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Support for high functioning autism sheffield

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kylebella Sun 15-Oct-17 16:30:30

My son is 12 and has a diagnosis of aspergers no ehcp plan the area where we live and the school he attends are oblivious to my child's needs and he has many! I have decided to stop flogging a dead horse been doing this for years! and move to sheffield to be nearer my brother. I've been looking on the Internet and sheffield does seem to have more social opportunities for my son, . 2 high functioning social groups and sports groups he could join- nothing like this where we live! I am also looking for secondary schools that are good at supporting asd, King Ecgberts sounds ideal but I cannot afford to live in the catchment areas so does anyone have any insight?
good schools? Cheap areas to live and rent that are safe? Leisure opportunities for my son thanks!

SouthernBird Sun 15-Oct-17 17:05:40

I really don't know many schools in the city but DS is at Meadowhead where he's had a lot of good support from the SEN team (no EHCP either). We also have friends with kids at Sir Henry Fanshaw on Dronfield and they seem to be really on it on the autism front. Meadowhead has quite a big catchment and Henry Fanshaw takes quite a few children from south Sheffield on the school bus. Might be worth looking into. I know friends with kids with autism over at Birley and they've found that good too. They're may be others but that's as far as I know.

kylebella Sun 15-Oct-17 17:31:51

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply, I'll look into these schools thanks

bluetrees Tue 17-Oct-17 04:08:04

Be careful where you move too........the whole of the North is at risk of fracking. There are sites identified in/around Sheffield. Coal Aston/Dronfield is one. So if it goes ahead you may end up in an area with worth things to consider than schools being useless at supporting autism.

SouthernBird Tue 17-Oct-17 07:35:32

Maybe one for a separate thread, bluetrees?

The Sheffield Parent Carer Forum facebook page is quite useful and often has links to sports things going on, and friends have found the autism groups that meet quite useful in the past.

Xmasbaby11 Tue 17-Oct-17 23:40:01

Hi op,

We are in South Sheffield and my 5yo gas just been diagnosed with asd. They don't use the term high functioning any more but she is iyswim. We are just looking into support. There is ACCT which has parent support meetings and also get togethers for kids. I've only been to the parents meeting and it was useful, but They are not held often. I think there is a link on the Sheffield autistic society website.

My friend's autistic son is at Meadowhead and has been happy with it.

Sorry I can't helo more - as I say we're just getting to grips with it.

bluetrees Wed 18-Oct-17 07:14:37

Why Southern Bird? I'm not trying to be too political/anti but if she's about to sink money into a new property she needs to be warned. That's why I kept the post short and sweet.

kylebella Wed 18-Oct-17 11:04:00

Thanks everyone for replying! You've given me alot of help!! By the way bluetrees I am aware of fracking 'up North' it's already happening where I live so I am aware of of the negativity it causes! 'There are no' 'worse thing to consider' when it comes to the needs of my child!!!!!!

bluetrees Wed 18-Oct-17 20:11:28

Lets hope it is just negativity it causes and not the cancers, breathing problems, gas explosions, undrinkable water. I was only trying to help before you made a potentially life changing decision that you may or may not be able to change. I moved north for the needs of my asd daughter and if I knew then what ai know now I wouldnt have done it.

LRL2017 Thu 19-Oct-17 13:36:09

The deaf school in Doncaster is also somewhere that would be worth looking at

Mrsbongo Tue 24-Oct-17 22:01:39

There is A group for families in Sheffield with autism called sparkle. Might be worth looking them up. Also a second vote for parent carer forum,they are great.

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