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Tiasmummy Fri 31-Mar-06 17:56:22

Hi all. I sent the following email to bizzykidz about 45 mins ago as I was concerned about the comments being made about them on here and also because my daughter has yet to get work with them:

Hi. I have twice before asked bizzykidz to let me know exactly what jobs my
daughter has been put forward for since we joined you. Both times I had no
direct answer. I am sure you are aware of a site called "Mumsnet" and the
general opionion about you on there. This is obviously worrying reading along
with talk of you being investigated by the DTI.

As I have paid you £94 to join I think I am entitled to know what jobs Tia has
been put forward for since we joined. I understand that loads of jobs are not
guranteed but we have been with you for quite a while and still nothing.

If I knew you were putting my daughter forward for stuff that would at least
throw some light on the situation.

Please do not send me the standard email about you putting forward children you
think are suitable.

As it is my daughter I am sure you can divulge what stuff she has been put up


About ten minutes after I sent the email I had a phone call from Debi Clark the manager of Bizzy Kidz. She said she had read my email with interest and wanted to have a chat to clear up things. She was genuinely concerned and was more than happy to answer all my questions.

She went on to explain in great depth how her company works, the process for putting children up for castings, numbers of children put forward for castings daily, licensing etc.

She is aware of the comments being made on mumsnet and is very concerned that people are forming a negative view of bizzy kidz. Along with my email she has also had a phone call from a mum who was upset abouts the threads as her child is with Bizzy kidz.

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that Debi seems passionate about her company and very eager to put laid to rest all the scandal that seems to have arisen on mumsnet about Bizzy Kidz.

She has invited my to come to the offices to see how they run and the amounts of work that come in. She is more than happy for me to go down there and spend the day.

There is talk about the agency being investigated by the DTI. Debi said that there trading standards report was excellent.

She has two other businesses, one a adult modelling agency with Michael Greco as her partner.

Debi seems a genuine and open person so my mind is put at ease after speaking to her.

No doubt alot of people will think I work for Bizzy Kidz, but all you need to is look in the archives for my name and see what threads I have started, all very normal ones.

I just wanted to put other peoples minds at ease.

Please dont come with an onslaught now as I am just saying what honestly happened and my honest opinion.

Tiasmummy Fri 31-Mar-06 19:59:44


mesenfantsmaman Fri 31-Mar-06 20:03:52

Tiasmummy, I don't for a minute think you work for BK, thanks for sharing this, perhaps link it on the modelling thread, I would do it for you but am rubbish at that sort of thing and am off out in a min x

misdee Fri 31-Mar-06 20:03:52

well of course she is going to defend her company

TheBlonde Fri 31-Mar-06 20:04:31

So did she tell you what jobs your kid had been put forward for?

Tiasmummy Fri 31-Mar-06 20:14:37

She said when I come to the offices she would go through everything with me. Like I said look through the archives at my username if u are in doubt.

Rhubarb Fri 31-Mar-06 20:16:06

Why not post this in child modelling then?
Sorry but I just think this company have had enough free advertising from Mumsnet. I know all about them and I don't even agree with child modelling or go on the threads!!!!!

Senoracod Fri 31-Mar-06 20:17:04

thats cos child modeelign is a pile of crap

Senoracod Fri 31-Mar-06 20:17:32

agree with rhubarb
clear orf

Tiasmummy Fri 31-Mar-06 20:18:21

I have just put a post on the child modelling thread too. I really aint here to get into any friction with anybody. Just wrote about what happened thats all. Simple.

Tiasmummy Fri 31-Mar-06 20:18:52

I really hoped this would not end up being predictable.

Senoracod Fri 31-Mar-06 20:19:09

oh god go dna get your own life oyu mogglings folk

Tiasmummy Fri 31-Mar-06 20:20:11

Okey dokey codorado. Dont carry on reading if you hate it that much.

2ManyPimms Fri 31-Mar-06 21:01:43

Glad you have had a positive response!

Good luck!

PS - I second that this should have been put under the modelling thread.

Tiasmummy Fri 31-Mar-06 21:09:06

As i said i have now put a post on the modelling thread. Did not think it really mattered as the title of the thread makes it obvious as to what its about.

izzyrubi Fri 31-Mar-06 21:29:38

Message withdrawn

Tiasmummy Fri 31-Mar-06 22:03:57

Izzy - did she email back personally or was it a standard one?
I am not at all naive but she did seem 100% genuine when she called me.

Rhubarb Fri 31-Mar-06 22:16:12

do you like ducks though? That si very important in bhild modellig, you must like ducks.

Tiasmummy Fri 31-Mar-06 22:20:40


Rhubarb Fri 31-Mar-06 22:34:20

canard, ya knoe chuck, the quacky things!
hacve i posted in the wrongt thread again/;;!;,;:,, whdere the fuck is the fuckikng question mark?,,,, fyuc, me it's there! ?J???????

Tiasmummy Fri 31-Mar-06 23:01:57

Alrighty then.....

Sarxxx Sun 30-Oct-16 21:18:34

I joined bizzykidz for my 7 year old daughter I paid £180 in 3 instalments, I didn't receive any castings any phone calls... nothing! Now her membership is over. If your thinking about joining, don't! I have lost out on £180 (which is a lot of money for me) plus I have a daughter who doesn't understand why she didn't ever get put forward or didn't ever do an audition. It's the worst stupid thing I have ever done.

louisasimone Thu 16-Mar-17 11:42:35

From personal experience, my daughter has been very fortunate with Bizzykidz. I know they are the largest child modelling agencies in the country and I have been told that they apparently accept everyone but my daughter has had over a dozen castings with them in 18 months -two in the past three days. I cannot thank them enough for all of the fantastic opportunities they have secured for my daughter such as castings with Fox TV, BBC, West End shows and film shoots abroad. Maybe my daughter was just very lucky and has a different look (she is mixed Indian and white) I don't know why but the communication from the team, especially Dawnie has been efficient, positive, caring and friendly. I left Signature after they went sole and my daughter was with them for 18 months, she had two castings - and one of them was a pencilled job just before we left them.

Bundesliga Thu 16-Mar-17 11:47:18

These things are often just taking your money and making parents feel happy about their "model" child.

It's really not surprising that she would be so enthusiastic about trying to save her business, is it? hmm

picklemepopcorn Thu 16-Mar-17 12:45:49

Zombie thread folks.

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