Would you like to test Pura’s eco nappies or plastic free baby wipes? Sign up here

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 04-Dec-20 10:21:41

We’re looking for Mumsnet users with a child under 2 to test Pura’s eco nappies and/or plastic free baby wipes.

Here’s what Pura has to say: “We believe being eco-friendly is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. And that we should all be able to look after our planet, simply by looking after our families. We put babies first, with anti-allergy, organic ingredients and sustainable, biodegradable materials. So you’re protecting their skin and protecting their future too. We’re here to empower everyone to protect the future of the planet today, with eco-friendly products that are affordable and accessible for all”

Some more information on the wipes and nappies can be found below:

Plastic free wipes
Pura baby wipes come in 2 types - flushable baby wipes & non flushable baby wipes. They contain 99% water & organic aloe vera. Pura baby wipes are the most accredited baby wipes on the market - certified Vegan safe & multi-accredited by the British Skin Foundation, Allergy UK, PEFC, Not Tested On Animals and the Soil Association. They are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable & made from PEFC certified plant fibres. The flushable baby wipes are accredited as ‘Fine to Flush’ by Water UK. Best of all they’re totally, utterly, 100%, honestly and truly, PLASTIC FREE!

Eco nappies
Pura eco nappies are happy on babies’ bottoms with soft organic cotton and 0% chlorine, perfumes and allergens. They’re happy on the planet with their sustainable plant fibre core and 100% green energy manufacturing process. They’re even happy to your piggy bank, from just 12.8p per leak-free nappy.

Selected testers of wipes will receive a code to order a case (10 packs of 70 wipes) either flushable or non flushable baby wipes, depending on their preferences when signing up. Selected testers of Pura eco nappies will receive a code to order a pack of nappies in the size of their preference. Testers will need to use the product/s as a part of their normal routine. Following testing the wipes and/or nappies, selected testers will need to give their feedback via a thread on Mumsnet and a short survey. Please note, any users testing the nappies and wipes will need to give their feedback on each product via separate threads and surveys.

All testers who give the required feedback will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £100 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

If you’re interested in taking part, please sign up here.

Thanks and good luck!


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GetHappy Fri 04-Dec-20 15:18:19

Would love to try these. My friends and I are always trying and recommending different products to each other in our bid to help the environment

Princesspickle777 Fri 04-Dec-20 16:04:30

Signed up, this brand looks fantastic and just what I’m looking for in a nappy/wipe brand. I’d love to have the chance to try.

Stej7 Fri 04-Dec-20 16:31:23

Done. Fingers crossed

freefan Fri 04-Dec-20 19:14:17

Would love to be included in this trial, good luck everyone

onetwothreeonetwothree Fri 04-Dec-20 19:26:53

I'd love to try these out! smile

Hopeislost Fri 04-Dec-20 19:36:00

Signed up!


buntingandstarcharts Fri 04-Dec-20 21:35:29

Signed up, sounds great

ArchbishopOfBanterbury Sun 06-Dec-20 23:08:40

Brilliant! I'd been looking for a plastic free alternative for ages. I hope it lives up to my dreams!

like2review Mon 07-Dec-20 12:09:39

Like to try this out.

onedream Mon 07-Dec-20 12:50:29

These are not eco nappies, they contain plastic like the others, ending in general waste they go straight to landfill as the others, nothing eco about these unfortunately.

fatkitchen Mon 07-Dec-20 12:52:51

Sorry but....
Even if wipes are labelled as flushable, PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH WIPES!!

They will still clog up the drains.

firstimemamma Mon 07-Dec-20 18:20:05

What @onedream said. No single-use nappy or wipe is 'eco-friendly', what a marketing lie.

JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 08-Dec-20 12:08:49


Sorry but....
Even if wipes are labelled as flushable, PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH WIPES!!

They will still clog up the drains.

Hi @fatkitchen thanks for your comment! Pura has asked that we pass the following on:

"We are delighted to tell you that our flushable wipes carry Water UK’s Fine to Flush logo which is the new official standard identifying which wet wipes can be flushed down toilets safely. Wipes can only carry this logo if they pass very strict scientific tests, including various stages from the WC bowl, to the u-bend, and through the drains system that ultimately leads to the sewer system. This symbol lets consumers know that the products are genuinely fine to flush and will break down in the sewer system instead of clogging up sewers and contributing to fatbergs which cause blockages and sewage overflows. So yes ours are really flushable! here's a great link if you'd like to find out more: www.wrcplc.co.uk/fine-to-flush"

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 08-Dec-20 12:10:25


These are not eco nappies, they contain plastic like the others, ending in general waste they go straight to landfill as the others, nothing eco about these unfortunately.

Hi @onedream, thanks for your comment! Pura has asked that we pass on the following information:

"No disposable nappy can claim to have zero environmental impact. And while all things eventually biodegrade, we do not call Pura nappies 100% biodegradeable. We set out to create the most environmentally-friendly disposable nappy possible without compromising on nappy performance or bottom comfort. Where possible, we have replaced much of the non-renewable material that is found in other nappies with alternatives from renewable sources. When making our nappies, we ensure that there is no production waste and we use 100% renewable energy. Our nappies have been awarded the EU Ecolable - meaning they meet the highest environmental standards. The super absorbent core is made with FSC (R) - certified natural plant fibres and other controlled materials. Pura nappies are 100% free from chlorine, and do not have any added perfume, lotion, or natural latex. Our case packaging is made with 100% recyclable LDPE (the sort you can recycle with your shopping bags at large supermarkets). The boxes your nappies arrive in are made with 50% recycled material and are widely recycled with your other paper and card recycling, as per your local authority recycling guidelines. We are also working with NappiCycle to keep disposable nappies out of landfill and put them into good use in affordable housing and notice boards for nurseries, schools and businesses."

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onedream Tue 08-Dec-20 12:44:47

Thanks for this but it's just a lots of nice worded sentences meaning nothing. These brands come up calling themselves eco to gain people's interest as more and more people are trying to be eco friendly. Problem with this nappies are that they are disposed with general waste and go straight to landfill, they also contain plastic just like the others. I have posted my comment for all people who might think they getting a eco friendly nappy which they not really. Brands like this are not eco, sorry. If you dont believe me ask them how they recommend of disposing these, and if they contain plastic just like others. I already had a conversation with them on this matter and they choose to ignore because they don't want to tell the true.

NoUseNumber31 Tue 08-Dec-20 14:58:01

Signed up!

crazycatbaby Wed 09-Dec-20 10:04:46

Signed up; I use washable nappies most of the time but would love a more environmentally friendly option for when I use disposable x

Veganmum4life Fri 11-Dec-20 12:37:04

I’ve just signed it, and if I am selected I will be able to pass my feedback over instead of making comments without knowing the real truth about these nappies. 😃 There are so many companies out there trying to help save the 🌍 too. Let’s try to have a little faith at least. 😉

Veganmum4life Fri 11-Dec-20 12:43:42

Meant to type SIGNED UP Didn’t realise I can’t edit after the msg had been posted. Hehehe. Lesson learned...😜

tulalulah Tue 22-Dec-20 17:35:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

seaduck Wed 23-Dec-20 10:08:30

That was quick, got my email yesterday and used the code and my wipes are already here! Looking forward to trying them.

GetHappy Sun 10-Jan-21 21:29:53

Just ordered mine! Can’t wait to feedback to you all

buntingandstarcharts Fri 05-Feb-21 23:01:04

Would love to try the nappies, currently loving the wipes!

MrsEnger Tue 05-Oct-21 09:29:32

Is it too late to join the trying?

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