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uhoh1973 Wed 18-Nov-15 21:30:24

We are considering relocating to Doha in Q1 2016 with DC1 in yr1 and DC2 aged 2. We are currently in the uk state system. School fees would be included in the package. We would like DCs to follow the British curriculum. The DCs are UK passport holders.
Can anyone comment on the chance of us getting a Yr1 place in 2016 and a nursery place for Sept 2016 at the following;
Park House

Anyone know what these schools are like? Quality of teaching? Atmosphere etc?

Are there any other schools we should be considering?

Many thanks for your help.

MEgirl Wed 18-Nov-15 22:53:41

Check what the deadline is for the next school year's applications. I no longer live in Qatar but I am under the impression that schools are no longer allowed to admit children mid-year. You might want to check this with the schools. The requirements around residents' visas changed a while ago and as far as I remember the employee has to be resident in the country for some months prior to being able to get a family visa.

Please feel free anyone to correct me if I've got this wrong.

It might be worth inquiring on the ExpatWoman Qatar board as they will be able to give you up to date information.

There is also a Doha Mums board. You might be able to ask questions through their Contact Us button though you won't be able to join the forum until you are in the country and have attended a meeting.


5678group Sun 06-Dec-15 07:43:14

Are you on facebook? there is a great site called when where how in doha, you will get some answers there and you can search previous questions.
As MEgirl said you cant join doha mums til you have been to a meeting ( a coffee in starbucks, nothing too taxing!) you can join their facebook page though.

The SEC change the rules all the time unfortunately, the mid year rule does seem to apply but some of my friends have got round it. Also kids aren't allowed to start school until they have a residence permit which you cant get now until the sponsor (whichever parent is working) had 6 months of bank statements. Again my friends kids started in DBS in Sept and only just got RP's this month. It depends on the schools. Also be prepared that they need to attend assessments.

If its nursery (and not pre-school in one of those schools) then they cannot attend after their 4th birthday, again if their birthday is after easter they can get away with keeping them for the 3rd semester. Again i know people whos kids were kicked out after turning 4 in january with no preschool place until september. They can go to kindergarten (TEK is good).

As for schools, Im afraid most people go with the one both kids are accepted in, I'd add DBS to your list as they seem most lenient with RP's etc. Park House has a very good community reputation.
The smaller ones you can consider if you don't get a space - like Newton, pheonix, you can always move them next year.

Barbie1 Fri 18-Dec-15 02:35:46

I'm here in doha, we arrived in August and were very lucky to get places for my yr1 daughter in three of your mentioned schools, however my three year old didn't get places except for park house which we accepted as I really did t want to be driving to two different locations.

Pm me any questions, I'm happy to help

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