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Recommendation for an online conveyancer?

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VulvaVoom Tue 11-Feb-14 14:51:37

Hi all

Has anyone used one recently? I'm getting quotes from all sorts but I though it would be good to get a MN recommendation!

PS Don't comment to say go with a local one (well, do if you really want to!) as I've looked into it as online seems the best way for us - particularly as they seem to do no sale no fee.

TIA smile

specialsubject Tue 11-Feb-14 15:34:04

don't go with the ultra-cheap (Arc etc). I used Lambert Pugh via reallymoving, they are a real firm and did the job, twice. Reasonable fees, no complete no fee, responsive, accurate and did all I'd expect of a solicitor.

the local ones at both ends wanted a fortune - and when encountered on the other side of the transactions were pig-slow.

VulvaVoom Tue 11-Feb-14 19:03:28

Thanks Special, I'll have a look now!

S22WOODs Sun 11-Jan-15 09:16:08

I wouldn't recommend Lambert Pugh, Norwich, they are cheap for a reason – the service was slow and shocking (nearly costing the house sale to fall through). Christine Potter never answered calls or emails – those that she did answer were full of grammer and typo errors – cheap staff who are totally incompetent.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 11-Jan-15 14:00:35

The issue with on line is that you know nothing about the firm beyond what they put up.
I did use on line conveyancing once against my better judgement. It turns out there was a reason they were on line, they could not get any local work due to rumours. The firm was closed by the law society between our exchange and completion. They did find us another firm, but it held the sale up no end. Probably ended up costing more in other ways than if we had gone to a local firm.

specialsubject Sun 11-Jan-15 15:22:40

recognising that this is a zombie - it does seem that solicitors are a matter of luck. As I said 2 years ago (since when I have used LP again, good service again) the high street ones can be just as bad.

also a lot of threads on here where a solicitor won't return calls, is rude, etc etc. The profession seems to have a lot of bad apples.

lukey2k Tue 26-Jan-16 20:26:24

Having the worst experience with these guys , I am not legally allowed to name names how ever reading other reviews people have had the same experience as I am going through.

The seller I who I am buying from is using the services of Lambert Pugh LLP.

My conveyancing team / solicitors are having no luck what so ever in having the designated person at the firm to respond, it takes over 4 weeks to get information at a time form this person.

It has got to a point I have had to send blind emails out to all emails address that can be found on line to get someone to respond.

The amount of stress and money this is now costing me is making me loose sleep and is affecting my relationship.

A process that should of taken no more than 3 months is coming up to 7 months now due to what appears to be a lack of professionalism, time wasting and ignorance.

You may be lucky and be assigned to someone who is genuinely good at their job and wants to help out both parties or you maybe be assigned the person our sellers were assigned, which all I can say is good luck and be prepared for a lot of stress , sleepless nights and a dragged out process …

Your choice ,

They are still the same , my seller is using them , my solicitors correspondence go unanswered ( Emails , Letter and Voice Mails never replied too )

These guys are by far the cheapest out there, there is a reason for this.....

I am loosing sleep over the stress this is causing.

very unprofessional , ignorant and quite frankly useless

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