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Where to live - Chinnor, Bledlow Ridge, Princes Risborough...?

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Soph23 Mon 28-May-18 22:02:54


My husband and I currently live in London but we're looking to move out to somewhere a little more green. The problem is that he works inn Welwyn Garden City (north of London) and I work near Slough, so all the nice places which are commutable for both of us are also the standard London commuter belt areas (and therefore ridiculously expensive!). It seems crazy to pay for the benefit of being able to get into central London quickly when neither of us work there, so we've started looking further out towards Oxfordshire.

We have an 18 month old son, and will want more kids in the future, so wherever we decide to live needs to be good for children - both when they are little, and also primary and secondary schools.

Chinnor, Bledlow Ridge and Princes Risborough are all just about commutable for us, and they look lovely. Does anyone have any first hand experience of bringing up children in these areas? Any thoughts on which would be the best area to start looking in? Or any watch outs?

Thanks in advance! smile

WhatInTheWorldIsGoingOn Sat 07-Jul-18 19:37:56

Princes Risbro has the train which is a big bonus and a proper high street.

Chinnor is ok. Good value. Good schools nice park.

Bledlow Ridge doesn’t have a lot does it?

You have Stokenchurch on the M40 with an outstanding school and much better commute to Slough.

Or Watlington is lovely and about equidistance from the M40 as Chinnor.

Personally I wouldn’t live in any of them if I had to commute to Slough though. It’s a right mission. Especially from PR! Stokenchurch would be fine as it’s straight on the M40 with no faffing to get there.

xyzandabc Sat 07-Jul-18 19:53:13

Bledlow ridge is rural, pretty but has no facilities apart from a church, a school and a pub. Also in Bucks where everyone has to sit the 11 plus. Catchment secondary would be princes risborough but for grammar school I'm not sure if it feeds in to Wycombe or Aylesbury schools.

Chinnor is a village that has grown hugely over the last few years but the infrastructure has not kept up. There are a few small shops but no big supermarket etc. Does have a nice community feel I think. In Oxfordshire so no grammar schools, catchment secondary is Lord Williams in Thame which is a popular school.
Princes risborough has the mainline station, a proper town with better facilities but a lot of charity shops and hairdressers as a lot of towns do. Quite a lot of community events going on.

If you're looking at that neck of the woods, I would also consider Thame. I would pick Thame over the other 3 any day. Easy access to the M40 for Slough, close to haddenham for the train. 3 X good primary schools, you can do the 11 plus as an out of county student and go to the Aylesbury grammars if you wish though many bright students choose to stay in Thame as Lord Williams is an excellent comprehensive. Nice feel to the town centre and a great community spirit with lots going on for families.

HelenaJustina Sat 07-Jul-18 19:59:24

There was an article in the Oxford paper about 700 new homes in Chinnor, although it has two primaries I think it’s starting to creak under the strain of so much rapid expansion.

Princes Risborough is bigger with more facilities and if you are moving out from London you might appreciate that.

Bledlow is a small village so very different and doesn’t really compare with the other two.

Stokenchurch may be worth a look as pp suggested. I don’t know High Wycombe enough to recommend there.

But it’s a nice neck of the woods out this way, and lots of people make the move from London so it’s not like you are arriving somewhere unused to ‘blow ins’! Good luck with the hunt.

Thinkingofmovingtosea Sat 08-Sep-18 22:38:02

hi there
i know the area well and would defo say Thame above the others. I also commuted to Slough previously and you can exit at jct 3 M40 take the back stoke poges road into slough I used to do it in 45 mins. Thame is a great town - houses are pricey but schools very good primary and secondary. has good mums groups/ networks and good links. I worked in stoken church - its not great/ chinnor is ok no real town centre.. bledlow very small.. Thame you can walk into town to shops/ pubs/ restaurants and also oxford nearby is lovely. P Risborough is ok.. I don't know much about it just has a lot of charity shops!! Wendover and Tring might also be worth considering - when I worked in uxbridge and brentford lots of people commuted in from there.

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