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Moving - possibly to Hinchley Wood

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Hann12 Thu 02-Feb-12 16:28:05

We currently rent in Richmond and are now looking at places to buy. I have been looking at Hinchley Wood, it seems to have affordable housing for us and the schools seem good. I have seen some people say that the schools (Hinchley Wood primary and secondary) are going down hill. Has anyone got any first hand experience of this?
Also some of the houses we have seen are very close to the bypass - is it noisy? We are used to living near main roads so it wouldn't necessarily bother us but I'm worried it could mean if we needed to move we wouldn't be able to sell.
Finally, is there many activities for mother/babies. I have a 6 month old daughter and we currently do all sorts of things in Richmond and I'm a bit worried that there will be not much happening in Hinchley Wood. I assume most people just get in the car and drive to things in the surrounding towns?
And where is the nearest food shop? I saw a smallish looking waitrose in Esher but not sure if there is a big supermarket near by?
Any other thoughts on the area would be so welcome. Thank you!

Avantia Fri 10-Feb-12 20:30:39

Look at Thames Ditton aswell . Thames Ditton Junior school and infant school both outstanding . Hinchely Wood secondary recently OFSTED inspected - Outstanding .

Will be noisy on the bypass.

Waitrose Esher (well stocked and very good) and Surbition.

Big big Tesco up A3 at New Malden , smaller Tescos at Molesey and Hurst Park.

Snowgirl1 Mon 13-Feb-12 00:11:35

There's also Sainsbury's 10 mins down the A3 in Cobham.

If houses you're looking at are near the by-pass they're probably also within a short walk of the station, which will help when re-selling.

I live in Claygate (nr. Hinchley Wood) and we have a 6 wo and I'm finding there's plenty going on for babies in the area - there's a Sure Start children's centre with various activities in both Claygate and Thames Ditton.

campagnolo Mon 13-Feb-12 14:59:34

Agree with Snowgirl1. All the houses along the by-pass and near to it sell well as they are a short walk to the railway station which has a direct service to London Waterloo in approx 30 mins. Decent family houses in HW usually sell very quickly if realistically priced.

There are lots of good baby/toddler groups every week in Hinchley Wood, Thames Ditton and Long Ditton (attached to Sure Start/church etc) - all walkable.

Kingston just a few miles away for shopping/eating out. There are also several nice restuarants/pubs and shops in Esher/Cobham/Hampton Court.

Hinchley Wood Infants and Junior - high demand for places and 'good' ofsted. Hinchley Wood Secondary - recently had 'outstanding' report. Esher College nearby has excellent A-level results for those post 16.

Avantia Mon 13-Feb-12 16:39:45

Also depending how far down the A3 your are towards Scilly Isles roundabout then Esher train station is also close .

Also please bear in mind that although schools in the area are good/ outstanding at the moment standards can change over the years aswell as admission areas , especially for the secondary school . There is a high demand for all school places in the area and it is not going to get any better.

When buying a house check carefully the current admission areas for all schools but be aware that these may change .

Hann12 Fri 17-Feb-12 13:59:56

Thank you all so much this is very helpful. We have just put an offer in on a house in Hinchley Wood so hope to move ( as long as the survey is okay!) in the next couple of months. Very excited but apprehensive!
I'll have a look at the surestart centre, are there any other baby/toddler groups that you would recommend? And any other good places to meet people?
Thanks again!

narmada Tue 06-Mar-12 23:02:29

Hi there, we live just up the road from HW and there is also Pebbles soft play at Long Ditton Cricket Club and Cheeky Monkeys a bit further down Sugden Road toward HW. Loads of things to do with kids around here!

racingheart Fri 13-Apr-12 23:00:42

How's it going?

There's loads to do in the area for young families. Lots of mums and toddler groups, music groups, soft play etc. It's a very friendly area and the local schools are good.

Hann12 Sun 15-Apr-12 22:20:13

Thanks these are really helpful posts!

We completed on the house last week and are doing some work on it over the next few weeks but officially move in on 25th April. I'm hoping I have a place at Esher monkey music as we have been doing it here and my daughter loves it and I figured I might be able to meet some mums there too.
Any other advice on places to go to meet mums and babies (my daughter is just turning 9 months now) would be really appreciated!

Very excited to be moving to the area though!

Snowgirl1 Mon 16-Apr-12 18:54:42

There's a Baby Days cafe (mums & baby's group) from 1.30pm - 3pm on Tuesdays in the Claygate Centre, which is a short drive from Hinchley Wood or 20-25 min walk. There's also a baby group at Thames Ditton Sure Start centre on Wednesday afternoons from 1.30-3pm.

Hope you settle into and enjoy life in Hinchley Wood!

racingheart Mon 16-Apr-12 20:35:05

There's Cheeky Monkeys soft play in Hinchley Wood and one called something like Jumping Jacks at Esher rugby club. Used to be a mums and babies group in Claygate village hall one morning a week. Bit grubby (ancient plastic toys) but quite lively. Also if you don't mind some Christian singing and stories, Toddlers Praise in Claygate is very popular and welcoming with fresh coffee and home made cakes. Check at the church in Claygate where it's based now as it moves venue sometimes. And there's some thing similar at the church in Hinchley Wood near the school.
Check Hurst Pool for Aquatots or similar.There's often a lovely story telling session at Thames Ditton library. Not sure what day all these things are on as my DC are school age now, but there's loads around.

Suziemag Fri 18-May-12 18:59:30

Hi. I am also moving shortly to the Hinchley wood/esher area. I haven't noticed any playgrounds during my house search. Are there any? Many thanks.

Maman2004 Sat 19-May-12 09:12:20

There is a very nice playgrounds in Hinchley Wood but you have to know where it is, you can't really see it form the road, and loads more around.

campagnolo Mon 21-May-12 20:46:50

Hann12 - i hope your move to Hinchley Wood went smoothly.
I have been here since 2010 and have a 3 year old and 1 year old. We attend various Sure Start playgroups (term time only) - they have been a life saver and it's how I made all my 'mum' friends in the area.

Tuesday mornings at Long Ditton, nextdoor to St Mary's Church
Wednesday mornings at St Christopher's Church, Hinchley Wood
Friday mornings at Thames Ditton Community Centre (opposite the library)

They all have lots of toys and craft tables for the older toddlers. There is also singing at the end of session.

Suziemag- there is a playground in Lynwood Road Rec but I prefer the playground at Long Ditton Rec and usually drive there. There is also a very small one in Thames Ditton behind Giggs Hill Doctor's Surgery/near the Community Centre/library. Sometimes, I drive to the playground at Hurst Park in East Molesey and walk along the tow path to Hampton Court for coffee. Also recently joined the National Trust and there is a lovely playground at Claremont Gardens in Esher.

Hope this helps!

Brb75 Sun 19-Oct-14 20:20:22

Hello Hann12.

I know you posted this message a long time ago, but I found the thread when I did a search about moving to Hinchley Wood. I wonder, now that you've been there a couple of years, how you've found it? We're currently in earlsfield but seriously considering putting in an offer on a house on Westmont rd (one rd back from the bypass). We have a 2.5 year old daughter and so would need to get her in to Hinchley wood schools. I wonder, is Westmont rd close enough to get in?

And how have you found the area? It seems to be very family orientated? One of my concerns is that after living with absolutely every choice within a 5 minute walk, I'm going to find myself having to get in the car to do anything. Or do you find walking into Hinchley wood/esher/thames ditton ok along what seem to be a good amount of main roads.

Any thoughts or tips you have, having made a similar move, would be very much appreciated.


Brb75 Sun 19-Oct-14 20:22:10

Sorry - one more question... What are the general views on Hinchley wood primary? I don't know anyone who's children go there and their website is not a great source of information.


moonlight3008 Mon 08-Dec-14 09:37:18

Hi Brb75 are you still looking for this info? Hubby and I just moved from Wimbledon to h wood 4 months ago. Sadly no kids yet (two losses this year) but it remains the plan to start a family here. I've struggled with the area for some reasons (yes it feels odd to have to drive to find anything!) but it's also given us the chance to find a beautiful large detached house. If you're still looking for some advice or indeed have already offered/completed on the property drop me a direct note!

Brb75 Thu 11-Dec-14 09:59:13

Hello Moonlight3008,

Thanks so much for your reply. And so sorry you've experienced 2 losses. I can't imagine how hard that must be and I hope you have success in the near future.

We've not got any further with our house search as with Christmas approaching - there's not much on the market. We're hoping that in the New Year things will pick up. We're still pretty keen on the HW area and as you say... it allows you to get a nice big house. I guess you're trading in proximity of 'everything' for more space and not having your neighbours right on top of you, as we do now. Also, we've not yet sold our house so not yet in a position to make the move.

Am guessing also, that by the time our children (holding thumbs for you) start school, a lot of our family focus is around the school. I've friends who love in surbiton and claygate and they love it. There seems to be a lot to do in the surrounding area and I especially love Hampton court park.

Where do you find you spend most of your time? For shopping or meeting a friend in a cafe?


indigofox1 Sun 20-Mar-16 15:28:54

Hello, Just looking at possibly moving to Hinchley wood (just off the kingston bypass nr the HW station). We really don't know the area - however I was just looking for a bit of advice.

What's the area like? We have a 4 year old and a 20 month old so really looking to see what is on offer for this age group.

Also we'll be needing to apply for schools (late! eek) as moving from different boroughs so would like to know a bit more about them.

And lastly we will need to look into nurseries - which are ones to look for and ones to avoid???

I'd really appreciate your help given it's a while since this thread was originally started.

We currently reside in Southfields in Wandsworth and in a very nappy valley type area which is a lovely comfort blanket however we have been renting and would like put down roots! Unfortunately Southfields doesn't offer us as much space as we'd like, the opportunity of schools long term and we have now been priced out.

Any help would be useful as we have to make a decision pretty rapidly.



MuffyDoon Sat 02-Jun-18 17:29:15


We’re also looking at moving to HW and have all the same questions as you Indigofox. Am bumping this thread in case you made the move and can help!

EveNieve Mon 06-Aug-18 14:04:19

Hi MuffyDoon, it looks like your post is recent and I wonder if you made the move? We have put an offer in on a house on the Esher side of Hinchley Wood. We gave a 2.5 year old boy who will start at stepping stones nursery in September (I’ve only heard good things) and a baby girl 7 months old.

We found a lovely playgroup in Claygate community centre on Tuesday mornings and I wonder if there is anything in Hinchley Wood itself? I would also like to meet local Mums as we are new to the area so it would be good to hear where the best spots are?

We are yet to discover the playgrounds but love the Albany Pub in Thames Ditton where we are currently renting as it has a small beach for playing in the sand and paddling in the water.

We aren’t yet looking at schools but I hear Esher Church school is good but doesn’t feed Hinchley Wood secondary but Hinchley Wood primary does and that also has a good reputation. Some people in HW also get places to Thames Ditton Infants which is outstanding so it all depends on the road I guess and your preference.

It would be good to hear about the area, playgroups and any good walks - I hear you can walk into the woods from Claygate?


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