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Bevington Primary School

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kaaren69 Tue 05-Mar-13 16:33:13

Hi there does anyone know anything first hand about this school? We visited it and it seemed really nice but I've never met anyone whose kids go there. Any opinions or info very gratefully received!!

IsaNaidoo Mon 04-Dec-17 10:59:26

Hi there, sorry to be so late on replying but just in case anyone else searches for Bevington I did want to respond and say that I am a mother of three children at the school. All of them have been there since nursery (my eldest is now in his last year) and have thrived. I am a governor there and trying to increase our profile in the community (helped also now by another set of outstanding academic results - top 1% of the country!). The new (ish) head has brought fresh vision and direction to the school. The facilities are good with a great balance of extra curricular activity alongside the core lessons. I am always happy to answer any questions folks may have. Hope this helps

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