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Week 9 - Summer Low Carb Bootcamp - Wimbledon Fortnight!

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BIWI Mon 24-Jun-13 08:46:50

Morning all.

Come and fill in the spreadsheet

Only two weeks to go before we finish this challenge. Time to drop a few more pounds!

But go easy with those strawberries ...

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Mon 24-Jun-13 23:46:29

MrsHP - consider yourself hauled back up on the wagon smile x

TooMuch - bugger about your plans being ruined, I hope lunch tomorrow is better for you! Thank you for offering to hold our hair back - I need all the support I can get. I might not be trying it for a day or two though as I need to get unsalted butter and coconut oil and even though the supermarket is very close I may put that off until Rup has tried it

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 25-Jun-13 00:19:57

Thanks Lily! smile

Chipping and Rup whereabouts are you then? Camberley's quite near here but the main problem for me is that DD doesn't go to school (she's home educated) and the dog has separation anxiety. The result is that I spend most of my time ferrying DD around to various activities with a highly neurotic cocker in tow. hmm grin

Ruby you should see the state of my bloody kitchen by the time I've finished cooking and photographing a dish - bombsite doesn't even begin to describe it! Trying to fit the photographing in with the cooking is really tricky and I end up generating much more mess and washing up than usual. Then after I've taken the shots of the meal, the artfully arranged food on the plate gets unceremoniously dumped into a big bowl for me to eat in front of the tv! grin

To the people dreading the bulletproof coffee... it really is lovely. I didn't have coconut oil in it (if it tastes coconutty that sounds a bit revolting), just butter. It was smooth and rich and buttery and delicious. It's the first time I've ever had coffee without sugar in and because of all the butter I didn't miss the sugar at all. I'd drink it every day if I had a coffee maker and body/brain that could tolerate coffee!

Felt a bit flat and shit this morning but had a lovely walk with DP (he's got two days off work) this afternoon which was really nice - lots of fallow deer and we saw a swarm of bees which was terrifying and fascinating in equal measure.

B/L mozzarella, tomato, parma ham
D - slow roasted lamb shanks with roasted celeriac mash and broccoli
P - berries and cream
Rather a lot of wine. blush

B/L - burrata (thanks for recommending that Willie!), tomato, ham
S - leftover curry
D - salmon with shallot and dill butter sauce, roasted broccoli
Couple glasses of white wine which we were forced to open for the sauce.

WillieWaggledagger Tue 25-Jun-13 05:42:36

Where are you in Herts bullet? I'm in west herts

I'm in Watford Willie
I have found Carluccios and Cote Brasserie OK for LCing when out and about - no Caesar saladwoop! I get realllly sick of Caesar salad!

WillieWaggledagger Tue 25-Jun-13 08:56:44

i'm just a bit further up the A41 from you bullet

couch25cakes Tue 25-Jun-13 09:05:22

bullet you're very near me grin.

Yesterdays food:
B - scrambled eggs
L -h/m hamburger and salad
D-savoury mince, mushrooms and cauli

Today I had a mushroom omelette for breakfast and am off to an all day meeting, but I have salad and camanbert in my bag so I can have a smelly lunch instead of the sandwiches.

I seem to be a bit stuck at the moment and am off to a hotel this weekend so i'm going hardcorer for a few days to try to shift a bit.
Have a good day everyone.

CiderwithBuda Tue 25-Jun-13 09:19:55

Morning all.

I tried a sort of bullet proof coffee yesterday. Nespresso coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil blended. It tasted fine. But I felt queasy afterwards. Will try again with butter when I get some and see how it goes.

Food yesterday
B - two boiled eggs mashed with butter
L - salad with salmon, cherry toms, guacamole and mayo
D - BBQ - a sausage, piece of chicken, home made burger salad and coleslaw.
And wine. DH is going away again today and it was such a nice evening sitting in the sun watching him cook that I couldn't resist. And of course didn't stop at one. Sigh.

Had yoghurt, cream and strawberries that needed using up so had that this morning. Not exactly über camp.

Off to Tonacise and then coffee with a friend and then shopping. Need to get presents to take to the states for MIL's sister's family.

Chicken and salad planned for lunch.
Steak and fried leeks and mushrooms for dinner.

kotinka Tue 25-Jun-13 09:24:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 25-Jun-13 09:24:43

<<sits on the naughty Monday wine-drinkers' bench with Buda>>


CrabbyBigBottom Tue 25-Jun-13 09:27:33

grin Koti that's an improvement then... I think... grin

Feeling brighter this morning than I have in a while. Off to collect DD from her dad's this morning. It's a nice day here and DP is off work again so we'll have another long walk somewhere lovely.

StuntNun Tue 25-Jun-13 09:31:29

Has anyone else noticed that their teeth are in better shape? Usually when I floss there's lots of plaque to remove but since starting the woe last Monday there's hardly any. Maybe I was eating a lot of sweet stuff before, breastfeeding makes me crave chocolate, but I suppose fruit and fruit juices not to mention the occasional can of coke we're doing their damage as well.

Negroni Tue 25-Jun-13 09:35:27

So half a pound down this week but putting it down as STS (at least I might lose some next week then!). I guess I am pretty happy with that after carb and winefest at party on Saturday night but would have loved to have seen some proper movement down, especially as I was pretty good all last week - it was just one evening of craziness!

I feel an air of sabotage about me today - I think it is the mainly being good and only seeing steady but not major losses - ridiculous I know to hope to just drop 5 lbs suddenly. To distract myself I think I am going to have to source ingredients for the bulletproof coffee and distract myself of thoughts of its superhuman properties.

At least it's sunny today!!!

kotinka Tue 25-Jun-13 09:40:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Negroni Tue 25-Jun-13 09:44:12

Thanks kotinka and not wanting to knaw on passing legs and eat with chips is definitely an improvement - I know that feeling!

Just realised that people put 1/2 and 1/4 pound increments on the spreadsheet so I have now accurately recorded my 1/2 pound loss. I have not STS! Clearly I need all the encouragement I can get!

kotinka Tue 25-Jun-13 09:47:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

3.5lb on. <huff> but I haven't pooped for 2 days

kotinka Tue 25-Jun-13 10:07:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Tue 25-Jun-13 10:39:13

Crabby - Glad you are feeling a bit better today. I've been a bit Meh some days lately too - for me I think it's a lot to do with no sunshine & lack of sleep. I feel so much better when I wake up to sunshine. I've also had a couple of strange dreams, one was very scary (in a realistic way) and one was very sad - I always find when they are 'realistic' they bring me down for a bit and make me quite emotional (still not dealing too well with losing my Dad).

Where would it suit you to meet up? I love kids and used to have a neurotic cocker spaniel <boy do I miss that girl> so both are fine by me. Is there a park with a cafe near you? I am very near Camberley, but happy to travel smile

Your photos are fab. What camera do you have? I'm looking at buying a new Canon digital SLR. I seriously need to win the lottery!

I haven't been out to the shops yet - so coffee with cream here so far! I only have salted butter and people have said that's horrible - so I didn't try it! I'm having enough trouble plucking up the courage to try it when it's supposed to be good!! I still haven't worked out what the benefits of it are yet - other than Coffee on Speed - are there any if you haven't used Monk Grown Coffee Beans??

Willie, Bullet, Couch et al is Camberley way too far for you? I'd be happy to come up closer to you for lunch/dinner/coffee whatever if it is.

Couch Hotel sounds like a good plan for the weekend - are you going for a dirty weekend anything special?

Cider you are not filling me with confidence re the coffee grin

Are you all just using the 'shots' of coffee or making it more like an Americano?

LOL I don't know about Bullet Proof Coffee - you are all going to want to shoot me with a bullet if I don't STFU about it grin

Kotinka grin Yes, sometimes it does seem like every silver lining has a cloud!! Nice not to wake up hungry though!!

StuntNun I can't say I have noticed no but then I rarely floss but I expect you are right about it!

Negroni 'one night of crazies' - I don't even have to do that to fill the glygocen stores up and I put on, I don't even STS. I had about 2 bites of 'forbidden' food & a can of diet coke with vodka on Sunday and I'm UP a few lbs. Hoping they fuck off go away as quickly as they came. It is not a forgiving WOE for the odd 'wrong thing'... but it is successful when you do it 100% so I suppose we can't have it all ways! I have definitely had the 'air of sabotage' about me for the last week or so - but I haven't been toooooo bad, but today I have woken up not feeling like that at all, I want to be 100% on track. I don't know why - I'm just going to attribute it to the sunshine smile

Bullet just put 2lbs down to 'digestive disorders' and move on smile Do you feel OK? It's ok to 'go' less with the WOE because there isn't as much crap useless bulk inside you, as long as you aren't uncomfortable.

Novel over... OOps!

BIWI Tue 25-Jun-13 10:46:02

I think you're all totally barking with all this bulletproof coffee malarkey grin

StuntNun yes, that would make absolute sense - sugar/carbs and bacteria create plaque in the mouth, from what I remember of my most recent market research project on toothpaste!

NobodyPutsMyBabyInTheCorner Tue 25-Jun-13 10:48:34

Negroni I feel very wobbly today too.
So far I've had..
B- Greek yogurt and 2 creamy coffees.
S- a massive hunk of cheese and another coffee with whipped cream on blush.. I know

It's not even 11am.. I'm trying to get through my 1.5l bottle of water before 12.

NobodyPutsMyBabyInTheCorner Tue 25-Jun-13 10:49:23

p.s I'm very spotty from this diet too kotinka

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Tue 25-Jun-13 10:50:57

Back again

Crabby - you are young, beautiful and THIN. Your photos are FAB - I am envy You need to change your name on here, it conjures up a very different image!!... and I have the answer to my camera question! smile

kotinka Tue 25-Jun-13 10:52:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kotinka Tue 25-Jun-13 10:54:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WillieWaggledagger Tue 25-Jun-13 10:59:56

i think your hormones can play up in the first few weeks of this WOE - i believe that oestrogen can be released as fat cells are broken down (please do correct me on this anyone who knows more about the physiology), and the metabolic processes have many hormones attached to them and you are giving them a bit of a shock. quite a few people seem to experience an initial disruption to their cycle. i would expect any spottiness to settle down

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