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Does anyone have a contact for Hotpoint CEO - no wash machine for 2 weeks

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notsupermum Tue 19-Jan-16 11:04:58

Having a redmist moment with Hotpoint repairs. Does anyone have experience of complaining to someone who listens there? Or have an email for the CEO. Family of six without a washing machine for two weeks after signing up for insurance...

99percentchocolate Tue 19-Jan-16 13:13:20

They are absolutely hopeless. No contact I'm afraid but we had no fridge/freezer for 6 weeks with insurance so I know exactly how you feel. They really are terrible. We got a "how was our service?" Email after the problem was eventually fixed so we made a complaint and had an apology phone call.
I hope it gets fixed for you soon.

notsupermum Tue 19-Jan-16 13:59:05

thanks! Feel it's such a rip off. I paid up for about four years. I'd have been better off saving and buying a new machine. They aren't picking up the phone...sigh

99percentchocolate Tue 19-Jan-16 17:44:10

They really are a nightmare. The ones that visited me for repairs were incredibly rude too (one handed me a freezer drawer and told me to go make myself useful by doing some cleaning when I tried to describe the problem). They are hopeless. I'll never buy hotpoint/indesit after my experience with them.
Hope you get your problem resolved soon!

KaraokeQueenOfTheNorth Tue 19-Jan-16 17:46:05

I'm currently without a washing machine too - week two as well. Looking like it'll stretch into three or four. Completely useless buggers.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Tue 19-Jan-16 17:47:48, but they don't have a great track record for caring about this type of thing, to be honest.

Good luck!

WavingNotDrowning Tue 19-Jan-16 17:52:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

specialsubject Tue 19-Jan-16 18:10:38

this is what twitter is for.

it is ALL that twitter is for!

notsupermum Tue 19-Jan-16 19:22:14

I did tweet this am - predictably no response!

notsupermum Tue 19-Jan-16 19:26:49

But I've emailed chief exec - thanks for the contact. Will keep you posted

Clutterbugsmum Tue 19-Jan-16 19:41:49 here you go.

I had to contact him in 2014 after my washing machine broke and it took them 5 weeks to fix it. Then another 5 weeks for them to collect the broken drum from the front of my house.

ALHCTPS Mon 13-Feb-17 12:10:04

Thank you for the contact details. Our 18-month-old integrated Hotpoint fridge freezer broke at the weekend (all the food spoiled, costing God knows how much, but I don't to claim it on insurance as the premium would probably negate the effort), but, as we bought it from John Lewis, I knew we were still covered by their standard 2-year warranty.

However, both John Lewis and Hotpoint have both been giving us the runaround, passing the buck back and forth. Apparently, the soonest Hotpoint can send an engineer to a London zone 2 address is three weeks from now - we don't live halfway up the Himalayas! What are we expected to do without a fridge for three weeks? A TV or even, at a push, an oven or a washing machine you can cope without for a while, but not a fridge.

Am furious, and have posted on both their facebook pages and emailed the CEOs of both companies. John Lewis makes me the most angry, however - our contract is with them, not Hotpoint, so I don't see why we should be the ones ringing around. The fridge shouldn't break so soon anyway, but, if it does, I should be able to make one call (to JL), speak to one person, and have an engineer come out within 48 hours. If Hotpoint are rubbish, that's John Lewis's problem, as they're the client, not us, and, like most people, we buy products from JL because we feel that, if they stock it, it's of a certain quality and the extended warranty gives that extra assurance. Load of rubbish, clearly. Was also horrified to learn that JL customer services has been farmed out to Capita. No point calling the number, frankly - you're best off going into the store where you bought it again. However, when we did this, the woman we spoke to in the 'After Sales' department put a call through to Hotpoint and went through the same rigamarole all over again and they hung up on her! Couldn't believe it. I'm guessing JL is quite a significant customer and sells a lot of Hotpoint products.

galaxy12345 Wed 07-Jun-17 12:44:05

Purchassed a new Indesit Dishwasher in July 2015 within 2 weeks had to be replaced as it leaked all over our kitchen. New machine has now broken down 4 times in less than 20 months. An absolute nightmare where the engineer failed to turn up, no spares on van so another day off work for him to return. E-mailed the MD yesterday, no reply so far. Complaints team arranged and provided a repair ref for another engineer to call today - no one turned up. Totally fed up, machine not fit for purpose, still not working and even the complaints dept providing fake information of an engineer will call. Never again will I purchase an Indesit machine for as long as i live.

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