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Moving to Cheshire

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Erin2017 Sat 08-Apr-17 22:12:28

Hi all,

I am considering a move to Chester but feel completely clueless about this and would appreciate any local knowledge. Thanks so much for any thoughts in advance!

I currently live in South West London and love it however my little one is getting bigger and rent is almost 2k a month for anything with 2+ bedrooms and a garden in this area - I simply cannot afford to live here any longer. I am a single mum and decided that now may be the time to move out of London as cost of living is just too much and life is a bit lonely. My family are in Scotland but I need to stay in England at the min. I have seen a job I am interested in Runcorn which seems like a random location - had never even heard of it!

I have family friends in Chester so I would plan to live close to there and rebuild those links as I would like to finally have some support. Some initial questions are question is what is the commute to Runcorn like from Chester? Is it feasible to do daily?

What area's in and around Chester would be nice (and esp safe) for a single mum plus toddler? I have put off leaving London so long because I feel safe in my area. Anywhere particularly family friendly with good nursery options / good primary school options? Initially I would plan to spend no more than 1k a month on rent (for 2+ bedrooms) and then look to buy if all goes well.

Lastly - anyone else moved up North from London? How was the transition? I do love many aspects of London but it is just too unaffordable now. And it is difficult being a single mum - closer to family links would be nice.

Any advice or words of wisdom is thankfully accepted!


CheshireEditor Mon 10-Apr-17 17:53:44

Me! Welcome to the Cheshire pages. I moved with my family from London over 13 years ago and have never regretted it. I do miss bits of London and do go back for my 'London fix' three to four times at year.

I am not familiar with Chester sorry, but will tweet and Facebook this out for you and see what advice you get. It's a 40 min journey normally, Chester to Runcorn but more at rush hour, which is feasible depending on childcare etc.

BossyEye Mon 10-Apr-17 23:32:57

Hi Erin,
I moved from Surrey to Chester 10 years ago and it's the best decision we made! Moved us closer to both sets of parents (ILs are in Scotland and we see my parents every week now).

You will get plenty for £1000/month, most 2-3 bed places are £650-850 per month.

Nice areas to live are Hoole, Handbridge, Westminster Park, Hough Green. All within walking distance to town. Hoole would give you a slightly shorter commute to Runcorn as it's north of the river. Traffic on the M56 and the Runcorn Bridge are pretty bad at rush hour give it 40 minutes on a typical day (dh used to commute Chester to Speke).

For nurseries, check out Smarties (Cotton Edmunds) and Benison (towards Pulford), both of which have very good reputations. There is one on the A56 heading into Hoole (The Spinney?).

If you prefer more rural, look at Barrow, Mickle Trafford, Eccleston and Guilden Sutton - all with decent primary schools.

I am in Chester, please feel free to message me if you would like more information!

CheshireKittyKat Tue 11-Apr-17 00:24:10

We moved from the south to Runcorn, then Chester. Would never move back, even though all our family are still down south.
Chester is a lovely safe place to live.
The commute to Runcorn is certainly do-able, the only thing to be aware of, is that I think you need some back up support for nursery / school pick up, as if there is a traffic problem, the 40in commute can take much much longer.

Wilmslowmun Tue 11-Apr-17 11:33:48

Hello, I don't live in Runcorn or Chester but my mum lives close by.
Just wanted to add that there is a lot of roadworks at the moment in the area as they are building a new bridge. It seems that when the new bridge is finished it will ease the traffic but apparently it will mean both the new and old bridge will be toll bridges (cheaper for immediately local residents though) so might be worth looking into.
Good luck with your move, Chester is lovely.

BossyEye Tue 11-Apr-17 16:15:24

You could get this for £875 pcm!

Very good pre-school, primary and secondary schools literally within a 3 minute walk!

Erin2017 Wed 12-Apr-17 11:55:30

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all the advice. I have been away and just logged on to see so much info! It is much appreciated smile

It does sound like moving have been very positive for everyone. It is the inital nerves about change that I think is really making me really nervous. Thanks for the local info - I will look at those area's.

I am glad to hear the commute may be do - able. I am beginning to feel hopeful about this move!

Is Chester family friendly? Is there much on to do with kids at weekends? Given it is just me and my LO I like to keep her busy at the weekend so she doesn't feel lonely.

Thank you so much for all the info!


BossyEye Wed 12-Apr-17 22:42:56

It is very family friendly, Erin. There are lovely parks and playgrounds, Grosvenor Park in the city has a fantastic play area and miniature railway. Westminster Park has an outdoor gym, children's playground and bike trails. There are always ducks to be fed on the river and long walks on the Meadows, and my dc like nothing more than having a run around the amphitheatre of an afternoon. There is also a water park at Sandy Lane! There are a few soft play centres, such as Wizz Kids, Jumping Jacks and Funky Town. You can take the dc to the Northgate Arena leisure pool for swimming and there are loads of classes available. The local churches also run creches and toddler groups (check out the Wesley in town).

Further afield there are places like The Crocky Trail and the Ice Cream Farm at Tattenhall, which your dc will love. Chester Zoo is also a short bus ride from town.

There are plenty of family friendly eating places - Hickory's on the river, the Ring O Bells at Christleton, Zuger's in town. Too many to mention!

We have National Trust and Welsh Heritage membership, so it's very easy to get to Erddig, Chirk Castle, Beeston Castle... all within 30 minutes' drive.

We are getting a new theatre, and library this autumn too.

I made some good friends when I attended a local toddler group, soon after we moved. I always remember how friendly and inclusive the mums were, even when I was new. It was something that I hadn't experienced as much in Surrey, although my ante natal group were fabulous.

CheshireEditor Fri 14-Apr-17 16:13:51

Bossy Eye has said it all, great selection of things to do and places to go. Further afield in Cheshire there are places like Tatton Park, Lyme Park and Jodrell Bank for days out. A couple of hours to the Lake District also!

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