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Problem with New Build garden drainage

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AbolishFlobots Tue 19-Apr-16 21:38:11

We're in a new build house and are now outside of our warranty (by over 12 months).

The garden has been an issue since we moved in (2012) specifically with drainage.

Whilst in the warranty, we had the drainage re done and this was eventually completed in spring 2015 (outside warranty but delayed on new build company's part due to waiting for warmer weather and deadlines on the new houses on the estate).

Fast forward a year, the garden still doesn't drain properly.

We've got in a professional to give us a quote on sorting it and was willing to pay ourselves to get it sorted. It's come back at £7k to fix and landscape it better than what it's been done when we first moved in.

Landscaper is suggesting that the soil is the problem and the drainage not being right.

I was willing to pay a bit to sort it but now I'm annoyed that we've paid all this money for a house and basically haven't got what we want; what's worse, we need to pay around £7k to fix without adding any value.

Have we got a legal case to take this back to the new build company? I hear from neighbours that they've got similar problems with drainage and gardens being ruined, but not sure if we individually have a case, or if we have a collective claim as it seems that when they've developed the site, they've not accounted for the fact they're building into a hill. The drainage is shocking.

I'm pissed off as this was our "dream home" and for 3 years we haven't had a proper garden.

Any recommendations of solicitors who deal with this kind of thing would be very welcome.

AbolishFlobots Wed 20-Apr-16 07:55:05


StKildasNun Thu 21-Apr-16 20:33:29

I bought a new build house which was built on land previously probably thought unsuitable due to being damp and low lying, it had been a garden nursery.
The garden didn't drain, however the builders are only responsible for an area 1m ( I think it was) from the house walls.
The builders also said that drainage will improve over time once land has settled.
I'm not sure how it has panned out as the house was sold on.
Very annoying. Prob not much you can do without spending money.

AbolishFlobots Fri 22-Apr-16 03:08:49

Thanks for the response stkildasnun DH thinks we should leave it, but I'm of the view that even if a £800 tv broke after 3 years, you'd complain (not fit for purpose etc). Google has failed me for the first time ever 😡

Interesting about the 1m rule

Caravanoflove Fri 22-Apr-16 04:00:28

Is this a builder beginning with B by any chance?

StKildasNun Fri 22-Apr-16 14:18:42

Water will 'find its way' over time so unless you are at the bottom of a hill it could improve. Also planting trees that will suck up that water in the summer could help.

But I've lived in houses where all the top soil was removed for building them, then never returned. Could that be the prob? I would wait another year or so in case it improves itself then plan garden around it.

AbolishFlobots Fri 22-Apr-16 22:53:04

Have I outed myself caravanoflove blush Yes, begins with a B.

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