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best curry house in glasgow

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raspberrytart Sat 12-Mar-11 20:19:53

Hoping someone can give some recs on a decent curry. Dp and I are spending next w/e in lovely Glasgow and would love a really good curry.We are staying at the hilton but it doesnt matter where it is.

suzikettles Sat 12-Mar-11 20:21:21

Balbir's in Church St (West End, near the Western Infirmary) is meant to be excellent. I've never been but have only heard good things.

MintChocAddict Sat 12-Mar-11 21:39:17

Slumdog on Sauchiehall Street in fairly new and when I've eaten there it's been lovely.
India Quay down at the SECC gets good reviews. Mother India's cafe opposite Kelvingrove does really nice Indian tapas although can be a bit of a queue to get in. Mother India restaurant is also a bit further along the road on the way back into town.
Balbir's Tiffin Rooms on Sauchiehall Street is supposed to be good.
Mr Singh's in Elderslie Street is nice.
For something a bit different The Dhabba or The Dhakin in Merchant City do South Indian/North Indian specialities (can't remember which is which)

I love a good curry. wink Have a great time wherever you end up. smile

bethelbeth Sat 12-Mar-11 23:07:13

India Quay at the SECC was really weird for us Mintchoc... it was absolutely DEAD on a Sat night and very awkward eating with waiters hovering.

Mother India is probably the most celebrated place. Cafe India is hugely popular for all the right reasons.

The Dhabba in merchant city does northern indian and is fab.

The Dhakin's service was abysmal.

Balbirs is also great. Quite traditional cooking styles.

I can be recognised by scent only when walking around town after having dinner as chances are I will have demolished a garlic naan. (Cafe India-best garlic naan by the way lol)

scottishmummy Sat 12-Mar-11 23:12:48

Mr Singh's India
149 Elderslie Street
it rocks

AitchTwoOh Sat 12-Mar-11 23:14:25

Mother India all the way. Accept no substitutes.

scottishmummy Sat 12-Mar-11 23:15:44

had a rank experience in cafe india. never again

AitchTwoOh Sat 12-Mar-11 23:21:13

which one is cafe india? is that the one near the mitchell, big huge place? if so, i thought it was a bit generic. good thing about mother india is that it's mr mohammed's mum's good old fashioned pakistani recipes, more or less. got a bit more modern lately when it was all done up but that is the heart of it.

if you go, get the black lentil dal with coconut milk as a side dish, it's awesome.

scottishmummy Sat 12-Mar-11 23:23:44

aye,next to mitchell.terrible
never been mother india,will go on heads up here
balbirs- aye v good my old stompin ground.lived and worked wig

AitchTwoOh Sat 12-Mar-11 23:30:46

you should definitely go. there or the cafe, tbh, both excellent. it's been around for yonks but recently got a big boost when it was one of the two best restaurants in glasgow for that sunday times best in britain thing. MI and Gamba, apparently.

scottishmummy Sat 12-Mar-11 23:40:30

thanks for heads up,we all love curries.i make a mean daal

AitchTwoOh Sat 12-Mar-11 23:43:21

<swoon> mine is... variable.

scottishmummy Sat 12-Mar-11 23:46:02

colleague's indian mammie daal recipe,never fails

AitchTwoOh Sat 12-Mar-11 23:48:27

i can't help but feel that my 'making it up as i go along' recipe is where i'm going wrong... if you ever get a moment to put the recipe up here, will you point me at it, please? grin

scottishmummy Sat 12-Mar-11 23:54:57

see i gave pal tablet recipe,she gave me mammie daal

fair swop - my tablet is stoating and always works
mammie daal never fails

will post it,just not now been flat out and im knackered

AitchTwoOh Sat 12-Mar-11 23:55:56

any time would be great.
turns out our old ancient family shortbread recipe is the same one as was in the broons cookbook... hmm

bethelbeth Sun 13-Mar-11 00:13:37

Everytime I make tablet it comes out as concrete... I'm not sure what's going wrong. (Although to be fair most of the things I make come out with the consistence of a brick)

Would love to see/attempt a decent recipe for it if you're feeling generous x

scottishmummy Sun 13-Mar-11 00:18:33

righty hoo,will post ma tablet recipe too
i do tablet a lot and take into work for folk

scottishmummy Sun 13-Mar-11 00:25:18

2lbs caster sugar

1/4lb butter

1 cup of whole milk

Tin of condensed milk

Teaspoon vanilla essence

1. In a heavy based pan slowly melt sugar, milk and really have to melt all the sugar this is when their is no crunch felt when you stir it
2. Once it comes to the boil add the condensed milk.
3. Slowly bring to the boil again, stirring constantly.
4. Still stirring carefully, boil for 15 minutes or until mixture darkens to a butterscotch colour.
5.To test if mixture has boiled for long enough drop a teaspoon full into a glass of cold water. If it’s ready it will form a ball that you can roll between your finger.soft and pliable
6. Remove from heat and add vanilla essence.
7.Pour into a greased tin and cool and when nearly set eg wee bit of resistance but not too hard cut into squares.

took me ages to type that
8.Eat it

scottishmummy Sun 13-Mar-11 00:36:55

adulterous always alliteration abounds on such threads

scottishmummy Sun 13-Mar-11 00:40:05

too much blether,not enough attention.lets not digress from tablet

AitchTwoOh Sun 13-Mar-11 00:41:56

can i just say that if you have any silicone baketrays etc they are great for tablet because you can pop it out really easily once cut.

scottishmummy Sun 13-Mar-11 00:50:16

have battered ole tins since 19Canteen

silicone baketrays - whats that then

AitchTwoOh Sun 13-Mar-11 00:54:52

baking trays for sponge cake etc made of bendy silicone so v easy for removing cake/tablet etc. i bought mine in the late, lamented woolies...

Alibobster Sun 13-Mar-11 21:26:25

Another vote here for Balbir's, their tandoori salmon is the business! Have a lovely w/e in Glasgow

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