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went out today and left the door unlocked.

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misdee Tue 21-Sep-04 15:19:00

in fact we left it wide open. what happened was i was getting dd2 car seat fitted and dh said he'd sort out the door. but then someone came along asking for directions, so he got side tracked. as dh had reversed the car in i didnt see the door was still open. and we went and dropped dd1 off at nursery, sorted out dd2 nursery place, and cashpoint etc, so was out for about an hour. we came back and saw the door open. but no-one has been in (as far as i am aware) all keys are present and accounted for, all electrical equipment is here, nothing has been touched in fact. cant belive it.

sweetheart Tue 21-Sep-04 15:20:25

we're always going out and leaving our door unlocked.

I'm quite glad in a way - I think it really says something about where we live

pixiefish Tue 21-Sep-04 15:20:49

I went to bed once and dh had forgotten to lock the front door- and to make it worse we live on a main road!

Papillon Tue 21-Sep-04 15:33:27

lucky you

Blackduck Tue 21-Sep-04 15:51:24

Went out and left door wide open!! (I blame dp) and a friend left one night and left the door wide open! Luckily (or not?) you can't see the front door from the road - I was more worried about the dog!!

littlemissbossy Tue 21-Sep-04 16:00:43

we left the door unlocked overnight a few nights ago with the keys in the lock on the outside... then I realised my car keys were still in the ignition as well

fio2 Tue 21-Sep-04 16:01:43

i am always doing this

infact i have been known to go to bed with the keys still in the front door

acnebride Tue 21-Sep-04 16:09:14

just posted this on the other thread - huzza am not only one

charliecat Tue 21-Sep-04 16:26:32

I do this a lot and I live in a rough area...just pure luck that noones been in.

mrsflowerpot Tue 21-Sep-04 16:29:40

we went to open the patio doors in April to find them unlocked - last time they had been opened was bonfire night when we went out to have sparklers. What is worse is I am completely paranoid and frequently send dh downstairs at night to check doors windows etc. Shows what a shoddy job he does of it.

codswallop Tue 21-Sep-04 16:37:00

Oh all the time here!

hana Tue 21-Sep-04 16:46:10

our front door always locks ( as long as I've shut it that is!) but I have - lots of times - gone out with the french doors in the kitchen wide open. Have been really really lucky up until now.

bran Tue 21-Sep-04 16:49:22

In our last house I answered the door one Saturday to the postman, who had our keys in his hand. DH had left them in the lock when coming home drunk . His defence can be summed up as "Nothing happened did it? I don't see what you're getting so upset about".

fruitful Tue 21-Sep-04 17:43:15

We went on holiday and left the front door open (actually I think we did shut it - it locks itself - but it didn't "catch" and swung open later). Some friends who didn't realise exactly when we were going away popped round a couple of hours later and found it - ended up wandering round our house calling for us before phoning dh's mobile to find out where we were - we were at Gatwick .

Davros Tue 21-Sep-04 17:57:25

Our front door was left open all night once, keys left hanging in door several times, back door wide open several times and left patio doors unlocked last week for 2 days and 2 nights before remembering (could just be opened with a slight tug), DH left mobile phone on someone's wall while getting other stuff out of car, still there the next day...... its always him that does it of course

Miaou Tue 21-Sep-04 18:17:30

I don't know where our door key is. Last time I found it and tried to use it the lock had rusted through lack of use! PS last recorded crime here was over 20 years ago (four bottles of wine, they got a telling off and put them back )

bundle Tue 21-Sep-04 18:18:38


Barbaloot Tue 21-Sep-04 18:34:31

Last time I left the front door wide open all night a mouse set up home in the kitchen.

Twiglett Tue 21-Sep-04 18:40:16

message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Tue 21-Sep-04 19:20:57

I went out on Sunday morning leaving dp asleep upstairs (his turn to lie in) and the front door wide open. Dp called to tell me when he woke at 11.30am and we were still out. Oops. So you're not alone you lot!

Tommy Tue 21-Sep-04 22:13:40

I did it today too! In fact, I'm always doing it (don't tell DH )

susanmt Tue 21-Sep-04 22:46:07

I don't even know where our front door key is. We never lock the house, even when we go on holiday! Dh only knows where the car keys are cos he leaves them in the car.

polly28 Wed 22-Sep-04 00:26:55

We haven't got a back door key as ds lost it,I regularly leave front door unlocked and car unlocked.

We have been burgled but that was at night when we were all asleep and the doors were locked!

wizzysmum Wed 22-Sep-04 02:29:28

I once went on holiday leaving back door unlocked, and have left the front door wide open more than once!

fuzzywuzzy Wed 22-Sep-04 04:57:05

Oh my dp leaves the key in the front door on the outside all the time. Cannot remember the number of times my lovely neighbours have knocked on the front door telling us... it's been done over night and during the day whenever.....!!!! I now check whenever he comes home.

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