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Anyone in Devon?

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swissmiss78 Mon 25-Apr-05 22:52:50

Hi everyone

I am 27 with a 20 month old son - I live in Barnstaple, North Devon.

This is the first time I've been to this site & it would be great to hear from anyone who lives near me...


zammo Tue 26-Apr-05 09:57:48

Hi swissmiss78,

I don't live in Devon now but I'm originally from Paignton (live in London now). Just wanted to say hi and welcome to mumsnet. Hope you find someone near you soon!

swissmiss78 Thu 28-Apr-05 17:24:43

Thanks Zammo, ... Paignton eh, the only place I've been to there is the zoo and it was great... do you prefer London or wish you were back in Devon??

zammo Tue 03-May-05 09:36:53

I have to say I miss the sea! I still love London but since giving birth (9 mth son) I have craved wide open spaces and fresh air!

Rachee Tue 03-May-05 16:10:10

I am in Devon, But east. Other side of Exeter. No kids yet, still trying. But have niece and godchildren to keep my hand in and get over the learning curve ..... LOL. Like that will prepare me...... mmm

elliedragon Tue 03-May-05 16:19:19

Hi Swissmiss78. I am from good old Barnstabubble but dont live there anymore. My parents do and I come down quite often. Have you lived there long?

swissmiss78 Thu 05-May-05 19:25:49

Hi all! ...Barnstabubble - great definition!! lol. I've lived here all my life so am definately classified a devonshire dumpling... altough was not so dumpling before my son!
Rachee - Thought I was semi-prepared to have a kiddie of my own but alas I don't think you can be ever prepared enough, good luck with trying for your bub. Without sounding like 'preaching' being a mother is the greatest thing that ever happened to me & you learn always. Few years ago I had an ex in Exeter and went most weekends. Much better nightlife than down here!
Zammo - I know what you mean about missing the 'open space', in trying to shed the pounds I've taken to countryside & beach walks and sometimes I feel I take all the open air and scenery forgranted. Just bought my son some wellies - very cute!!
take care everyone xx :-)

beki Fri 06-May-05 17:28:57

Hi swissmiss78
I'm in west dorset, but i think barnstaple is a good couple of hours from me.
If you are ever over this way though, i'm always around.
I'm 25 and have two ds's, ds1 is five and ds2 is three.
Hope you manage to find someone a bit nearer to you.

Rockydog Fri 06-May-05 21:33:28

Hi - I am always looking for Devon threads - so glad to finally see one! I'm in Dawlish, whereabouts are you Rachee? I am a SAHM to our beautiful dd, who is nearly 2.

Rachee Fri 13-May-05 10:58:08

i am in newton abbot, so very close to you.... sorry it took so long to reply. great to get in touch.

Rachee Fri 13-May-05 11:05:14

forgot to say , i am 33, work as a hairdresser, but have mondays off....and most evenings ( when dh is not his sharing time with me !)

Rockydog Wed 18-May-05 10:46:29

Hi Rachee, thanks for replying. if you would like to chat then perhaps contact me through the contact another talker thing. i tried you but it says you don't receive c-a-t messages.

would be lovely to chat. sorry i haven't replied before -can't always get on here, depending on what my little girl is up to!

I'm 27 and can't drive i'm afraid but it would be great to get in touch.

hopefully hear from you sometime.

Rockydog Thu 19-May-05 10:19:38

just bumping this one up

Rockydog Thu 19-May-05 14:26:24


aaliyahsmum Thu 19-May-05 14:40:03

Hi i am in Ashburton and have justed moved here from Southampton, i work in a shop at weekends and have a lovely dd of 4

Rockydog Thu 19-May-05 16:12:03

hiya aaliyahsmum how are you finding it down here?

i keep bumping this up as i'm trying to get in touch with Rachee.

aaliyahsmum Thu 19-May-05 18:26:11

i really like it here, wasnt sure the first couple of times as it is totally different compared to southampton but i have got used to it now, dd goes to pre-school here and really enjoys it.

Rockydog Thu 19-May-05 19:22:14

i know what you mean, i'm from north west originally and i think its definitely a slower pace of life down here. its lovely and perfect environment for bringing up little ones. glad you're all settling in. we've got family in Ashburton.

Rockydog Fri 20-May-05 07:39:29


aaliyahsmum Fri 20-May-05 09:12:02

i have never been to dawlish but i have gone past it on the train.
My dp has lived in ashburton all his life so i have met various people in town and everybody is so friendly

Rockydog Fri 20-May-05 12:38:01

you should come down here - very popular during summer months. we've got black swans! (not us personally, of course!)

have you seen any of these messages yet Rachee?

smellymelly Fri 20-May-05 13:11:16

I live in East Devon, but we are moving to France in a couple of months!

Rachee I got excited when you said you lived in East Devon, but Newton Abbot is in South Devon!!

noddyholder Fri 20-May-05 13:12:33

do any of you live in north tawton?

Rockydog Fri 20-May-05 19:14:12

bump bump bump!

Rockydog Sat 21-May-05 13:40:52


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