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Mva experience today - graphic info**

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Candyflosscrochet Mon 22-Jun-20 19:39:41

Hi lovely ladies,
I'm sorry that you are on here and for your losses. hugs
I am home now after having the mva procedure and thought I would share my experience. When I decided to have this option I found it invaluable reading other people's experiences so I could be as prepared as I could be, so I thought I'd add to the small number of experiences in case this is an option you are considering.
I found out last week at a 9wk private scan that sadly our little one had died only a few days before. I went to the epau the following day where it was confirmed and options discussed. I decided to go with the mva as I didn't want to wait for weeks for a natural management, nor did I like the idea of dealing with that side of things with 3 children at home. But this is completely ok if you want to, every one has different emotions at this sad time and there is certainly no right or wrong way to 'deal' with this horrible situation....It's a very personal choice.
I had bloods done at the epau and was booked in for today for the procedure.
On arrival I went through the procedure again with a very kind nurse, signed the consent and then had 4 pessaries inserted to soften the cervix. I also had a cannula put in my arm but was assured this was 'just in case'. I was given oral antibiotics and naproxen also. Then I waited for a few hours, was told I could eat or drink if I wanted.
Once they were ready, I was taken to a procedure room and laid on a bed, feet in stirrups.
The consultant inserted a speculum, just like smear, cleared the residue from the pessaries then applied numbing gel....No pain, just feeling something was in there.
Then she injected the local anaesthetic....No pain, just feeling like something was poking my cervix.
It was at this point I got a ringing in my ears, she said it was common after the local or could mean I would pass out. I took a few deep breaths and told myself out loud it was ok and felt fine within seconds.
Then she did the procedure whilst the nurse held the scanner firmly over my tummy. Again, no real pain, just movement. I had the odd cramp that felt like bad period pain, but this lasted seconds. She did the procedure a few times to make sure all was clear and then there was suction sound for a second....Again, no real pain, just crampy. And that was it, done within 5 minutes most.
I laid there for a bit with the nurse holding my hand as it was at this point I let my emotions go....I'd kept strong all day so I could be in control and get through it. After about 10mins, I was carefully helped up and obs were checked, before wiping myself and getting dressed. I then went back to the quiet room, had the best cup of tea and biscuits and waited for the final checks (obs, cannula removal and blood loss check).
Within the hour, I was hugging my husband in the carpark.
I am home now, have eaten a good meal and am relaxing as best I can. I am quite crampy, but no more severe than bad period pain. I am not sore 'in there' and blood loss is very minimal, although this can vary woman to woman, day to day.
I am however emotionally drained from keeping strong most of the day, but that's what I personally needed to do to get through it, especially as I was on my own due to restrictions in hospital.
As I said, the way you manage this awful time is completely personal, but for me, this was absolutely the right choice.
I hope my experience helps ease your minds if you decide this option, and I do realise that each woman will experience this differently, but I wanted to share what I'd been through.
Take care of yourselves. Xxx

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runningpram Tue 23-Jun-20 01:11:44

thank you for this. I"m facing the same thing and your post is very reassuring

FrankieChips Wed 24-Jun-20 15:36:16

Thank you. I am considering this option. It sounds as though you were incredibly brave throughout and I'm so sorry for your loss xx

Northernsoul90 Wed 24-Jun-20 23:20:24

Hi ladies, if you are here firstly I’m so sorry for your losses - it’s such a hard thing to deal with.

I came across this thread scrolling through the miscarriage board and thought I would post as I have also recently had an MVA after a MMC. I had a private scan at 8 weeks that showed I had a blighted ovum which was a massive shock as I was extremely sick and felt very pregnant with no mc symptoms. After going to the EPU and having the mc confirmed I decided to go for the MVA and I am really glad I did. I was still throwing up right up until the procedure was done and this subsided almost immediately after which was one of the main reasons I wanted the mva as I couldn’t handle feeling pregnant when I knew I had lost the baby. The nurses were wonderful - really supportive and kind as was the consultant who did the procedure. I was given some painkillers and pessaries before the mva. I was then taken for the procedure about an hour later. In the room my legs were in stirrups and gel was inserted around my cervix followed by an injection which was the local anaesthetic. I’m not going to sugar coat and say that it didn’t hurt because for me it did, but the pain was manageable and it didn’t last long! I found the suction to be the worst part as it was painful for me, I had gas and air throughout. Every woman is different though and will experience different levels of discomfort, some women will have hardly any pain at all as in OPs case. I was told I could ask to stop at any point for a break but I just tried to get through it in one go as I wanted it over with. All in all the whole thing didn’t last longer than 15 minutes from inserting the speculum to getting dressed afterwards. I felt a little light headed and faint after I was sat up but this quickly subsided. Within an hour I could go home - the nurses will just want to make sure you have had a wee before you go. I was allowed my husband in for the procedure so he could hold my hand and reassure me. There was also a nurse, the consultant and a junior doctor in the room. Once I was home I had quite bad period type pains for 2 days (needed cocodamol) which eased off to mild pain over the next few days. I really didn't have much bleeding after other than red blood for the first 2 days which turned into dark brown/black spotting and small clots. The bleeding stopped completely after 2 weeks. All my pregnancy symptoms went almost immediately which as I said I wanted as I was finding it distressing still being unable to eat and throwing up etc. I am glad I chose this option as I didn’t want to wait to miscarry as I was told this was unlikely to happen naturally for me and I knew that whatever option I chose I could still need the mva anyway. I hope that this has given anyone considering or having an mva some insight/reassurance. If you’ve any questions at all please ask! xxx

LynzP85 Thu 02-Jul-20 09:23:41

Ladies thank you for sharing your experiences.

I'm looking into this at the moment. Unsure what I will do yet as I only found out yesterday at my 12 week scan that my pregnancy won't continue and I lost the baby about 8weeks - a week after I saw the heartbeat at an early scan.

This is my second loss this year so I am terrified of another pregnancy but I want to try again.

I've had a healthy pregnancy previously so I know it can happen again.

Can I ask.... this will sound so silly but see the drugs they give you beforehand, what size are they? I am a nightmare are taking paracetamol never mind anything that's a huge capsule thing? X

Candyflosscrochet Thu 02-Jul-20 09:59:59

@LynzP85, so sorry you are going through this.
To answer your question, the medication you take orally is bigger than a paracetamol, a size like a large multivitamin.
Have you tried taking tablets with yogurt? Can make them easier to swallow. And as the mva is done under a local you can eat and drink.
Might be worth a thought and taking one in?

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Northernsoul90 Thu 02-Jul-20 10:04:47

@LynzP85 hello I’m really sorry that you are having to through this. I think it may be different depending on the trust you are at - I was just given 2 regular paracetamol and 2 regular ibuprofen no other oral medication. I had a vaginal pessary to dilate my cervix slightly xxx

LynzP85 Thu 02-Jul-20 10:26:18

Did either of you have anything in the back passage? I’ve read on a couple of websites but I think it varies from location!

Good advice on the yogurt, I’ll try!

Candyflosscrochet Thu 02-Jul-20 12:05:26

No, I didn't get anything put in there, but had read that it's an option. I wasn't offered it though.
As northern says....It may vary trust to trust. But there are many different pain relief options so I'm sure you'll find something that suits could call the epau where you'll have the procedure to discuss?
Personally, I found what I thought the whole experience would be like much worse than what it was actually like....It's a tough time to deal with, emotions are very high, but I had a positive experience (if positive is the right word under those circumstances?!).

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Redhead43 Thu 02-Jul-20 16:19:14

Hi I’m sorry you all find yourselves here I’m so so glad I found this thread Today. I had a late miscarriage at 17 weeks 2 weeks ago so did deliver our baby boy but I have potentially retained some placenta tissues and think I will have to have an MVA to remove it. Your post makes me feel a little easier about the procedure. I don’t know how much more I can physically or emotionally cope with x

Northernsoul90 Thu 02-Jul-20 20:58:59

@LynzP85 no I didn’t have anything put there either, just the vaginal pessary. Xx

Northernsoul90 Thu 02-Jul-20 21:07:58

@Redhead43 I am so so sorry for your loss 😔 I hope you are being well supported at home. It is so cruel and to then have to deal with the retained tissue afterwards, I can imagine you just want the medical side of things over with so that you can emotionally recover and grieve.

You will be absolutely fine during the mva I can assure you of that. The pain (if you get any at all) is completley manageable and it is over with quickly. I’m sure you will be well looked after by the doctors and nurses and made to feel at ease. Once the procedure is done you will be home resting soon after.

I know I have said this but I truly am sorry for what you are going through. I hope all goes well and please don’t be scared about the mva it really is fine. Here if you ever need to talk/vent to somebody who isn’t a friend or family member xxx

Candyflosscrochet Thu 02-Jul-20 22:18:08

@Redhead43....I second what northern said....I am so sorry for what you are going through, I can only imagine how difficult this time is for you. I hope you have all the support you need and allow yourself time to deal with this in which ever way is right for you.
Having my mva drew a line under everything, I didn't want it to go on, I needed to have closure and to be able to deal with it knowing that at least that part was over.
As I said before, the thought of it, the unknown, was actually worse than the procedure itself.
I am now 10days post mva and bleeding has almost stopped (It was only ever light). I felt instant relief after it was done, that's the only way I can describe it. It was over quick and I could focus on moving forward.
Of course I realise my situation is slightly different, but for you, i think it will bring closure for what has already been an awful and sad can grieve without worry.
Please keep us updated on how you are, we are here.

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Redhead43 Thu 02-Jul-20 22:29:26

@Candyflosscrochet and @Northernsoul90 thank you so so much for your replies. You are both completely right I feel whilst all this physical stuff is going on grieving for my little boy is even harder.

I’m so sorry you’ve both had similar experiences but I can’t thank you enough for your explanations and kind words. It’s so hard to find anyone except people on forums like this who actually understand what you’re going through. You’re all doing amazing xxxxx

Aurora2552 Thu 02-Jul-20 23:26:57

Hi, hope it's okay for me to ask a question
I had an early scan on Tuesday (private) that showed an empty sac (I was supposed to be 9 weeks) I went to epau yesterday and they confirmed it. I've gotta go back next Wednesday so they can be absolutely sure. I'm still suffering with nausea and want this all over. How long am I likely to be waiting between my appointment on Wednesday and having the procedure?

Northernsoul90 Thu 02-Jul-20 23:43:23

Thank you @Redhead43. Wishing you all the best xxx

Northernsoul90 Thu 02-Jul-20 23:50:46

Hi @Aurora2552 yes of course it is. I’m so sorry for your loss, I had the same thing -early scan that showed an empty sack 😔. I hope you are doing okay.

I wouldn’t have thought you’d be waiting long. I had a private scan done on a Thursday, they discovered that I had a mmc and referred me to EPU where I went for a scan on the Friday and had it confirmed. I then had the mva done on the Monday so I only had to wait over the weekend. I didn’t have to wait a week to be scanned again as they made the definite diagnosis of a blighted ovum after both an external and internal scan, the sack size confirmed what had happened. I really do feel for you, it’s so cruel still suffering with sickness I was the exact same. Hopefully you won’t have to wait very long for the procedure xxx

Northernsoul90 Thu 02-Jul-20 23:52:53

@Aurora2552 just to add I think if it hadn’t been a Friday I would have been in the next day which will hopefully be the case for you. X

Aurora2552 Thu 02-Jul-20 23:53:01

Thank you @Northernsoul90 I don't understand the rescan either. The sac was quite big and they said for its size they'd expect to see something. Fingers crossed I can have it done the end of next week then. It's just awful feeling pregnant and knowing your not

Northernsoul90 Fri 03-Jul-20 00:00:06

It really is I couldn’t keep anything down and knowing that the baby is lost but still suffering with that is so hard. I hope your sickness eases and you can have the procedure done ASAP x

LynzP85 Fri 03-Jul-20 11:53:01

I’m just back from my EPU visit, second scan to confirm empty sac at c8wks per the news on Wednesday. My hospital only does procedures on Wednesday so I’m booked in for 15th, but may get a cancellation for next week.
I’ve started to get some brown discharge so I’m wondering if my body is starting to do something itself.
Not sure if this is a Scottish Govt thing or UK wide but I wasn’t aware that I needed to decide what to do with the pregnancy tissue... organise a funeral director myself, leave the hospital to do it, or bring the tissue home to bury myself. I wasn’t prepared for that conversation but don’t need to decide just yet.


Redhead43 Fri 03-Jul-20 12:40:39

Hi @LynzP85 sorry you’re going through this. The conversation about what I wanted to do with my baby boy was understandable and organising the funeral. I was also shocked when I was examined by the consultant and he removed some pregnancy tissue a week later being asked what to do with it was very upsetting as I felt I had already dealt with that. I assume after MVA I will have the conversation for a third time. So I do think it’s normal protocol but it’s such a tough conversation. If it reassures you I work in a hospital and the hospital deal with pregnancy tissues very kindly so you don’t have to worry about organising anything yourself if you don’t want to. But everyone feels different and it’s a very personal choice xx

Northernsoul90 Fri 03-Jul-20 17:00:15

@LynzP85 I didn’t have to make that decision because in my case the pregnancy had reabsorbed so it was just the sac and pregnancy tissue which was removed. The nurses explained to me that the tissue would be cremated and scattered in a baby loss garden - I was offered a picture of the garden but I declined. Obviously Redhead had a very different situation and experience and I think your options will differ depending on your individual circumstance. I wasn’t offered any options actually regarding the pregnancy tissue I was just told what was going to happen which at the time I suppose I just accepted. I presume if a foetus had been present I would have given other options xxx

Doughnuts12345 Fri 03-Jul-20 18:00:23

@redhead43 I'm so sorry for you loss. I have just found out that my baby has stopped growing at 16 weeks but I have not miscarried. Did you miscarry naturally and what happened to your baby once you had delivered, I have been given the option of waiting for it to happen naturally, take a pill to start it off or to have the D and C. I have miscarried before but never this late. I'd appreciate any advice you could give.

Redhead43 Fri 03-Jul-20 21:54:35

@Doughnuts12345 I’ve messaged you x

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