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Ruskin House School Nursery

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Ver23 Wed 11-Jan-17 13:16:27

If anyone has any experience of this nursery, good or bad, I'm very keen to hear your feedback as we are thinking of sending our baby there. He is 1 year old and all nurseries have a very long waiting list but this one has spaces available. I've seen some bad reviews but they were quite old so anything more recent would be very helpful!

hedgehopper Mon 19-Jun-17 11:06:36

I have just taken mine out, as so concerned with how standards have slipped since Ruskin House was taken over by a private company last year. A number of friends have/are in process of removing their children, too. This may well be the reason why they have spaces! Very sad, as it was a lovely place when mine started.

Barkham84 Wed 26-Jul-17 08:18:05

Hi Hedgehopper. I'm starting my child at Ruskins soon and wondered if you could elaborate on your concerns and the reason why you took your child out. Many thanks

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