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Need advice/ nursery incident. Should I complain to ofstead?

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Jenniferb21 Tue 14-Mar-17 23:25:47

Hi All,

Will try and keep details short. DS is 11 months had his first settling in session at nursery yesterday I stayed with him. Alarm bells were ringing but I told myself to see how his second session went today as I was probably going to try to find issues as I'd rather be looking after DS myself and not going back to work.

Worries were:
-13 week old baby sleeping in a room next door with door propped open. Checked on only once after half hour of me being there as I asked them how often he should be checked on... to which they replied oh every 10 minutes and shot up to check on him.
-a baby whose mum I met said she was clingy and this was her first session alone. She burst in to tears twice. Both occasions workers were doing something else and took a few minutes to go to her. I felt she should be prioritised especially on her first session alone. I ended up picking her up the second time i couldn't bare it.
- generally had their backs to the babies playing. One little boy was playing for a good 15 minutes and neither of the workers looked at him once or went over to him. So it was unsupervised play.

So today I leave DS for his first alone session. The Keyworker assigned to him is in another room doing paperwork find this v odd she isn't there to build a bond with DS. After 45 mins someone gets me and says he's crying and a bit uncontrollable. He was crying so much he was struggling to catch his breath and I noticed he had a huge hard bump on his eye which was already purple they hadn't seen this. I was furious mainly that they hadn't even known he hurt himself or how. They 'think' he hit his head on a large wooden cube/ play station. They wrote on the accident report 'carer thinks...' action taken to prevent future incidents 'continue to supervise play' clearly that's exactly what they don't do.

Now bumps happen they'll happen even if supervised but many will be prevented if supervised. What upset me the most is that They have a lack of care and competence to supervise their play properly. I could never trust this nursery now. I complained there and then to the manager who pretty much said sorry and these things happen. I made it v clear how angry I was etc.

As soon as I got home I saw another red mark on the centre of his head had come up and two separate grazes on his nose where the top layer of skin has come off. I think he fell off something to have 4 separate marks. I've been so upset all day I've felt so guilty and sick.

I paid them upfront £100 for sessions he hasn't had via debit card. I need advice on what you would do to get a refund. I.e email the nursery direct? Or the head office as they are part of a large group and also would you complain to ofstead. I feel like something good should come of this and want to make sure I try to prevent this from happening to any other poor babies.

Thanks for reading such a long post. I feel so upset and fragile about this I'd really appreciate it if anyone thinking I am the worst mum not trusting my instincts and not giving up after those alarm bells would please refrain from making me feel any worse... I already feel the world of guilt on my shoulders.

Lesson learnt- trust your instincts.


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Taytotots Tue 14-Mar-17 23:34:40

Yes kids are going to have accidents and ours have had many at nursery but every time a care worker has been able to tell us exactly what happened. As you say the lack of supervision sounds extremely worrying and i would report them. Don't beat yourself up about giving it a go though - hard to judge on a first visit. Hope you get your cash back.

Hugepeppapigfan Tue 14-Mar-17 23:40:42

Do they have a complaints procedure? Consider following this before reporting to Ofsted.

kittenxo Wed 15-Mar-17 06:12:09

Hi Jennifersmile
Thought I'd reply as I've worked in a nursery setting for several years, as an assistant and a nursery nurse (level 3) - which means I was allowed to be left in 'charge' and responsible to supervise.

Based on what you've written, the staff seem really unprofessional and it sounds like an unsafe environment. I think you definitely have the right idea to report what has happened - including what you saw during your sons settling in session.

So you aren't brushed off and it's all followed up, I would recommend writing a letter which details the settling in experience you had, as well as your sons injuries and his distress after having his alone session. I would include the baby being left unsupervised in a room - even with the door open its actually not allowed to leave any child or baby in a room alone. For example, if Ofsted saw a staff member even briefly go out of a room leaving a baby/child unsupervised it would be a huge problem. So it would be really important to include times/ frequency the baby was checked on etc. I would also take photographs of your sons bumps just in case.

In terms of your deposit money, I would firstly email the manager directly and request for it back as you don't feel the nursery is adequate - and let the manager know you won't hesitate to take it further if your deposit isn't repaid.

This may seem a little OTT but from working in private nurseries I know how quick they are to try and brush anything off - I would also definitely contact the head office as this will ensure that you're taken seriously - luckily being part of a larger chain actually makes it easier with complaints etc.

I'd see how that all goes - in terms of ofsted, they would definitely be concerned by what you've mentioned and it wouldn't be unreasonable to contact them.

I've worked previously with absent minded and unprofessional nursery staff and it truly is dangerous in that environment as there can be a lot of children to look after which makes it so important to not slip up on basic things like you mentioned!

Good luck smile

insancerre Wed 15-Mar-17 06:33:31

Sorry, kittenxo
That's not true about not being able to leave babies unsupervised
The statutory requirements is that children are "within sight or sound" and it is within the law to have a separate sleep room
Op, your best bet is to write a letter of complaint and ask for a refund and look for another nursery

littlemissM92 Wed 15-Mar-17 06:48:28

Yes call ofsted and do it soon as they open today I have had to do it myself and they want ALOT of detail so do it before anything is hazy. X

Jenniferb21 Wed 15-Mar-17 20:30:38

Thanks everyone

Would you complain to the nursery's head office in writing as well as to ofstead?

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Hugepeppapigfan Wed 15-Mar-17 20:42:33

Yes really it would be sensible to follow the complaints procedure before contacting Ofsted. If you're unhappy with the reponse from the nursery company then take it up with Ofsted.

Jenniferb21 Wed 15-Mar-17 21:53:42

I guess I won't know if the nursery even log it in their complaints book or action I think because I've pulled ds out and he only did the settling in sessions. So that's my worry.

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insancerre Thu 16-Mar-17 06:28:53

Email the nursery asking for their complaints procedure
Write a letter to the manager and wait for a response. The response time should be in the complaints procedure
If you don't get a response or you are unhappy with the response, then contact OFSTED
They will contact the nursery and either ask questions over the phone or carry out a full inspection
If ofsted find that the nursery is in breach of the statutory requirements then they will publish a synopsis of the complaint and their findings on the ofsted website alongside the nurserys report for everyone to read

Jenniferb21 Thu 16-Mar-17 20:36:14


Wanted to thank you all again. I wrote to their head office and a director emailed me back this morning advised he'd personally investigate this and they take complaints very seriously and he would provide me with feedback but in the meantime they'll issue me a refund.

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Hugepeppapigfan Thu 16-Mar-17 21:01:10

Great first response from them. I hope they contact you with feedback and that you find a nursery you are happy with. :-)

Newmother8668 Fri 17-Mar-17 09:55:58

Bump for the advice. Can I ask what nursery it was? I hope I'm not sending my baby there!

Jenniferb21 Sat 18-Mar-17 20:30:46

They have multiple nurseries the name is 'for under fives'

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