Hayes Lane Timperley for primary and secondary schools

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mah24 Wed 22-May-19 23:33:32

I posted this question in different section and did not receive any response so posting to the local section. hoping to get some advice.

Dear friends,

Looking for some advice again! after my thread back in 2017. We moved to Altincham in a rented property near John Leigh Park. After renting for over 2 years we have decided to buy a property in Altrincham/Timperley/Hale/Sale within Max budget of £350k.

Our older daughter has secured place in AGGS after a very hard work, both from the child prospective and from the parents's!

I still have two more children (age 3 and 9). The 9 year old is not as academic as the older one so we are preparing for plan B . Looking to buy the house in the catchment of non grammar high schools such as Wellington.

Within our budget, we came across a property near Hayes Lane PS which is less than 1 mile from Wellington.

Few questions which I need help with. Thanks in anticipation!

Any feedback of the area around Hayes Lane . We really liked the area we are currently living and hoping to go to similar nice area. Are there any areas to avoid in Timperley?

Is the area around Hayes Lane is considered good or a bit rough? sorry no offence to anyone living there.

For our little one who will not start reception until Sep 20, what schools we should be aiming for. Any feedback of the below schools or ranking will be appreciated by parents who has first hand experience.

Hayes Lane PS
Park Road Academy
Willows PS
Colverlea PS
Brookland PS
Stampford Park (I know it is bit far but no harm in trying)

For our second daughter , what other non grammar options are recommended and in which order

North Cesterian
or any others?

Look forward for your kind feedback.

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Monr0e Thu 23-May-19 07:15:45

Hello @mah24, my DD is now in year 4 at Heyes and loves it there

I will reply more shortly, just getting ready for the school run!

We are currently looking ourselves at moving closer and considering secondary schools

Do you mind saying where in timperley you are specifically looking and I might be able to give some advice, you can always do it privately if you don't want to say on here

mah24 Thu 23-May-19 07:36:55

Hi Monroe, thanks for the reply. The property is off Hayes Lane . Approx 0.3 miles from the Hayes Lane school. Not too far from Nisa Local shop on junction of Park Road and Hayes Lane.

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Monr0e Thu 23-May-19 08:01:34

You will definitely be in catchment then for Heyes but I believe Park road is a faith school so you would need to contact them direct for their admissions policy if you wanted your DD to go there.

Have you had a look around Heyes? I may be biased as both my DC's went there and were very happy but it is a lovely school. And even though it is big it does not feel at all impersonal. All the teachers know all the children by name and I have found the school to be very supportive. Do you know if they have any spaces for in year transfer?

The other primaries you have mentioned, Cloverlea and the Willows have very specific catchment areas so I don't think you would be likely to get a place from there.

In terms of secondary, the reason we are moving is to get in catchment for Wellington as that is where the majority of the children from Heyes go and we want DD to move on with her friends. You would also be in catchment for Altrincham College of Arts from there which is another really good school. I'm not sure about the others though, sorry. I spoke to admissions at Wellington yesterday, the catchment area for September 2018 was 1.05 miles so to be safe you are right to look within a mile. ACA is usually WA14 and WA15 postcodes although I believe they are getting more over subscribed each year.

As for the area, it would not be considered "rough" around there. It is easy walking to the village and still really close to Altrincham etc. I actually think I know the property you mean as we are looking with a similar budget at the minute! If I can help any more just let me know smile

mah24 Thu 23-May-19 14:01:19

Thanks. Yes i shall look hayes primary. Do you know if the school support 11 + prep or they are not bothered?

Yes the area seems good but the street are very narrow and seems congested as compared to where we are now ! We have seen few property in the area . One close to tram station but the price is too much for that property with the condition. Still not decided yet.

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Monr0e Fri 24-May-19 07:57:19

No, they don't particularly support 11+

They do an after school club in year 5 that goes over some past papers but no more than that

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