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Dd just swallowed a Geomag ball - how much would you panic?

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purpleturtle Fri 03-Mar-06 19:26:39

Dd (nearly 5) just came through to the kitchen saying she thought she was going to be sick. Gave her a bowl, sent her to dh, because she thought she needed to sit on a lap. A few minutes later she and I were alone and she confessed to having swallowed one of the little balls from ds's geomag set. How many times have we told her off for putting them in her mouth in the past couple of days?!

I'm inclined to let nature take its course, being that kind of parent in general.

What would you do?

LadySherlockofLGJ Fri 03-Mar-06 19:28:11

I would be inclined to agree, do you have enough geomag to retrieve it ??

foxinsocks Fri 03-Mar-06 19:28:13

I would call nhs direct just to be sure that you are ok just to wait it out (sure you are but always better to check).

katzg Fri 03-Mar-06 19:29:58

oh bless

my brother swallowed a twenty pence piece when we were little it passed through!

you'll have to be a poo peeper to check it has come through!

AggiePanther Fri 03-Mar-06 19:30:45

I agree ...I'd look for its 're emergence' over the next few days, but be straight to A&E if there's any belly ache

DumbledoresGirl Fri 03-Mar-06 19:31:54

It is small and round - no sharp edges - it should be all right. I don't envy you having to check all her poo though.

purpleturtle Fri 03-Mar-06 19:33:04

The poo peeping can be dh's job.

Dd is very ashamed of herself, and has apologised several times. I think she's quite frightened herself. Not sure how I'm going to be able a real tummy pain from an imagined one!

We did ring a friend who will check with her medical dh for us when he gets in. Can't be bothered with NHS Direct, cos in my experience their only advice for children is to take them to A&E 'just in case'.

foxinsocks Fri 03-Mar-06 19:33:57

yes I think that is their favoured response or...we'll call you back in 5 hours!

poor dd!

NotQuiteCockney Fri 03-Mar-06 19:34:02

She should be fine.

I'm afraid I briefly thought that Geomag balls were those plastic foldy ones that open up to become much much bigger ...

katzg Fri 03-Mar-06 19:34:15

if they say a and e will can have DS for you or i'll send DH to sit in your house!

fennel Fri 03-Mar-06 19:34:35

pmsl LadySherlock

but what could you actually do if it doesn't reemerge in the poo? nothing really. it'll have to come out sometime, or stay in?

choking is supposed to be the main problem isn't it? so if she's not choked but swallowed it you're probably ok

my 1 year old loves playing with her sisters' geomag. luckily she doesn't put things in her mouth much.

AggiePanther Fri 03-Mar-06 19:51:47

Christ NQC!! that would be painful coming out the other end!!

mandieb Fri 03-Mar-06 22:07:24

You can always get some more at Toy R us .

mcmum Fri 03-Mar-06 22:29:14

purpleturtle, can't believe this my dd done same but paniced and choked a bit we had to get ambulance for her age 4 !! had her x rayed and it was sitting in bottom of tummy had to wait for her to pass it but they said it cud have got stuck in her bowel and had to be xrayed would advise a trip to a and e and you need to check her poo im afraid !! rubber gloves to the ready - good luck kids who'd have them ?? lol

purpleturtle Fri 03-Mar-06 22:50:55

Medical friend called and said that it is a good shape and size for passing normally, without causing obstruction or tearing. Unlikely to be asymptomatic if it had gone into lungs, and as she hadn't had any difficulty swallowing it - no choking or anything - it would almost certainly take nature's course. He even said he wouldn't even bother checking the poo. (But that's doctor parents for you. )

purpleturtle Fri 03-Mar-06 22:51:55

I'm pretty certain dd won't do it again in a hurry!

PandaG Sat 04-Mar-06 17:14:55

How is DD today Purple? Okay I hope!!

LadySherlockofLGJ Sat 04-Mar-06 17:52:14

She has developed a magnetic personality, and is pulling right left and centre.

BettySpaghetti Sat 04-Mar-06 17:55:02

Had to chuckle at this as I have fond (?) memories of DD passing a poo decorated with a pink, shiny heart shaped jewel the size of a 1p !
She was 4 at the time. NHS advised us to get her checked at A&E but all the doc did was listen to her chest to make sure the jewel had gone straight down and tell us to check her poo.
Hope you find it without too much delving around

daisy1999 Sat 04-Mar-06 17:55:53

you dont have to disect the poo just use another strong magnet aimed in the general direction of the turd
lol at nhs direct- we have always had "go to a & e" or "we'll call you in 3 hours but please call back if she stops breathing" WTF

edodgy Sat 04-Mar-06 17:58:58

Looks like i'm going to be joining you in the faeces investigation. My 2.11 year old dd swallowed a small butterfly shaped bead this afternoon. We only knew she did it when she announced she didn't want to go to hospital and after much probing as to why she said that the truth came out. She seems fine and it had rounded edges so i'm assuming she will pass it naturally!

daisy1999 Sat 04-Mar-06 18:10:03

my 6yr old swallowed her first milk tooth that fell out but I'm a bad mummy and haven't even looked for it

blueteddy Sat 04-Mar-06 18:35:29

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Sat 04-Mar-06 19:02:47

DS swallowed a coin .. we took him to A&E and they x-rayed and said as long as it was in the stomach it was fine

the only thing to look out for was if his tummy got distended because there was a 1 in a million chance it could get stuck on the way out

tbh I totally forgot about it .. never checked poo .. he's totally fine

I wouldn't worry personally

Flip Sat 04-Mar-06 19:28:58

Dito daisy1999 my ds1 aged six did exactly the same and was more upset that he wouldn't get his £1 off the tooth fairy.

I swallowed a pen top when I was six and had to x-rays. I was to young to know that plastic wouldn't show up on film so got a blast of radiation for nothing! Never saw it pass either!

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