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Moving to Chippenham

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Nhowie Wed 12-Jul-17 21:54:25

Hi everyone, can I ask for advice pls. I've recently moved from london and am thinking of buying in Parliament Street. Not knowing anything about the area as yet, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if it's a nice street/area to live? It looks a bit rough around the edges but more than that I can't tell. Hopefully it's a mixed bag of dwellers. I'm drawn to Chippenham partly for its excellent proximity to Bath and Bristol and great transport links. Having looked at Melksham, Corsham, Warminster, Frome (which I love but is too far from Bath where I'll probably be working) and Trowbridge, I think Chippenham is my best bet. TIA!

lovetowasteitagain Thu 13-Jul-17 21:39:22

I'm in that part of the world, though I'm afraid I don't really know Chippenham. Frome is lovely, it's about 30 mins to Bath but so is Warminster and there are loads of beautiful villages nearby. I like Warminster, mainly for it's little collection of vintage shops tbh but it also has everything from pound shop to waitrose and the rail links are ace. I will say that a lot of Bristolians and Londoners end up in Frome as it's quirkier than the rest, it's a bit like a mini Bristol - some nice cafes, lovely independent shops and close to wonderful countryside. We live rurally, so I visit the towns around sporadically but don't know much about the community side other than those two.

NHowie Fri 14-Jul-17 18:54:29

Thanks so much for your thoughts. I did like Frome so much but the rail links aren't good and the journey too far - I'm trying to cut down my commuting time after London! I think Chippenham is looking the best option and it is so close to B&B. I'm not set on Parliament St so will keep looking. Thanks again

MerryPam Fri 14-Jul-17 20:14:47

Chippenham is really handy for Bath and Bristol by car and train so I think it's a good choice. I haven't lived there for a while, but I know that Parliament Street is in one of the older areas. There are a number of newer estates too, depends what you're looking for. Good luck.

NHowie Sat 15-Jul-17 12:52:37

Thanks MerryPam, that's great

PlumFairy2014 Mon 17-Jul-17 20:06:55

I live about 10 mins away (in a cheaper town!) and we often pop to Chippenham. Like anywhere it has good and bad, but I really like it. Never seen anything that would dissuade me from moving there (except it's cheaper here and we wanted a garden.)
Not much help regarding that particular street though ... sorry!
Depending on the price range there are some lovely villages very close to Chippenham. Corsham is particularly lovely.

PanannyPanoo Mon 17-Jul-17 20:18:26

I grew up in Chippenham. I know people in the Sheldon road area, and have family there so visit frequently. parliament street is great for the station. Alley by the chip shop is a short cut.
Not sure about the parking situation there though as I think most of the houses are straight on to the pavement so may get congested. I love Corsham.
Have you looked at Radstock? 15 mins from bath on the park and ride side.
15 mins from Frome. its a very small rural town and house prices much cheaper than Chippeham. What are you looking for from your local area?

NHowie Mon 17-Jul-17 20:32:50

That's really helpful thank u! I was quite worried about being a mile's walk from the station if I chose Parliament St, for the dark winter nights anyway. Yes I've seen a lot of property online in Radstock but I thought it didn't have much going for it when I visited and I don't think it's particularly recommended when I've googled it, but I might be totally wrong of course! I want to be very close to Bath or Bristol whilst not actually in either city. Need a nice town or suburb close to the countryside with some restaurants and easy to get to B&B by train. It seems cheaper in Wilts and such beautiful countryside

NHowie Mon 17-Jul-17 20:36:33

Plumfairy, would u be in Trowbridge or Melksham? There are some lovely properties for sale in Trowbridge

PlumFairy2014 Mon 17-Jul-17 20:48:06

Melksham. Personally not a huge fan of Trowbridge. The people I know who moved there dislike it, quite a lot of antisocial behaviour (poor friends neighbourhood has had a spate of burglaries recently) and they live in the 'nicer' part.
I also worked there for a while in a job involving evenings. A lot of drugs and a very grotty underbelly is what I saw. That said anywhere a bit bigger will have that I imagine.
There are lovely villages around Trowbridge though, North Bradley is great and very close.
Melksham has a reputation as being rough. It isn't really, just not as affluent as the surrounding areas. Some parts of Melksham are lovely and some parts aren't. Property wise your money goes a lot further here, hence why we're here!

PlumFairy2014 Mon 17-Jul-17 20:56:30

No offence to Trowbridgers!

PanannyPanoo Mon 17-Jul-17 21:58:11

Langley Burrell is a little village, walking distance to Chippenham - train station side. It has a pub and village hall and lovely country walks. Closer to Chippenham centre than any of the big estates - Cepen park, Pewsham.

I have friends in Radstock and it's a bit of a hidden secret really. Old mining town, surrounded by countryside with walks along all the old railway lines. Which are now cycle paths.
It has a bizarre shop which is a branch of Co-op with Co-op supermarket, a post office, travel, agents, electrical shop, gift section and Independent living shop. You can buy your groceries, a wheelchair, a holiday, some slippers and wellies, a dress, garden bench and a washing machine all in the same shop. It makes me laugh everytime we visit them! They have children in a local primary and sceondary school and are very impressed with both. Victoria hall- next to the library, offers high standard dance classes, theatre, workshops, cinema showings, pottery classes, singing, art exhibitions.

Some nice pubs and a nice family itallian restaurant. The Moody goose at The Prior in neighbouring town Midsomer Norton- 5 mins away is amazing for a special night.

No good for trains to Bristol and Bath, but fine for cars and buses.

Bradford on Avon has a station. It is a lovely town, can be touristy on bank holidays and only one road across the river so does bottle neck at peak times.

Nothing wrong with Chippenham. I like countryside, hills and sunsets, so would pick Langley Burrell or Radstock. to be close to Bath and Bristol. Chippenham is so close to the M4 so great for road network.

NHowie Wed 19-Jul-17 12:59:04

Great, thanks for all the info. I will deffo have a look at Langley Burrell and also the Moody Goose (fab name). I don't think Radstock is quite right, but it's back to the drawing board as the two Chippenham properties I was interested in have gone, argh. Great to know that about Trowbridge - it does look like it's had quite a bit of investment but I haven't hung around in the evening. I decided I couldn't see myself living there, but I was very happy it had a Starbucks, miss my coffees! Thanks again, will check all these suggestions out.

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