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Child Modelling with models direct

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michellehemple Thu 16-Sep-04 11:34:48

Hello can anyone help please. I have received an offer of a 3 year model contract for both my children with models direct, does anyone have any advice about this modelling agency before I sign the forms. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thankyou Michelle

KangaMummy Thu 16-Sep-04 11:38:08

I hope they do not want you to give them any money discuising it as admin costs or for photos. If so I would avoid friends have sent money off and then not heard anything don't remember the name of agency though. HTH

michellehemple Thu 16-Sep-04 11:54:56

I sent some photos by email and they said that they are good enough to use they want £116 for three years, I was a bit worried as they havent even met my children.

KangaMummy Thu 16-Sep-04 12:06:08

What is the money for?

Is it to keep them on their books?

How did you hear from them?

I personally think it is too dodgy and to not have even met your children

I have also heard on TV that snapshots are all they need to see and that you should not pay for proffessional photos. So your emailed ones should be good enough.

I am sure your kids are lovely and well behaved but how do they know that?

Perhaps agood idea is to phone up ELC or baby mags to ask them who they use as an agency and email photos to them instead.

My friend was very annoyed but this was several years ago but am sure she did not pay out that much. She has 2 DD.

michellehemple Thu 16-Sep-04 12:12:32

Thankyou for you advice i think i will ring a few places up and see who they use. Thanks again

smellymelly Thu 16-Sep-04 12:14:44

Yeah I got sucked in, and received no work for the entire 3 years!!

michellehemple Thu 16-Sep-04 12:21:55

Thankyou for the advice, anyone know of any good agencies

artyjoe Thu 16-Sep-04 12:25:28

I was in models direct for 3 years, as an adult though, and I more than recovered my costs, I turned down far more than I actually did...but then as I'm an outsize model I think there was more call for it. I found if you rang them every month then they keep you top of mind, also sending in fresh pictures of the children may help as whenever I did that I always had a rush of work. As an agency, I actually liked them.


crunchie Thu 16-Sep-04 13:32:07

Models direct has a lot of bad press by mn and others. A reputable agency will not charge you to be on their books at all. They will sometimes charge for photos for thier annual 'bbok' but usually these costs are offset against earnings. No agency should put uour children on their books without meeting them - don't do it!!

Check archive messages for loads of threads on this subject, there are a number of agencies. My dd's are with MOT Junior MOT check them out.

However they get approx 20 - 50 photos per DAY and take about one new model A MONTH!! They don't like too many that look alike.

Good Luck

JBMUM Mon 27-Dec-04 22:29:40

Sorry to disappoint but elisabeth smith are the most reputable in the country (founder members of the association of model agencies) and yet they are one of the most expensive to join. so that puts pay to any advice stating that only reputable agencies don't charge. I think there are only 2 agencies in the UK that don't and they don't have many kids on their books for clients to choose from.


KARENP77 Tue 28-Dec-04 18:44:35

They do all charge unfortunately, but if I anyone has a business that is getting loads of work for their children, then is it unreasonable to expect people to pay something to become a part of that. I didn't think it was unreasonable at all. Just make sure that the agency you apply to does get work, then if you get a positive response from a few agencies that you know are reputable, then go for the cheapest.

KELLYBELLIE Mon 17-Jan-05 00:03:29

I was accepted with models direct and after reading the posts on here decided not to go with them. I went with Bizzykidz in the end and have just had my first job. I did wait 2 months though but that one job has paid my fee in full.

JBMUM Tue 08-Feb-05 00:44:56

there was a huge amount of bad press on bbc watchdogs website about models direct. That was enough for me I am afraid.

kitlou Tue 22-Mar-05 13:26:08

My daughter has been accepted at Models Direct. what was said on Watch Dog. I have not paid any money and do not wish to do so if it is a scam. And also Bizzy Kidz does anyone know of any other reputable agencies.

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