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would you get rid of a laburnum tree?

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swizzles Thu 22-Sep-05 11:15:24

we have a garden on two levels. The lower half is laid to lawn and there's a laburnum tree.

Looking at the garden, the lower lawn is where we would put play equipment once our daughter is older, ie, near the laburnum

I've heard that the seeds from this tree are poisonous but I don't know how poisonous and are they poisonous to humans?

My concern is that I won't be able to leave our daughter to play in the garden (for instance, if I need to pop back into the house) and that I will have to constantly watch her.

My husband doesn't want to get rid of the tree but I think we should (it's not him who has to stay home and constantly watch her when she's toddling!!) It really is a lovely tree, the nicest one we have, but my daughter is lovlier! Any advice??

Nightynight Sat 24-Sep-05 20:52:07

what does daphne look like?

JaimeLea Sun 15-Jan-12 10:52:26

I have just written my first childrens book "Jaime Lea and the Bumblebee" which I am going to self publish next month. The story evolved from me seeing the beautiful old laburnum tree in our back garden, in full flower being visited by endless bees. My concern is, should I highlight the fact that laburnum trees can be dangerous to children and if so to what extent. I would hate for someone to buy a laburnum tree, because of my story, and then blame me if their child was poisoned. I don't know of any other children's books that come with a warning note. Any comments would be much appreciated.

ConnerJohn121 Thu 03-Oct-19 14:52:55

I came across this interesting article about the laburnum tree.

In one section it states that:

"All parts of the Laburnum tree are deadly poisonous including the flowers, leaves, roots, bark and of course the seeds which are sometimes eaten by young children."

I would definitely remove this if I had young children, especially toddlers. U know how they like to put stuff in their mouth.

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