SoupDragon Fri 08-Oct-04 20:55:05

Definitely something chocolatey between each layer. Littlies don't understand that they don't get something each time they take a layer off.
Selotape and cheap wrapping paper works well. Each layer should be different from the one before so it's easy to see you're only removing one IYSWIM.

JuniperDewdrop Fri 08-Oct-04 20:57:02

and the clever blighters know when it's the main pressie

SoupDragon Fri 08-Oct-04 20:58:02

I hate pass the parcel with a vengeance.

discordia Fri 08-Oct-04 20:58:51

Good luck, pph, hope your house doesn't get trashed! If on a health kick, I sometimes put a little pack of raisins between the layers instead of chocolate! And yes, definitely something for each child!

lou33 Fri 08-Oct-04 20:59:01

Bad memories from childhood soupy?

hmb Fri 08-Oct-04 20:59:26

Always but in some sweeties, it helps to keep their attention

SoupDragon Fri 08-Oct-04 21:01:39

Bad memories from motherhood, Lou! There's always one child (and it's usually DS2) who does not understand and bursts into tears when they don't like thesweets, when they have to pass the parcel on without opening it.... <<shudder>> My heart does sink when the party host announced PtP. DS2 is better now he's 3 1/2 though so I guess it's an age thing.

frogs Fri 08-Oct-04 21:02:03

Present in each of the layers is a evil modern habit that should be stamped out (she said, meanly ). I had a packet of haribo handy this year and gave one to each child as their turn came so they didn't feel too affronted.

I did mini-packets of smarties between the layers one year (before I became the unreconstructed queen of mean) and it was a mistake as the kids were too busy stuffing their faces with fiddly smarties to pass the parcel round.

I save old wrapping paper throughout the year (more meanness ) and use the really knackered stuff for pass the parcel -- clearly that's no help to you now, but you'll know the drill for next year! Cleaner than newspaper, and bigger than magazines. Sellotape loosely.

And obviously you rig it so that the most co-operative child with the best table manners wins the main present .

SoupDragon Fri 08-Oct-04 21:02:40

Finding raisins instead of chocolate would have made DS2 howl with anguish Bless him.

princesspeahead Fri 08-Oct-04 21:05:58

thank you thank you everyone! 16 children under 4 in my house tomorrow (ds is oldest in class)... and probably a parent per child... think of me please! Why oh why didn't I book an entertainer?

It is a 2 hour party - was going to let them run around in garden, play on outdoor toys etc at the beginning (15-20mins?), bring them in for musical statues and pass the parcel (will that fill an hour in total?) and then sit them down for lunch and cake. Any other suggestions?

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Miaou Fri 08-Oct-04 21:06:47

pph, I make sure that there are enough "layers" for each child to get a go at unwrapping before they get to the final one (difficult if you have more than 10, however!). I use newspaper for the outer layers and then the final one is wrapped in wrapping paper. It goes round the circle at least twice before the music stops.

I would also suggest that you have two people "in charge", ie one to do the music and one to stop the arguments over whose turn it is....

I also put forfeits in each layer but my dds are slightly older - they are all things like "count to 10 backwards", "crawl round the circle", "pretend to be a sleeping bag in a washing machine" and suchlike.

SoupDragon Fri 08-Oct-04 21:08:32

PPH - add in a game of sleeping lions which involves them lying very still and wuietly on the floor. When they move. make a noise they're out. I think.

Miaou Fri 08-Oct-04 21:08:51

Sorry pph, cross-posted there.

Could someone read them a story just before tea? Did this at my dd1's 4th birthday party and it went down really well, plus calms them down before eating. Alternatively, if you have enough space they could play sleeping lions.

Miaou Fri 08-Oct-04 21:09:36

Soupy there is some weird mind-reading process in the atmosphere tonight....

SoupDragon Fri 08-Oct-04 21:11:02

spod75 Fri 08-Oct-04 21:11:42

Just thought to add to this, you could have 2 parcels if you have 2 main pressies. This means the wrapping paper needed is smaller and if there are lots of children there it helps with passing around etc. Also can help to make sure each child has a turn.

My other tip is
for as long as you can!

princesspeahead Fri 08-Oct-04 21:30:59

aurgh spod! brilliant idea to have two but dh and I have just made the most enormous pass the parcel with 16 layers.....

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princesspeahead Fri 08-Oct-04 21:32:47

actually I think there are about 20 layers as we kept forgetting if we had added in sweeties. he thinks it will take an hour just to unwrap the bloody parcel!

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ScummyMummy Sat 09-Oct-04 17:50:45

Objection, frogs! My mum always put presents AND forfeits in each layer and I'm 31! I can only aspire to make parcels as good as hers. Mind you she was a bit extra all round partywise- one year she sewed beautiful drawstring party bags for all guests from scratch. How come I can't do that? I haven't even had a proper party for mine for the past two years. Wrong genes came down, I guess.

Hope dd had a great party, pph.

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